Year 3 had a brilliant first week back at school.

On Friday, it was their Stone Age HOOK day! After travelling back 10,000 years to the Stone Age, they had various tasks to complete, including using topic books to research facts about the Stone Age and climbing into 'caves' to recreate Neolithic cave art!

Unfortunately, that afternoon, they discovered some rather smelly poos left behind by a stowaway time traveller. They had to measure the poos and investigate their contents. Eventually, they discovered that the mix of plants, seeds and fish bones could mean only one thing -  someone from the Stone Age had travelled with them to the present day!

Luckily, a final whizz through time ensured he got dropped back off in his rightful time period. Take a look at some photos from the day.

ER11  ER21  ER31 


During Rainbow Day, the children have decorated a pebble linked to do our Rainbow Values. On the back of each pebble there is the hashtag #exminsterrocks. The idea is that the children (with the help of their adults) will hide these around the village or on holiday and see how far they can get. When you hide the pebble, it would be great if you can take a photo and upload it to Facebook with the location and the hashtag #exmintserrocks. This also applies if you find one.  We are looking forward to seeing how far the wonderful pebbles go!

On Thursday morning, the Year 6 children who had completed their Civic Award were invited to breakfast with me to share their achievements. I learnt so much about the children in this hour and was totally amazed by what they had done over the past 9 months. We enjoyed croissants, brioche, pain au chocolat and fruit and listened to all their achievements – a talented and committed group of young people.
Three years ago, Mrs Nowell introduced our school to the Torbay and Devon Civic award. In the first year, 6 children completed the award, in the second year 11 completed the award but this year 21 children have completed it. Huge congratulations go to Joe, Ollie, Harry, Matthew, Hattie, Georgia, Bonnie, Susie, Matthew, Danni, Sophie, Georgia, Kirsty, Eleanor, Olivia, Maia, Olivia, Summer, Molly, Evie and Jessica. They started the award in October and have been working hard on it over this year. There are 6 sections to complete:
1. Fundraising for a chosen charity
2. Being an active citizen in the school community
3. Being an active citizen in the local community
4. Pursuing an active hobby
5. Pursuing a non-active hobby
6. Adventure training
Rachel Wickham, head of Dawlish College, and Talitha Kerrigan, one of our school governors, were assessing the award and interviewed the children about each of the six areas. Throughout the award, the children have shown their commitment, developed confidence, started new skills and made an impact to the communities of which they are part of. It is an amazing achievement. There were such an amazing range of activities completed in the different areas. Here are just a few:
 Learning to sew, drawing, bake and cook
 Organising and doing a litter pick
 Enjoying new hobbies such as arts and crafts, trampolining
 Running sponsored events to raise money for a chosen charity
 Raising money through making and selling slime
 Supporting the making of Christingles
 Learning how to do Yoga, acrobatics
 Being active through bike riding, walking, playing golf
 Involvement in Panto
 Writing book reviews
 Singing for the residents of a care home
 Getting involved in adventurous activities
 Running clubs in school for younger children
 Being part of the ladies friendship group, doing activities with the older generation
 Learning sign language
 Doing many jobs and roles around school to support the smooth running of school eg. PE Learning Team, refereeing, handing out registers, Rainbow buddy support, being part of the Eco team, being part of the School Learning Team, being a Mental Health Ambassador
Our thanks go to Mrs Nowell for supporting the children and a huge well done to the children for what they have achieved in completing this and the journey they have been on with it. We are all very proud of them.

Some children from years 5 and 6 have been attending STEM workshops at Dawlish College. In previous weeks, they have designed their own Space Hotel logo using a CAD (computer aided design) programme called 2D Design and exported these to a laser cutter. These designs were then made into wooden stamps. This week they baked biscuits and used their stamps to imprint their Space Hotel logos.
In science, the children have been testing the strength of reinforced concrete. They have planned and carried out several experiments to see which concrete mix can hold the greatest weight. One group managed to hang nearly 6kg before the piece of concrete gave way.

Today Years 5 and 6 watched a Virtual Reality play.

VIRTUAL REALITY tells the story of 11 year old Christopher “Chip” Mackintosh who is given a laptop for “Big School”. He discovers the computer can talk to him-The Remote Operated Byte or ROB tells Chip to step into his world of fun, adventure, mystery and discover a whole new world...not  the real world, but...VIRTUAL REALITY.

Chip begins a journey down the rabbit hole-like Alice and before long ‘Happy go-lucky Chip’ is now becoming a ‘Moody, cheeky and disrespectful troll with a chip  on his shoulder.’

At the end of the story, Chip discovers the reason the laptop is called ROB was because he was stealing Chip’s childhood!

The play is a contemporary fairy tale of how certain social media sites and video games will affect the young mind, without realising the impact on school and home life.

The message behind this tale is when we access these gadgets-you have to make a choice…Control the technology or let the technology control you!

