Verity Alice

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Herring

on the safe arrival of Verity Alice,

born on Friday 20 November

weighing 8lb 6oz.  We look forward to

meeting her very soon.

Many thanks to our Parent Forum who have spent time reviewing our Anti-bullying policy. This week we have had a focus on Anti-bullying especially on Rainbow day. All children in school have named a school adult that they feel comfortable talking to if there is anything bothering them. At the end of Rainbow Day, all children went home with a leaflet about our Anti-bullying policy in school. Have a look below at what has been going on during Rainbow day:

Rec 1


Children have been listening to stories about friendships and superheroes (Supertato) and talking about the issues that characters experienced.  They have made their own superhero potato whose mission is to help others.  They are learning a song about friendship and doing activities, encouraging new friendships.  In the afternoon session, children are mixed with Years 1 and 2 to make a new friendship and learn some new names.
Rec 2

Year 1/2

Children were involved in an e-safety session, talking about when to use computers, where they use computers and what they do on them.  The emphasis is on being supervised and adults checking what they are doing if they are online.  They were also looking at friendships, what makes a good friend and writing notes to their friends, sharing and how to solve problems if sharing is not happening.  Diversity was also an activity – celebrating how we are all diverse and how we embrace this.
Y1 3
Y4 3

Year 3/4

Children were involved with an e-safety session, safe use of usernames and passwords.  They were reading through sample blogs and talking about what is safe or unsafe about those and practising writing their own blogs.  They were also role playing and creating freeze frames of bullying scenarios and changing these scenarios using problem solving.  They were writing poetry and creating a dance based on these situations, talking about friendships and making friendship bracelets.

Year 5/6

One session was a focus on Childline and bullying, how to seek help and an art activity around this.  Another session focused on e-safety where children were learning about staying safe online and created a presentation for Years 3 and 4 about how to stay safe online.  One session was being led by a group of Year 6 children with a focus on trust, confidence and team work.  The children planned the session themselves and were leading games around these themes.

During Rainbow Day the children in KS2 have been discussing how to keep safe online. They used 'Google Classroom' to answer some of the questions below. The children in Year 5/6 had to create a presentation in either 'Google Docs' or 'Google Slides' outlining how younger children could keep safe on the Internet. In Years 3/4 they had to write their own blog by looking at examples of what would be safe to publish on the Internet. 


This week Year 6 have been involved in bikeability sessions. For level 1, the children had to ride their bikes with excellent control and prepare themselves for the road. For level 2, the children had to cycle on single-lane roads and use junctions. 

All of the children did exceptionally well and were a credit to our school out in the community.  IMG 1893

You may have heard your children talking about the learning pit at home. This is something we are using in maths along with the idea of having a growth mindset. The video below demonatrates how the image of a learning pit can help children with their learning.



On the 18th of September, 9 nine children from a mix of yr5/yr6 went to compete at a junior rugby world cup tournament. we competed as Georgia. There were four pools with Exminster/Georgia competing in Pool C with rivals, Kenn who were competing as national team Tonga.We won are first game against Tonga 6-3 and after that a 7-4 victory against Argentina. After losing 5-1 at half-time, we managed to pull back and scored another 4 tries. Unfortunatley, New Zealand scored another try to take the win 6-5. Fortunatley we got into the quarter finals where we played France. Unfortunately, France managed to knock us out after a 8-6 victory. Although France were challenging opponents, they were defeated in the semi-finals by Fiji who managed to finish 2nd overall. When we were knocked out were told to sit in the family stand to watch: Fiji V Australia in the final of the tournament. Finishing 5th out of 20, team Exminster were delighted as we had a good team spirit. Players scoring up to 23 tries we also had some good individuals varying throughout the competition. We started playing on the astro-pitches for the Pool matches then, because we were through to the quarter-finals, we played on the first team pitch, where the Exeter Chiefs play their matches.


Charlie.F and Joel.M

For the first time Exminster has taken part in the Annual Exeter Maths Challenge. Entering two teams, they did the school proud getting through from the original 36 teams into a final of 10. 

Exminster were the only school to get both teams through to the final.

On Tuesday both teams took part in the well fought final with one team finishing in second and the other team finishing in forth, a great achievement.


A huge congratulations to both teams!

Singers from three primary schools within the Dawlish Learning Partnership were thrilled to perform at Exeter Cathedral on Saturday 6th June.

The schools were invited as part of a Chorister Outreach Project by the Cathedral to reach out the children in the county and diocese to give them special and exciting singing experience within the majestic surroundings of Exeter Cathedral

Stephen Tanner, Director of Music at Exeter Cathedral School and Associate Musical Director Andrew Downton, visited Exminster School, Starcross School and Gatehouse ACE Academy for a number of workshops to teach the children the performance pieces, with the final workshop supported by Choristers from the Cathedral School.

