Mrs Troy the lollipop lady sadly leaves today. She has been the school's lollipop lady for 10 years and 3 months. She will be greatly missed as she guides adults and children to the front gate with a smile on her face. Mrs Whalley held a special assembly for Mrs Troy. She had to complete some road challenges. At the end of the assembly the children sang a special song  by the Spice Girls to Mrs Troy before she went to do her lollipop lady job for the last time. By Faye and Lizzie

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On Friday, Exminster School Choir made the epic trip to the Genting Arena, in Birmingham, for the Young Voices concert 2017. They joined 6500 other children from across the country in an amazing concert including the Urban Striders dance group and the Beat Box Crew. It was an incredible experience and the children are still buzzing. 

Have a look at some of them in action below!



This term we will be inviting parents/grandparents/carers to our games assemblies. 1MS kicked off the games assemblies; the children's special adults joined them in playing a competitive maths game. Then table groups worked together as a team on a phonics game. The adults had a chance to engage in the type of learning activities children undertake in school and  everyone was able to reflect on which of our school's Rainbow Values we used.

Esme said: 'We used our potential building the words.'

Lily: 'Enjoyment because I liked making the words.'

Oliver. D: 'Inclusion, including other people to play if they really want to play.'

Bethany: 'Community, working as a team.'

Jenson's comment shows everyone was motivated, he said: 'Perseverance because we had to keep working.'

Thank you to everyone for supporting this session. Mrs Miller, Mrs Stapleton and the children really enjoyed it.☺

Today the teachers at Exminster Community Primary School performed a pantomime for the children. It was very funny and all the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Mr Mammola and Mr Slingsby were the two ugly sisters, Miss Bevan was Cinderella and Mrs Whalley was the step mother. Also Mrs Martin and Mrs Norris were the fabulous narrators of the show. All of the children were laughing and having a lot of fun. Merry Christmas to one and all.

The government have released the league tables to show school performance. Please click on the link to see the results.

Click Here...





We enjoyed looking at the trees in the church today. We found the decorations we had made and loved seeing the arts and crafts created by other children from our school as well as the wider community.


Today some trainee teachers came in to our school to learn about what we do in Exminster Community Primary School. We met with them and they asked us how we became Digital Leaders and what Digital Leaders do to help the school. We(Ioan,Lizzie,Dylan and Ollie) said: "Change the paper in the printers, install computer software, print for teachers ,Sphero-a type of proggrammable robot, coding and of course blogging. They were impressed with all that we do and they want to borrow us in the future!

Lizzie and Sophie


We really loved dressing up for WW2 Day. We have used and created responses in the day linked to art and music. We have been lucky enough to have special people in to talk about their experiences of war. The children have learnt much about why we wear a poppy on rememberence day.

We have been learning about what is was like for a child in world war two.
We have dressed up and learnt about rememberence day.

Our Harvest celebration this year was all about Harvest around the World. Each year group chose a continent and then from there, a country. 
We shared our learning in an assembly led by Rev John Williams. The children had clearly had a great time learning new facts, tasting different foods and even making a Scratch project.
Thank you to all of you who donated food for St. Petrock's Homeless charity - it was delivered on Friday morning and received with much appreciation.

Some of our Year 6 girls have been inspired by our Big Coffee morning for Macmillan. Last Friday after school Scarlett May, Scarlett, Ellie, Primrose, Maddie, Emily and Amelia had a table top sale. They sold loom band bracelets, soft toys and more. The girls raised an extra £10. Well done to all of you.

We are pleased to reveal the grand total from our Macmillan big coffee morning. As a school community we raised an incredible £437.30. Thank you so much again for all your amazing support. We had so many donations of cakes we simply couldn't sell them all so the remaining cakes were taken to the Manor residential care home in the village for the residents to enjoy.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our big coffee morning in aid of Macmillan. We were overwhelmed with people's generosity and  had so many cakes for our coffee morning and lots more for our cake stall after school. A big thank you must go to some of our year 6 girls who came into school early to help us set up. Look on our community board next week to see how much we raised.

Key Stage Two children have been given some excellent advice on how to keep safe online today through a fantastic play 'Into The Net'. Theatre company 'Alterego Creative Solutions' came to school and kept the children well entertained while giving them important messages about e-safety. The children should now be able to give you the answers to the following questions:

Is it true or false that bullying people online isn't as bad as in the real world?

What should children do if they are being bullied?

Why is it important to keep your personal information safe online?

What should you do if you get that uh-oh feeling online?

Why is it important to ask permission to do things and tell a grown up what sites you are visiting?

Why is it important to be careful when chatting to someone you've only ever met online?

What should you do if you have any concerns or questions?


Year One were surprised with the arrival of Exeter Exotics today who came to introduce them to a range of animals and talk about their habitat, diet and characteristics.  The children loved meeting Razor the bearded dragon, a corn snake, Beebee the skunk, Delilah the tarantula and a baby racoon. The exciting visit launched the beginning of their topic on Deadly 60.

Boss of the South

Key Stage Two children at Exminster Community Primary School are currently taking part in a battle across the schools in the South or England, to become 'Boss of the South'.

Children who score 150 points or more will receive a Mangahigh medal. If an individual child finishes in the top ten of all children competing across the south they will receive a £10 Love2shop voucher.