Following the play the children participated in a discussion looking at the potential dangers of playing online and how we can make sure we are keeping ourselves safe.

We are becoming Word Rich in Year 3.

Last Thursday, the children had a jam-packed morning full of games and activities to further develop vocabulary. From matching words to their definitions, to playing Articulate against each other, lots of fun was had by all.

Thank you to the parents and carers who could attend: "It was great to see my child collaborate with others and want to learn about words!" said one parent.

On Friday 1st Feb some of our children travelled to Dawlish College. They took part in a range of activities including making concrete and having a debate over whether aesthetics or practicality are more important when in space!

Year 6 were very fortunate this week to receive first aid training from a local charity which is run by Daniel Osborne, a teacher at Dawlish College. Daniel set up Jay's Aim after the death of his younger brother from a sudden cardiac arrest at just 28 years of age.

Jay's Aim is a charity which aims to develop awareness of cardiac arrest in young people and their aim is to educate people through offering CPR training.

Children learnt the difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack. (CPR is required after a cardiac arrest as the electrical rhythms in the heart have been interrupted.) In both instances the children were told to ring 999 and explain symptoms. They then learnt how to give CPR- first practising giving chest compressions (arms straight, hands linked or overlapping, pushing down 5-6cm onto the chest through your hands) and then learning rescue breaths. The children delivered 30 compressions to 2 rescue breaths and kept this sequence going- everyone realised that actually delivering CPR is really hard work. 

The children also learnt how to use a defibrillator and we discussed the locations of these in Exminster. We also found how you access the code to the defibrillator box and used a mock- defibrillator to administer treatment. (Pearse and Ollie were brilliant at this even though neither of them had ever used this type of equipment before.)

We were delighted with the calm, mature and responsible way in which our Year 6 children took part in this key life skill training and we look forward to Jay's Aims second visit in April where those children who attended the London visit will also be trained.

If you would like further information about the charity here is the link to their website:

In school this year we are reading more for pleasure. Staff have signed up to a reading challenge. The children in school will be able to keep up with their progress by checking their reading tokens- one for each book read. Who will read the most?

Last term, the children were working exceptionally hard at understanding and implementing our Rainbow Values on a daily basis both in their classrooms and in every part of school life.
‘Motivation’ was one of the highest tubes at the end of last term. We love to hear the stories from children and adults about how they are also applying these values to their lives outside of school. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing the Rainbow Values grow in the tubes this Spring term.

RV tubes2

We would like to thank everyone who kindly donated money to our Chromebooks project. We will say our proper thanks in January. We will still be accepting donations up until the 18th of January. On behalf of Year 6 we hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Year 3 visited St Martin's Church on Friday morning to take a look at the crib displays that they helped to make during RE. It was great to explore the church and see all of the angels made by other children in school.
The children also got the opportunity to sit in the pews and ask Reverend John questions about the Crib Festival and the church itself.


Just a normal Monday morning here at Exminster Community Primary School.  Children and staff entered the building via the VIP entrance to begin our Times Table Rockstar day, practising our fluency within number bonds and times tables.  The day started with an amazing version of 'We will Rock You' written and performed by Mr Godfrey '3 times 3 times table' then a battle to find the quickest teacher on TT Rockstars to compete against our fastest pupil, Charlie in Y3.  The day is filled with games and activities to increase our fluency whilst having a great deal of fun - our Rainbow Value of Enjoyment is being celebrated today!

 IMG 7491 e IMG 7492 e 

4C Wildside Residential - we are a little bit on the tired side!  We had an amazing experience with night walks, games in the woods, archery, orienteering, zip wire, games, more games, laughing, more laughing, wind and so many memories created.  Thank you to Wildside for giving us these experiences and to our parents for sending us.  Over the next few days, we will be blogging on the Year 4 class blog about our adventures.

On Friday, we had two new headteachers for the day.  Miss Gilmore and Miss Frazer won the raffle at the summer fair and spent the day being the headteachers.  After an 'access all areas' tour (the kitchen was their highlight) they spent time in the Reception classes getting to know the names of our new children.  They surveyed the staff, asking them what the best bit about the school was and what they would like to improve.  Mr Godfrey felt that a milkshake fountain would improve the school whilst other staff requested a staff uniform, a pay rise and more resources!  They also surveyed the children who gave a range of answers for their improvements: more play equipment, a swimming pool, more glue sticks.  Both the staff and children said the best bit about the school was the kindness people showed.  Our new headteachers ran the assembly, planned what the school would be like in five years time (I will not be headteacher according to their predictions!) and learnt a lot about the role of a headteacher.  They did a fantastic job and I am now ready to hand my badge over to them!  Mrs Whalley

Congratulations to our successful allotment group and Mrs Pike who won many certificates at Kenton Village show on Saturday 1 September. A first prize was achieved for pumpkin, herbs and lettuce, second for courgettes, longest runner bean, runner beans and third for selection of vegetables. Our thanks go to all the volunteers who support the allotment and a huge thanks to Mrs Pike (and her family) who spends a great deal of time, love, thought and energy on our fantastic school allotment.

