As the biggest show off 2017 comes to the village next week, here is a sneak preview of a few of the characters. There will be lots more photos to follow next week.

Children from across the school enjoyed a fantastic evening watching the film 'Sing'. Not only did the children love watching and dancing along to the film, they also enjoyed the tasty popcorn and juice! 

We'd like to say a  big thank you to all those who helped to organise the event. An amazing £350 pounds was raised to go towards the climbing wall!



Years 5/6 watched a virtual reality play which looked at the potential dangers of interactions online. It was an interactive performance which looked at online gaming, chat rooms, broadcasting and potential repercussions. There was then a discussion around what was watched.

help2TESCO Bags of Help Scheme
We have a chance of getting up to £5000 from TESCO for our Traverse Climbing Wall project. Our application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme has been successful and our project will be put forward to a customer vote in Tesco stores during May and June 2017.
What happens next?
Our project, along with the other two successful projects in our region, will go forward to a vote in Tesco stores where customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop. Voting will take place during May and June.
We will be notified by the end of July 2017 confirming the amount of funding we will receive.
The project with the highest number of votes across our region will receive up to £5,000, the second placed project up to £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000.
Please see below a list of stores taking part in the voting on our project:
Exeter Vale EX2 7EZ Exminster Express EX6 8DB
Heavitree Express EX1 2RN
Exwick Express EX4 2DQ
Barnstaple Express EX32 8PG
Barnstaple Taw View EX31 2AS
Barnstaple High Street Express EX31 1EZ
To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it's not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token.
Please vote for us and spread the word.

A huge thank you to the community of Exminster Community Primary School.  You have raised an amazing £386.45 today from the non-uniform day.  You have also raised over £120 from bob-a-job so far.  To this, we can add the £146 that Mrs Whalley raised from having her cake sale at home in the holidays.  Our total so far is £652.45 and still people are raising more.  Every single penny of this money will be spent on buying books and resources to fill our suitcases and leave at Nayamba school.  Thank you!

loom bands money raising

Last Friday the school choir were invited to sing at the Memory cafe which takes place every third Friday of the month. The choir sang a medley of songs with the folk songs being particularly popular. After singing the children went and spoke to those who visited the cafe. The children shared their experiences of being in the choir and their learning at Exminster. We will be sharing more experiences with the memory cafe and also the Westbank over the coming months.

The results are in for the Tremendous Tessellation Competition, they were judged by a group of Year 6 children. We have to thank everyone who entered their design to the competition. The winners from KS2 are:
Jake D
Emma F
Ella W
And from KS1:
Olivia G
James B
Amber G

Calling all budding song writers age 8-12, this is your opportunity to show off your talents and enter a national song writing competition. Details of this exciting competition are below.

Song writing 1


Song writing 2

Week one of our Lent challenge, where all classes are noticing random acts of kindness in one another, sees 2B as the kindest class this week. Lent has delivered his new challenges for the coming week. Keep up the good work everyone.

Today (Thursday 2nd March 2017) we created wordles about our favourite authors. For example, David Williams, Roald Dahl and Zoella Sugg. Using the website 'HTTPS:\\\create' we added different colours and animations. Please have a look at our finished masterpiece it is by the school office.

On Thursday afternoon, the school had a super science assembly from Astro Alice!

Astro Alice introduced the children to a range of exciting experiments that could happen within our science club this Summer Term. The children all took part in the assembly, helping to investigate how friction works all around us. 

Even Mr Slingsby took part in the assembly. He had the chance to experiment with the homemade hovercraft!

On Friday, a letter was sent home with children from Year 1 to Year 6. If you did not receive a letter, please see the office for spares.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

This week is our Maths Problem Solving Week. Throughout the week the children will be taking part in many challenges and problem solving activities in maths. We will keep you updated on some of the exciting maths throughout the week.

As part of the week, Mr Moore has set the whole school two challenges to complete at home.   

Challenge 1: Tremendous Tessellations

The first competition is to design, draw and colour your own tessellation/repeated pattern, like the ones below. Hand them to your teacher or straight to Mr Moore. The best patterns in the Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two will be displayed in school and put on the school website for the world to see! 


1 2 3


4 5 6


Challenge 2: Times Rhymes

Mr Moore’s second Maths Challenge is to make up a poem, song or rhyme to help remember just one of the times tables. Hand them in to your teacher, or straight to Mr Moore. The most original, funny or catchy in FS, KS1 and KS2 will be presented in together time and published on the school website for the world to see!

One example (to show you what to do) is below, but there are no strict rules. Be creative and catch the eye of the judges with something fresh and different (you could even get a parent to film you singing your song or reading your poem and send in the video or audio file, it doesn't have to be written down).

