Learning forums are all about looking at our barriers to learning. Each Wednesday we choose a learning barrier to discuss. We do this by offering our suggestions and then voting on them. Once we have our 'barrier' we then think about how we can solve it. We discuss solutions and again we vote on which one(s) we feel would work for us. We then spend the rest of the week putting these in to place. When Wednesday comes around again, we start by reviewing last week's barrier, asking questions like: do we feel it worked? how do we know it worked? has that barrier been lifted? If we feel that it has, we can move on to solving another barrier, however if not, we can look in to more ways we can help ourselves. 
By Heidi, Maddie and Scarlet (Y6)
"Learning Forums help us think about our problems and offer solutions," Heidi (Y6).
"We can get things sorted out," Maddie.