Children from Exminster sang 'Sing' by Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Starcross sang the traditional song, "Somewhere there's a forest" and Gatehouse children performed "We are the young" by Mary Donnelly. The children also sang three further songs together with all the other schools who were also taking part in the concert.

It was a wonderful afternoon and a fantastic experience for all our children.

We are immensely proud of our children's outstanding performance and exemplary behaviour throughout the rehearsals and performance.  Thank you to Mr Wilsher, Miss Vanstone, Mrs Parsonage and all the children involved.

On Thursday 4th June, Digital Leaders from across the Dawlish Learning Partnership joined together at Dawlish Community College to showcase the exciting technological projects they have been working on back in their schools.

Children from Exminster, Kenton, Cockwood, and Westcliff Primary Schools along with students from Dawlish Community College took part. The evening began with a talk from guest speaker, Jacob Tomlinson who is the Senior System Administrator at the Met Office in Exeter. An ex student of DCC, Jacob explained how computing impacts on everything we do in life, including forecasting the weather.

Year 7 Digital Leaders from DCC then gave a presentation on some of the projects they have been involved in since joining the school, including Adobe Photoshop, then two Year 10 students gave an overview of the Computer Studies GCSE.

The floor then opened to the primary schools who were able to showcase their work to all the parents who attended the evening.

Exminster – Isle of Tune
Westcliff – Live Radio
Cockwood – K'Nex
Kenton – Bee-Bot and Human Crane
Jacob Tomlinson was given the very difficult task of choosing a school to present a prize to. All the schools were highly commended, but Westcliff's Digital Leaders were chosen to be awarded a Raspberry Pi, a small computer that can be used to learn programming through fun, practical projects, due to their passionate presentation style.

All the Digital Leaders who attended the event were presented with a certificate and a fun and informative evening was had by all.

Check out the photos from the event below.



The children in Year 6 have had a challenging week doing their SATs tests. Each day has seen them tackle another tricky test! They have risen to the challenge really well- taking everything in their stride and working with a real determination to do their very best. (The biscuits and juice at the end of each test seem to have really helped!)

Well done Year 6 - we are very proud of you all!

Mrs Sydenham, Miss Vass and Mrs Badcott


In Literacy this week in Year 4 we have been having a focus on the contrast between living in the country and then the city. We went on a walk around school to experience nature and then when we came into the classroom and listened to lots of very loud city noises. We wrote some powerful description based on our senses. Below is a photo of Rianna's, we wish we could take photos of all of them because we are all very proud of our work. 

Year 4


This week is Problem Solving Week in school. The children will be engaged in solving different maths problems each day this week. Below is a video of quotes from some of the worlds best problem solvers.

As part of the week there will be three new problems posted in the 'Marvelous Maths' section (under parent zone, maths zone) of the school website each day from Monday to Thursday - each one a bit more challenging. If you have a go at the challenge bring it in on the following day and put it in the 'Maths Challenge  Box' by the office. Each day we will choose a selection of the work to go onto the school webiste to show the solutions to everyone. Those pieces of work that explain how the solution was achieved are more likely to get chosen. Please make sure you write your full name and class on the piece of work.

You could have your name in lights!

Bottle Tops

We have started this week with a story telling assembly.

This Thursday we have a story telling event, led by Clive Pig 6-7pm, suitable for all primary aged children.  The school office are selling tickets and we look forward to this exciting evening.

We have had a great day with the highlight for the children being 'Stomp' and for Mr Moore and Mr Wilsher eating a KFC in front of the children at the services!

We are now all in bed and the lights have gone off - fingers crossed!

Here are some photographs from the day:


Ian KFCJim PJsJim KFCChildren 7Children 6Children 5Children 4Children 2

Children 1









14:48 text received from Mr Moore: 'We have arrived safely and are sat in the theatre ready for Stomp to start.  All very excited!'

Due to their busy schedule, they haven't yet had chance to blog but keep looking for updates.

The Exminster Primary School Choir are brimming with excitement with only four days to their exciting residential to London. The choir have been working incredibly hard over the last 6 months in preparation for what is going to be a once in a life time opportunity. They will perform at the iconic O2 Arena with a choir of 8500 children to a sell-out audience.

Below is an itinerary of the amazing three days they are about to have:

Thursday 29th January 2015 Friday 30th January 2015

Saturday 31st January 2015

Leave school at 8:30 (children to arrive

in 2W at 8:00)

15:00 – Matinee performance of ‘Stomp’

17:30 – back to the hostel for the night.

(YHA London Thameside)

19:00 – Evening meal

8:00 - Breakfast

AM  – Visit the Natural History Museum

12:00  - Visit to Pizza Hut

13:30 – Practice at the O2

17:00 – Packed dinner

19:00 – Concert at the O2

21:30 – back to hostel for the night

8:00 - Breakfast

11:00 – Thames River Sightseeing


13:00 – Leave London to return to


We will endeavour to keep you updated and try to take you along with us on this fun-filled few days - Wi-Fi dependant!