Foundation Stage: a rhyme to help you count in 1s or 2s would be perfect.

Year 6: how about impressing us with your 17x table, or your 3.1x table?!


Ten-times tea-time

1 x 10 = 10   … Tea time again.

2 x 10 = 20   … Cake to eat - plenty.

3 x 10 = 30   … I’m chocolate sauce - squirt me.

4 x 10 = 40   … Extra pudding - naughty!

5 x 10 = 50   … Custard on top - nifty!

6 x 10 = 60   … You sit down, I’ll fix tea.

7 x 10 = 70   … Clotted cream from Devon - tea.

8 x 10 = 80   … So good I can’t wait - tea.

9 x 10 = 90   … What a divine tea.

10 x 10 = 100   … 'When’s supper?' I wondered.

Mrs Troy the lollipop lady sadly leaves today. She has been the school's lollipop lady for 10 years and 3 months. She will be greatly missed as she guides adults and children to the front gate with a smile on her face. Mrs Whalley held a special assembly for Mrs Troy. She had to complete some road challenges. At the end of the assembly the children sang a special song  by the Spice Girls to Mrs Troy before she went to do her lollipop lady job for the last time. By Faye and Lizzie

IMG 9425

On Friday, Exminster School Choir made the epic trip to the Genting Arena, in Birmingham, for the Young Voices concert 2017. They joined 6500 other children from across the country in an amazing concert including the Urban Striders dance group and the Beat Box Crew. It was an incredible experience and the children are still buzzing. 

Have a look at some of them in action below!



This term we will be inviting parents/grandparents/carers to our games assemblies. 1MS kicked off the games assemblies; the children's special adults joined them in playing a competitive maths game. Then table groups worked together as a team on a phonics game. The adults had a chance to engage in the type of learning activities children undertake in school and  everyone was able to reflect on which of our school's Rainbow Values we used.

Esme said: 'We used our potential building the words.'

Lily: 'Enjoyment because I liked making the words.'

Oliver. D: 'Inclusion, including other people to play if they really want to play.'

Bethany: 'Community, working as a team.'

Jenson's comment shows everyone was motivated, he said: 'Perseverance because we had to keep working.'

Thank you to everyone for supporting this session. Mrs Miller, Mrs Stapleton and the children really enjoyed it.☺

Today the teachers at Exminster Community Primary School performed a pantomime for the children. It was very funny and all the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Mr Mammola and Mr Slingsby were the two ugly sisters, Miss Bevan was Cinderella and Mrs Whalley was the step mother. Also Mrs Martin and Mrs Norris were the fabulous narrators of the show. All of the children were laughing and having a lot of fun. Merry Christmas to one and all.

The government have released the league tables to show school performance. Please click on the link to see the results.

Click Here...





We enjoyed looking at the trees in the church today. We found the decorations we had made and loved seeing the arts and crafts created by other children from our school as well as the wider community.


Today some trainee teachers came in to our school to learn about what we do in Exminster Community Primary School. We met with them and they asked us how we became Digital Leaders and what Digital Leaders do to help the school. We(Ioan,Lizzie,Dylan and Ollie) said: "Change the paper in the printers, install computer software, print for teachers ,Sphero-a type of proggrammable robot, coding and of course blogging. They were impressed with all that we do and they want to borrow us in the future!

Lizzie and Sophie


We really loved dressing up for WW2 Day. We have used and created responses in the day linked to art and music. We have been lucky enough to have special people in to talk about their experiences of war. The children have learnt much about why we wear a poppy on rememberence day.

We have been learning about what is was like for a child in world war two.
We have dressed up and learnt about rememberence day.

Our Harvest celebration this year was all about Harvest around the World. Each year group chose a continent and then from there, a country. 
We shared our learning in an assembly led by Rev John Williams. The children had clearly had a great time learning new facts, tasting different foods and even making a Scratch project.
Thank you to all of you who donated food for St. Petrock's Homeless charity - it was delivered on Friday morning and received with much appreciation.

Some of our Year 6 girls have been inspired by our Big Coffee morning for Macmillan. Last Friday after school Scarlett May, Scarlett, Ellie, Primrose, Maddie, Emily and Amelia had a table top sale. They sold loom band bracelets, soft toys and more. The girls raised an extra £10. Well done to all of you.

We are pleased to reveal the grand total from our Macmillan big coffee morning. As a school community we raised an incredible £437.30. Thank you so much again for all your amazing support. We had so many donations of cakes we simply couldn't sell them all so the remaining cakes were taken to the Manor residential care home in the village for the residents to enjoy.