IMG 0380

landscape gardeners exeter
Year 1 Phonics

This table shows the percentage of children that passed the 2018 Year 1 phonics test. 

  Percentage of children which passed
School 91%
National (2017)


  KS1 2018 Results


This table shows the percentage of children that met or exceeded the end of Key Stage 1 expectations.

  Reading  Writing  Maths 
School 77% 70% 77%
National (2017) 76% 68% 75%

This table shows the percentage of children that exceeded the end of Key Stage 1 expectations (Greater Depth).

  Reading  Writing  Maths 
School 21% 16% 16%
National (2017) 25% 16% 21%

KS2 2018 Results


This table shows the percentage of children that met or exceeded the end of Key Stage 2 expectations.

Reading   Writing             Maths              SPaG RWM Combined
School 88%    91%   88%      88%       86%
National 75%    78%   76%      78%            64%

(RWM - Reading, Writing and Maths)

This table shows the percentage of children that exceeded the end of Key Stage 2 expectations (Greater Depth).

Reading Writing           Maths            SPaG       RWM Combined
School                        40%             33% 37%     37% 21%
National (2017) 25% 18% 23%
    31%  9%
This table shows the average scaled score achieved by children at the end of Key Stage 2 tests. The expected standard is a scaled score of 100.
     Reading           Maths         SPaG      
School                       106.9   107.8   107.8
National     105   104   106

Progress (updated once data is released in the Autumn 2018).

This table shows the average progress from the end of Key Stage 1 to the end of Key Stage 2. The national average progress is a score of 0. Any number above 0 shows more progress than the national average and any number below 0 shows less progress than the national average. 

  Reading Writing          Maths         


Today children are participating in their Rainbow day. All the groups are involved a range of different activities: drumming, art, sports, orienteering, construction, 3D art. It has been great to see our Year 5 children leading it and all the team work, enjoyment, encouragement and inclusion that is happening. It is a very busy and active day where children are mixed in all different year groups with a lovely atmosphere as children get to visit all the 7 activities on offer.

IMG 6359 2IMG 6371


breakfast 1

Breakfast at Tiffany's (or maybe Mrs W's office- doesn't quite have the same ring!) Today I was inspired by 11 of our Year 6 children who had spent a year completing their Civic Award.  We shared a special breakfast together and chatted about what they had done and the impact of being involved in this.  They all talked enthusiastically about the activities they had been involved with and told me about the development of their independence, confidence and organisation through achieving the award.  It is a huge achievement to complete this and we are super proud of them.  Our thanks go to Mrs Jones and Mrs Nowell for their support and encouragement in doing this with the group.  The children are now going to prepare a presentation for the  Year 5 cohort to inspire them to give this award a go next year.  Mrs W

This is a message to inform everyone that due to the adverse weather conditions for the region tomorrow, the school has taken the decision to close on Monday 19 March. This is in order to safeguard children and their families from accident or injury whilst travelling to and from school, and also to protect staff, many of whom live a significant distance away from school. 

The school understands that closure can be an inconvenience to users, and we apologise in advance for this, however it is not a decision that has been taken lightly.

Sarah Whalley

This is a message to inform everyone that due to the amber weather warning for the region tomorrow, the school has taken the decision to close tomorrow. This is in order to safeguard children and their families from accident or injury whilst travelling to and from school, and also to protect staff, many of whom live a significant distance away from school. Whilst it looks unlikely that we will be waking up to snow, the amount falling during the day could make journeys hazardous.

The school understands that closure can be an inconvenience to users, and we apologise in advance for this, however it is not a decision that has been taken lightly.

The decision to open or not on Friday will be taken when conditions for travelling and safety of all users has been considered tomorrow afternoon, and you will be notified via email, facebook and our school website.

If, unfortunately, the school remains closed, use the Devon County link for school closures:

Heart FM and BBC radio Devon will also be informed, so please stay tuned for information via all of these channels.

Sarah Whalley


Creativity Club is a fun arty lunchtime club that children from years 1 and 2 can attend. It is a drop in club on a Friday from 12:30 - 1:50pm. Come to blue room in the Hub. The last thing they created were some firework balloons. If anyone from years 1 and 2 are interested then feel free to come. See you there.

Below you will see a picture of our maths working wall that Evan,Max and Harley have been working on. We have been helping people's learning by putting up posters on multiplicative reasoning.

We have been learning about division and we have learnt the bus stop method.We have also been told how to times by one and two digit numbers.

In Science, we created a circuit to power a light bulb. We used two crocodile clips, battery pack and a light bulb. This is called a simple circuit. We were set a challenge to make a light that fully switched off, using a switch to create a dimming light. Then we drew all the symbols and our circuit. Emily pointed out what the symbol for a double battery was.
From the Digital Leaders