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Staff vs Parents and Governors fundraising netball match.

A massive thank you to all those who participated in and
came to support the netball match on Monday evening.

In a competitively fought game, the final score was 23-3 to
the staff.


Thank you very much to all those who took part, the ESA for
their refreshment stall, Becky Mason for arranging the parents team and the
brave umpire, Ross Kukor.


The proceeds from the game will go towards the school. We look forward to a rematch

in the summer term.


 netball   netball2






Rainbow Day


                Rainbow Day- Canada Day 


During Rainbow Day we looked at where Canada was, the landscape,  and size

of the country. We then talked about the origins of the maple leaf and made our

own. We finally hung them on the tree as you can see. Please come and visit 6H

to see it.


DSCN0612 DSCN0617


Remember that it is important to 'Dress Bright' to ensure you can be seen on your way to school and back and any clubs that you attend.

BeBrightBeSeen Wallpaper 800x600

Our Exminster Memories Scrapbook


In Year 5 this term children are going to work on a project entitled 'Our Exminster Memories Scrapbook'. During this project the children will look at how the village has changed over time and what it was like to live in Exminster in the past.

The children will be writing a weekly blog based on this as well as producing a physical scrapbook. They are also hoping to put on an exhibition to show what they have discovered.

Read more: Our Exminster Memories Scrapbook

621 Release Track For Download

6217 pupils from years 5 and 6 have been working with Mr Hardee to write and record an original song. They decided to write the song based on the whole school topic for the autumn term: 'Time Travel'. The children recorded the song at 'Broadwater Studios' playing all the musical parts themselves. The band consists of Lilly-Mae (Vocals), Jesse (Vocals), Sam (Bass guitar), Ellie (Guitar), Erin (Guitar), Amelie (Keyboard) and Molly (Drums).

The track has now been uploaded to a website called 'Youth Record Label' which is a company that promotes young musicians. The band, called 621, have been entered into several national competitions; one of which is judged on the amount of downloads the track gets. If you would like to support the band and the school, please go to the following link and download 621's new single 'Night Sky.'

In the new year, a music video will be made to accompany the song and the band will be performing live. Watch this space...
Kit Hardee, PE Coordinator,

Exminster Community Primary School
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