Change 4 Life Olympic Festival

On Tuesday 17th May 2016, 8 girls from Year 3 and 4 took part in a Change 4 Life Festival. Each team represented a country and ours was India. We had an amazing parade at the beginning where we waved our flags. Our warm up was a dance to music which was led by Mrs Mason and was really fun. We tried lots of different activities including cycling, golf, badminton, athletics, taekwon-do and mini tennis.

Isla said, "I got better at riding a bike and I learnt how to play mini golf."

Emily said, "I learnt how to play golf by learning where to put my hands and feet. I also learnt how to do taekwon-do. I really enjoyed playing dragon's eggs."

Ellie said, "I got better at badminton because now I can hit it really far."

Primrose said, "I got better at doing tennis because I am now more confident in hitting the ball. I would like to have another go at taekwon-do as it was really fun!"

Megan said, “I learnt how to ride a bike on the grass and flat ground. I could only ride it downhill before!”


By Emily, Primrose, Isla and Elllie (Year 4)