We are back with Pirate Pete and a new set of families. We had an amazing time this week making pirate ships and eye patches. We also played a game called popping pirates where we had to dodge the rolling cannon balls by jumping over them.

Our time with this set of families has come to an end. We'll be back after half term with new families to enjoy our programme. Check out some of our photos from our final weeks.

This week we became Casper the cat. To help us get into character we made tails for us to wear. As families we made cat's out of the PE equipment. Take a look at some of our pictures to see the amazing cat's we made.

Today we became astronauts and  discovered the Blue Planet. We built space rockets and used our key skill, jumping, to move around. Then we made space glitter jars to help us calm down. After all the excitement we settled down to listen to the story in the dark.

Family FUNS is back with a new set of families. Over the next half term we will explore different stories through PE  and craft. Today we started with Pop up Pirates. Take a look at our photos to see the fun we had.

This week we became Tilley the Train in Family FUNS. Tilley needed to try to stay on her tracks so our families all tried balancing on a line with one foot in front of the other. To make it more challenging we tried to balancing on a line and lifting our legs up high and moving our opposite arms. We then made obstacle courses for our trains to travel over and around.

We are nearly at the end of our Family FUNS journey and would again like to thank all the families who are helping us with this pilot project. This week we became cheeky clown's practising our circus skills. Later we all played our Family FUNS board game and team Conway and Mason were the winners, completing 18 challenge cards. Well done!

What an exciting afternoon in Family FUNS! We had a hall full of Mrs Martin's favourite animal........ cat's! Our furry friend's had fun stretching, pouncing and balancing. Our Family FUNS mascot also tried his first biscuit. If you look at our photos I think he liked it! We're looking forward to next week when we are going to be clown's.

We are on week 7 of our Family FUNS programme and have had some great feed back from children and parents. Our new book this week is Monkey Business. The Cheeky Monkey taught us a new fundamental movement skill, the static balance. This balance has helped us work our core muscles. After one activity Brooklyn said "My tummy really hurts now."

We have been visiting the enchanted forest again this week helping Ringo save the Fairies from the nasty wizard! Today we had to make a obstacle course to get to the Fairies. We had to jump, crawl and balance our way through.
Later we played our Family FUNS board game. Today we had Girls V'S Boys. This week the girls won and the boys presented the trophy in good spirits!

This week we have started a new story with different characters to help us with our fundamental movement skills. We met Ringo the Hobgoblin who is trying to save all the Fairies in the forest from the evil wizard. Children have been using their agility to catch the falling Fairies before they hit the ground. Let's hope he can save them with the help of our FUNS team!

Today we carried on with our space adventure. We used our jumping and catching skills to help us navigate the moon and it's rocks! We played our Family FUNS board game too, team GODBEER V's team MASON. Team Godbeer were victorious. Check out our Family FUNS photo's!