On Friday 14th November Exminster welcomed schools from across the Dawlish Learning Partnership to share Computing expertise. Schools presented a range of different hardware which included Kodu, Lego WeDo, K'Nex and Lego Robotics. The children had an opportunity to ask questions and visit each schools presentations.




Thomas and Matthew

Year 2 have enjoyed an Aztec day today.  There was much excitement as I went into Year 2 this morning with children being in 2 separate classes – the girlswith Mrs Coville and the boys with Mr Wilsher.  The girls were involved with activities that they would have learnt at school as an Aztec girl – cookery and crafts.  The boys were enjoying making hunting spears and shields as they would be taught how to hunt and fight.  In the afternoon, the children were making hot chocolates as the Aztecs were the first people to discover the cocoa bean.  They were also making Aztec calendars.  The children were keen to tell me facts they had found out through their topic work and about their day:

Wilfred: "The Aztecs were scared of tomatoes because they thought they were poisonous."

Georgia W: "Tie-the-knot came from the Aztecs as when they got married they tied them together."

Ollie: "They hunted for snakes."

Alex: "They searched for wolves because they ate them and used the fur for cosy blankets."

Joe: "They hunted panthers for food and for their skin."

Tianna: "The girls learn about lovely pretty things and the boys learn about hunting and fighting."

Danni: "We've been making necklaces with beads on."

Crystal: "We've been making hats."

Lexi: "We've been making hats and putting glitter in patterns on them."

The children have also been producing some very interesting projects for their home learning.  I am looking forward to visiting their exhibition on Tuesday 21st October. Parents are invited to view the exhibition in the hall from 2.45pm.

Mrs Whalley

p.s. Thanks to Year 2 for making me a calendar.  Next time I need to sample the hot chocolate!

Last Year Mr Herring and the old Digital Leaders Picked the new Digital Leaders.

For 2014/15 the new ones are:


Year4: Mia,Caden and Gina

Year5: Jack,Callie, Tom and Jessica

Year6:Oli, Olly, Alex and Gabe 


There was tremendous excitement this morning when the Tour of Britain arrived in the village. Firstly the police cleared the road and even gave us some high fives! There were then lots of cars which carried spare bicycle wheels. We all cheered and waved our flags as the cyclists stormed past us.

Year 7 students at Dawlish Community College were joined by Year 6 children from Kenn, Kenton and Exminster Primary Schools to take part in two Gifted and Talented Art workshops led by Art Teacher, Mrs Parr .

During the two sessions students produced some amazing artwork and drawings inspired by fish and sea creatures. The young artists used their creative skills to draw, design and produce collograph prints. Some of the comments from students who took part in the workshops:

Were you pleased you were invited to attend the workshop?  

“I was really pleased to be asked on this workshop as art is my favourite lesson, Art is fantastic” – Ella C

“ Yes as I love to draw, and I was delighted we were working with fish forms” - Megan

“ Yes because I enjoy art and would like to do more of it” - Julian

“ Yes I was because I love art and I like to get a taste of Dawlish before I start in September” - Gaia

What was the thing you most enjoyed? 

“Learning new things about art, like print making” - Millie

Is it worthwhile mixing students from different years and schools for these types of workshops?

“ Yes it is a good idea as you can make new friends” - Ella C

“ Yes, if I didn’t understand, I could ask a Year 7 student as they would tell me what to do” - Rachel

 Please have a look at the website below for some photos.

On Monday 16th June Exminster Primary School were very proud to take part in the DLP Art Exhibition held at the Langstone Cliff Hotel. It was an inspiring and celebratory event and all schools in the Dawlish Learning Partnership were represented. Thanks to the Helen Foundations funding many children within the DLP had the opportunity to create some amazing art pieces as they worked alongside professional DAISI artists. Performances from the DLP Choir, DLP Wind Band, Exminster Dance Group, Kenton Dance Group and Cockwood Samba Ensemble entertained over 200 family, friends, staff and governors.

The evening followed an arts week at school with the theme ‘Carnival’. Each year group used their creative talents to produce art work that was displayed at the evening. Including Year 1’s Rangoli artwork; digital images were cleverly printed onto fabric to create wall hangings, Year 2’s carnival float pirate ship and a large circus batik made by our gifted and talented artists from across both key stages. Please look on the website for more information.


greenfingers day Today, Mrs Jones organised our Greenfingers day.  We would like to say a huge thank you for the donations received.  Thank you to Mike Bond, Ethan and Emmie's grandad, for his kind donations, thanks to New Leaf and Tracey Conway, Evan's mum, and thanks to St.Bridgette's nursey.  Thank you to all the parents who kindly made plant, pot or compost donations.  The children all enjoyed the afternoon of planting and working with another class. It truly brightens up the environment so well done to everyone involved and Mrs Jones for initiating this fantastic afternoon.