On Monday 19th June 2017, KS1 took part in the annual Sports Morning where they competed in 7 rotating activities and then finished with a running race.

The children had been practicing their activities in PE lessons leading up to Sports Morning, so they were all aware of the requirements for each activity.

As the scorching sun was beating down, teachers and parents battled against unhelpful gazebos, but eventually there was enough shade for the children as they awaited the first activity.

Each activity ran very smoothly with the support of the Year 5 children. Congratulations to them all for leading the activities and providing scores and feedback.
Emily said: "It's lovely for KS1 to have the opportunity to play fun games and I've loved helping the children to try and reach their potential."

The children's scores were added up for the Javelin, Long Jump and Bean Bag Throw, and these scores will be added to the KS2 Sports Morning, with the overall winning coloured group announced next week.
Amber: "I enjoyed the clothes event because I like dressing up in different costumes."
Tia: "The hurdles were my favourite because I got to run."
Havana: "I'm a really good thrower so I enjoyed the javelin the most."
Quinton: "I was running over the hurdles and I went very fast."
Erin: "We went under the net with a cup full of water. We put it in the bucket at the end and ran back."

A huge thank you must go to the parents who provided gazebos and helped with putting them up and down, organising equipment and getting involved in the mums and dads races.

The KS1 Sports Morning was a huge success this year. The behaviour and attitude of all the children in KS1 was amazing in the heat, with them showing enjoyment and enthusiasm and motivating themselves to reach their potential. Mrs Martin organised the Sports Day brilliantly again and we will miss her organisation next year!

Well done everyone.