Year Two

The Great Fire of London

Year 2 kicked off their new topic 'The Great Fire of London' with a fantastic day of art and history. The children made Great Fire of London silhouettes and mobiles, whilst learning about the timeline of events and creating group posters showing this. Below are some pictures of their final pieces.

Shoebox Aquariums

Year Two have been busy making their Shoebox Aquariums. They will be having a grand opening of the Year 2 aquarium on Wednesday 18th October at 3:00pm. Below are some pictures of the children in action.

Year 2 at Plymouth Aquarium

Year 2 have had a fantastic day at Plymouth Aquarium. They spent the morning on a guided tour learning lots of new facts and the afternoon exploring their favourite tanks. They even had time for some sketching.
Here are a few pictures from the day.

Dear Dillon...

Last week, Year Two were sent a letter from Dillon, a deep sea diver, asking them to investigate the things inside a treasure chest he had found. Year Two spent the rest of the week exploring the chest when it was there turn in our under the sea role play area.
This week they wrote back to Dillon about what they had found. Below is the letter Dillon sent, the objects found and the children working hard writing back to him.

Call pest control quick!

Oh no! Year 2 is infested with Bog Babies! They're everywhere! We even found one hiding in Luke's tray!

Oh we do love to be beside the seaside!

Year 2 have had a fantastic, if a little soggy, day in Exmouth. We travelled on the coach to Topsham and then caught the train like the Victorians to Exmouth. We walked to Manor Gardens for our surprise- a fantastic Punch and Judy show put on by Gary. After we were able to ask questions, here are a few:

Joshua- How do they keep coming back to life?
Gary- Because they're puppets. They just bounce back up.

Ollie- Can you show us the baby to check he's alright?
Gary- He's the world’s first stunt baby.

Josh E- What does the swazzle look like?
Gary- I can't show you, I'd be kicked out of the Punch andJudy group.

Charlotte- How do you hold both of them?
Gary- One in each hand.

Mae and Verity-  How does the neck pop out?
Gary- It's a special trick the Victorians use. It's a long stick, you push the stick up then pop the flowers out.

Louis- how old is the baby?
Gary- I'm not sure, not from the beginning, maybe from the time of the pantomimes.

James- Do you make them?
Gary- Yes I taught myself to make them I even taught myself to use the sewing machine to make the costume.

After, we had lunch in the park. Then we walked to the beach and made sand sculptures and had an ice cream. We compared pictures of Victorian Exmouth to Exmouth today.

Joe said it was the best school trip ever.

Louis said I was having so much fun I forgot it was a school day.

Letters from Birqa Jato School

Year 2 received an exciting parcel this week and we waited patiently to open it and find out what was inside. It was our letters from Birqa Jato school in Ethiopia. We wrote letters to the children in the Autumn term and the children have written replies and drawn lovely pictures. We really enjoyed reading them and finding out about the children but we found their names quite hard to read!

Who won?

Year 2 loved our sports day!

It was so much fun! - Amelia
We were brave because there were lots of people watching us. Florence
We tried our best. Verity
On Sports Day we went around doing different activities. Claudia
Sports Day was fun and we did lots of activities that we enjoyed. CC
We got very hot! Maria
We used our Community rainbow value to work together. Josh E
We were strong and we were bright. Harry
We were so hot but we had lots of fun. Lexie
It was more fun than last time. Isaac

Multi-Sport Festival

Year 2 have had a fantastic morning at South Dartmoor College taking part in the multi-sports festival. We were joined by lots of other Year 2 children from different schools and enjoyed activities such as javelin, Dartmoor T-ball, parachute and many more. We're sure you'll see the enjoyment on our faces in the pictures below.

Mind the Gap and Robbers Method

Firstly, apologies for the delay in posting this blog, I have experienced a few technical issues!

In Maths this week we have been practising our subtraction methods, as you can see on the posters below.

Both methods begin with circling the two numbers on a number line to find out if they are close together or far apart.

If they're close together, we use mind the gap and count on to find the answer.

If they're far apart, it must be a robber question and we steal or take away to find the answer.

For a really clear explanation with examples, see the children's posters below.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Year 2 have had a fantastic morning with author Andy Watts aka Wavey n Snots. He inspired us to create collages out of bits and bobs using the power of our imaginations! We finished off the morning with a song, take a look at the photos below.

Read more: Cloud Cuckoo Land

Science Day!

We have had a fantastic Science day! This afternoon we made slime, it was truly sticky and gross.

Year 2 Home Learning Exhibition

This afternoon, Year 3 came to view our exhibition of home learning projects about natural disasters. We loved sharing our projects with our audience and we even had some explosions! Don't worry, they were planned. Thank you to all the Year 2 children (and their adults') for your hard work!!!

World Book Day

We have really enjoyed World Book Day in Year 2. We created posters about authors with Year 1, shared stories with Year 5 and made our own book character puppets. Millie, Alfie L, Olivia P and Ben shared their learning in our afternoon assembly.

An exciting letter...

Today Year 2 received an exciting letter. We felt the envelope and whatever was inside felt thicker than just a letter. We opened it and found that Tony Mitton, the poet we have been learning about who wrote These Old Shoes, had sent us a book of his poems. He had even written a message to all of us inside the front cover.

Miss Bevan had emailed him over the holidays to explain our writing project and Tony said he was really excited to receive our poems when we have finished writing them.

2BC Games Morning Report

Please see the blog articles below that 2BC have written about our games morning.

2B's Games Morning

Below are three blog posts about our first ever games morning in 2B, written by Lexie, Alfie L and Charlotte.

Thank you again to all the adults who joined us!

Carols at the church

Year 2 enjoyed their visit to St Martin's Church this morning. We sang songs from the Wriggly Nativity and Year 1 acted the Nativity as Mrs Martin told the story. Some children from Year 2 shared their wishes for a positive Christmas for others.

Methodist Church Visit

Yesterday morning, Year 2 went to visit the Methodist Church in Exminster to see the Christmas tree festival. We saw the decorations we had worked hard to make and found lots of other favourites.

Counting in 5s

We have moved on to counting in 5s to solve problems. We met some zargles and had to work out how many fingers they had.

Counting in 2s to solve problems

We have been working hard in Year 2 to use our counting strategies to solve problems. When we first came across these word problems and used our counting in 2s, a lot of us found it tricky. We had some more practice later in the week and now we are experts and have created our own posters to help others learn how to count in 2s to solve problems.

GOAL Time 7.11.16

This afternoon in GOAL we investigated Emily, Charlotte, CC, George and Jack's question: What are the buildings like in Ethiopia compared to buildings in Exeter? We learned about human and physical features and explored these in Exeter and Ethiopia. We asked the children how they wanted to present their learning and they decided to either build Lego models of Ethiopian buildings or sketch the buildings and label with facts they had learned. We were really impressed with the quality of work they produced.

Before I was Born Project Celebrating

Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon celebrating their home learning projects. Thank you for all the hard work that the children (and parents!) put into making these projects. We were amazed by the amount of support shown.