Gordon Peacock


  • Status: Lead Governor for Assessment for Learning
  • Category: Co-opted Governor
  • Appointed By: Governing Board
  • Term of Office: 4 Years
  • End of Term of Office: Monday, 25 March 2019
  • Attendance at meetings: 2017-18 Academic Year: 55%
  • Registered interests: None

I have enjoyed being involved with the school as a Book Buddy over the past five years or so. I feel that I can support the school, in future, in a number of ways. I was a teacher for 13 years, a Deputy Head in a large Community College for 12 years and an Education Adviser for the government for 11 years. I have been an OFSTED inspector for 12 years as well as an Education Consultant during that period. I am now retired from all those activities and focus on Rotary, art and golf. I have some time and expertise to support the school in it's development in the community, helping to raise expectations for all its pupils so that they can achieve the best for their futures. I bring some expertise in evaluating classroom and school performance and a commitment to help, support and advise on curriculum matters, in particular.