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Teaching Staff


Headteacher Mrs Whalley
Deputy Headteacher Mr Moore
SENDCo Mrs Norman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
RBG Mrs Barr
  Miss Greenslade
RGS Miss Greenslade
  Mrs Stapleton
1P Miss Perry
1MM Mrs Miller
  Mrs MacDonald
2CM Mrs Martin
2CM  Mrs Coville
2S Mr Slingsby
3AH Mrs Hyde
  Mrs Allen
3D Miss Davies
4G Mr Godfrey
4S Mr Scott
4C Mrs Chandler
5A Miss Allen
5JW Mrs Jones
  Mrs Wingrove
6BH Mrs Badcott
6BH & Assistant Head Mr Herring
6NS Mrs Nowell
  Mrs Sydenham


Learning Support Assistants


 Learning Support Assistants Clare Ankers-Clapson
  Rebecca Witcomb
  Teresa Collins
  Harriet Conibear
  Jackie Corkery
  Jack Thayre
  Vikki Westcott
  Lindsay Edwards
  Mandy Fowler
  Sarah Frazer
  Dawn Fuller
  Niki Gibson
  Louise Goulbourne
  Tiffany Hunter
  Sarah Jarman
  Rebecca Witcomb
  Zoe Langdon
  Claire Madge
  Rachel Pike
  Claire Ryan
  Hayley Sercombe


School Staff


Office Staff Nicola Haynes
  Lucy Perry
  Alison Munslow
Pastoral Support & Thrive  
  Sue Hughes
  Hannah Parker
Mealtime Assistants  
  Lesley Langdon
  Anne Snell
  Carol Troy
  Anna Wroth
Catering Staff  
  Louise Bond
  Sally-Ann Goode
  Tina Langdon
Clerk to Governors  
  Helen Hibbins