Year Two

Grandparents Afternoon

Thanks to all Year 2 grandparents who came into school to share the games they used to play, linking to the Year 2 topic on x. Grandparents brought toys, games and photos to share with the children and talk about what they used to play with. This had stemmed from the pupil voice where children had asked the question 'What were toys like in the past?'. The children loved exploring the 'antique(!)' toys, looking at the photos and talking about what surprised them, about the differences and similarities between the toys then and now – a really rich learning opportunity for them.

Survival Day Shelter

We had an amazing day experiencing what it is like for real survival experts. During the day we learnt lots of things about survival. In the morning one of our activities was building shelters. We worked out the best places to build a shelter to keep out of the wind and rain as much as possible. We also learnt how to tie secure knots. When it rained we all managed to stay dry in our super shelters!

Shelter 3

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