A stunning autumn afternoon at Stover School saw fifteen teams from seven Primary schools come together to play in friendly competitive Football Tournaments. For a majority of the Year 1 and Year 2 children this was the first time they had represented their school, and for many it was their first ever football ‘match’ experience.

The buzz of excitement and the sheer determination and enthusiasm on the pitch was wonderful to see. There was also a lot of very proud parents cheering from the side lines. With the schools divided up into three Pools, each team played four matches. Throughout the afternoon the matches improved as the pupils gained in confidence and understanding of the rules and team play.

Events like these don’t simply happen without a lot of people pulling together. So, huge thanks to the Stover ground staff who set up the six pitches we needed and to the older Stover students who helped referee.  Thanks to the Chelsea FC Foundation Academy (SDCC) boys (George & Matthew) who supported the event by refereeing and being great role models to the youngsters. Many thanks to all the primary staff and parents who organised the children to have this experience.

Exminster entered three teams into the competition with two of them winning the pool they were in. Unfortunately for the third team, they were in the same pool as the highest scoring team in the competition which was another from Exminster. They managed a draw against their classmates and came 2nd only by goal difference. Congratulations to all of the participants.