Change 4 Life Festival

On Tuesday 15th March, 14 girls from Year 3 and Year 4 took part in a Change 4 Life event at Newton Abbot College. The girls enjoyed using a range of skills and trying lots of different activities from badminton to indoor curling.

Ellie: "I enjoyed the badminton because I haven't done it before and liked trying something new."

Klara: "I really liked going under the tunnels on my hands and knees."

Isla: "I enjoyed the sitting down volleyball because it was hard to hit it back over the bench."

Mr Patchet (PE Teacher and SSCo from Newton Abbot College) commented about the Exminster children personally, "It was great to see all of the Exminster pupils having such a great time, all looking really enthused and engaged whilst taking part in such a broad range of activities."