Year 6 Diversity Project

We looked at 'diversity' and what this meant to us.  We talked about lots of differences and picked out what we were interested in exploring further.  We started by listening to Martin Luther King's speech 'I have a dream'.  We had a think about our own dreams:

Gabriel – I was thinking about people who get judged by their skin colour.  I really liked this part of the speech, it stood out to me.  I've heard a lot about how racism has effected people's lives.  'I have a dream that my 4 little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.'

Joe and Toby: 'I have a dream.  A dream that can be achieved no matter what.  A dream that this world will be a safe place to live in – no wars, no racism and treat people equally.'

Freya: 'I believe that people should be more confident about being their own person.  I believe that we should all respect one another whatever size, shape or colour we are.  I believe that we should all just respect each other.  I believe that we should be able to join out hands without there being a problem.  I believe that son we will be judged on our character not our colour.  I believe that we should be able to rewrite the past.  I believe that we can be friends no matter what religion we belong to.  I believe that we can all just be humans.'

We have been looking at a poem called 'The British' by Benjamin Zephaniah.  Here is the link to the poem.  Here are our responses to the poem:

Evie – the world is like a cake.  Without all the ingredients it wouldn't work.

Freya –  so many cultures is positive, not negative.

Harry – we're all human.

Oli – stop racisim, we are all equal.  It doesn't matter what we look like.