On Friday, we had two new headteachers for the day.  Miss Gilmore and Miss Frazer won the raffle at the summer fair and spent the day being the headteachers.  After an 'access all areas' tour (the kitchen was their highlight) they spent time in the Reception classes getting to know the names of our new children.  They surveyed the staff, asking them what the best bit about the school was and what they would like to improve.  Mr Godfrey felt that a milkshake fountain would improve the school whilst other staff requested a staff uniform, a pay rise and more resources!  They also surveyed the children who gave a range of answers for their improvements: more play equipment, a swimming pool, more glue sticks.  Both the staff and children said the best bit about the school was the kindness people showed.  Our new headteachers ran the assembly, planned what the school would be like in five years time (I will not be headteacher according to their predictions!) and learnt a lot about the role of a headteacher.  They did a fantastic job and I am now ready to hand my badge over to them!  Mrs Whalley