Geography Week

Geography Week in Exminster Primary

This week we have been concentrating on Geography and Together time was full of map madness!

There were lots of different things to share like planning particular holidays, zooming in on maps of the world, taking pictures of our very own Exminster on a field trip, maths showing our geography findings, and accurate tracings of maps from the past. Also, unlike the other class’s show-and-tell, Year 6 showed us a brilliant video revealing how the water sinks into the ground when it floods. The Year ones asked them a scientific question and they had they had to answer it for that specific question. Natalie and Evie took on the roles of the crazy Hob- Nob and Dickendorf and demonstrated the answer brilliantly. The whole video is on the website for you to watch.

Geography week was fully enjoyed by all the children in Exminster Primary and it is all for us to say thank you to Mrs Knowle for all her hard work.

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