Today Years 5 and 6 watched a Virtual Reality play.

VIRTUAL REALITY tells the story of 11 year old Christopher “Chip” Mackintosh who is given a laptop for “Big School”. He discovers the computer can talk to him-The Remote Operated Byte or ROB tells Chip to step into his world of fun, adventure, mystery and discover a whole new world...not  the real world, but...VIRTUAL REALITY.

Chip begins a journey down the rabbit hole-like Alice and before long ‘Happy go-lucky Chip’ is now becoming a ‘Moody, cheeky and disrespectful troll with a chip  on his shoulder.’

At the end of the story, Chip discovers the reason the laptop is called ROB was because he was stealing Chip’s childhood!

The play is a contemporary fairy tale of how certain social media sites and video games will affect the young mind, without realising the impact on school and home life.

The message behind this tale is when we access these gadgets-you have to make a choice…Control the technology or let the technology control you!

Following the play the children participated in a discussion looking at the potential dangers of playing online and how we can make sure we are keeping ourselves safe.