DSSP Year 3 Beach Cricket Festival

On Wednesday 24th May, eight children from Year 3 had the rare opportunity to go and play sport on the beach! They went to Goodrington Sands for a DSSP Beach Cricket Festival.

The children learnt a variety of cricketing skills through a number of games - throwing and catching, bouncing balls against a net, striking balls with a bat, obstacle races involving ladders and hoops, and some good old fashioned sand building.

The weather was excellent and the quality of sport matched the fantastic sunshine.

Jack: "The best part was when I got to build stuff in the sand! I also loved throwing a Nerf Howler as far as I could and it went quite far."

Poppy: "I enjoyed when we had to throw the balls and hit the sports leaders. If we hit them once they'd lose an arm, if we hit them twice they'd lose another arm and if we a third time then they'd die! Not really die, but just pretend as part of the game."

Well done to all the Year 3 children who participated.