Schools are also competing directly, with the winning school being presented with a £250 Amazon voucher and those finishing 2nd-10th will receive a £100 Amazon voucher.


The children have been working hard already and, with 3 days to go, Exminster sit in 7th place. Keep up the great work!


Boss of South Leaders

We apologise for the inconvenience surrounding the school uniforms ordering process. We are working hard to resolve this and will hopefully have a solution that fits everyones needs early next week (18th July).

We will endeavour to keep this page up to date with any news.

Thank you again for your patience.

18th July 2016

Just to keep parents informed that we have chosen Thomas Moore of Exeter as the supplier of our school uniform.

Feel free to follow this link to purchase any uniform.

Thomas Moore

For Rainbow Day five Year 6 girls known as Ella, Callie, Anna, Erica and Eva ran a baking activity where the children had to design and decorate cakes and biscuits. This was part of their civic award. "The cakes looked very creative and I was impressed with the final product" remarked a proud Ella. "All of the cakes were unique and we managed to raise money for hospice care" said Callie. Well done to involved, a very sweet outcome...

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The annual Staff v Parent netball match took place last night.  It was a tight(ish) match with much focus and determination.  A classic 4 person pile up, a bit of ballet dancing, assertive instructions, interesting foot work and the concept of 1m all made it a tense match!  The oranges came on at half time and a bit of firm team talk got the ladies in check!  All in all it was a long, gruelling 40 minutes but the staff managed a convincing win against the parents with a final score of 15-11.

Today, our 2 new headteachers helped to run the school.  Edith and Scarlet won the raffle at the school fair to become the headteacher for the day.  The day started by greeting people at the front gate.  Next they went to each class to introduce themselves to everyone. We had a visitor who looked around school and the new headteachers told them all about our learning.  After supervising break time, the girls went to the school kitchen to find out about how our school dinners are prepared. The girls found out about our school budget and what we have to spend the money on to run the school. We talked about school governors and their role in school.
The girls have a list of things they want to find out about today and we are gradually making our way through it!

We have really enjoyed going up to the allotment today. We have all had a chance to go. The children have watched potatoes being dug up. They have explored the fruit, vegetable and flower beds. What happy children and knowledgeable children we have in our school.

On Thursday 7th July 2016 the children of Exminster Community Primary School were treated to a once in a lifetime assembly. As a reward for our participation in so many of the DSSP events and festivals this year we were visited by Cassie Patten; Beijing Olympics Bronze Medallist in the 10km Open Water Swim. The assembly by Cassie was extremely motivational and was aimed at promoting children to persevere in everything they do in order to reach their potential. After the assembly, sixteen lucky girls from Year 3 and Year 4 took part in an hour of games run by Cassie and her assistant Scott. The girls chosen have all been part of our Change4Life Club over the school year, and hopefully the experience will give all children in school a passion for reaching their goals.
"This is the best day of my life!" Scarlet.
"I never thought I would meet someone in the Olympics!" Emma
Thank you Cassie for your visit. It was an honour for the children to meet an international sports star.

jamming 1  jamming 2  jamming 3 

Former Exminster pupil, Ozzie Parker, returned to school today to hold a jamming session with budding drummer, Brandon.  The boys had an hour of jamming together, with Brandon learning how to work together musically and being inspired by Ozzie's musical journey.

Ozzie attended Exminster Primary and was the first ever winner of the Helen Foundation award.  Ozzie then progressed to Dawlish Community College, winning the award again at the end of KS3.  Ozzie progressed onto Exeter College to study music and is now off to Leeds Conservatoire in September, the country's leading university for music.  Ozzie cuurently works with a country pop singer, Clara Bond, is part of a band named 'Jonah hitchings and the Superband' and has had 2 BBC introducing sessions.  Tune in for Ozzie's next live session on BBC Devon on 30 July. 

Thank you for your time today Ozzie and for inspiring young musicians.  The very best of luck for September.

For the first year, Mrs Nowell has introduced the Year 6 children to the Civic Award. 5 of our students, Anna, Callie, Erica, Ella and Eva have spent 9 months working towards this. Below is an outline of what they have been busy doing:
1. They have had to show they are an active citizen in the school community for at least 4 months. Activities they have done have directly impacted on other children in school and widened their experience through running a KS1 choir, running a drawing club, being part of the sports Council, becoming reading ambassadors and running with allotment club.
2. Be an active citizen in the local community and charity work. The children have helped at pre-school breakfast club, held sales to raise money for WESC and the Blue cross and raised money for Nayamba school.
3. Take part in an active hobby. The girls have enjoyed clubs such as ballet, Street dance and rugby and will continue with these beyond the award.
4. Take part in a non-active hobby. The girls have enjoyed cooking a varied range of recipes, designed clothes and completed book reviews.
5. Take part in adventure trining. The girls all enjoyed challenging themselves and overcoming fears with their residential week and loved surfing, the adventure assault course and the whole residential experience.

The girls have had to provide evidence of all these aspects of the award. We enjoyed a breakfast together this morning to talk about their award and now they are having individual interviews with the assessors, Mr Clements from DCC and Mrs Mason, one of our school governors.

I would like to congratulate the girls on their commitment and contribution. They have positively impacted on their school, their local community and the wider community through the great work they have done. We are all very proud of you.  Mrs Whalley and Mrs Nowell