Year Two

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Year 2 have had a fantastic morning with author Andy Watts aka Wavey n Snots. He inspired us to create collages out of bits and bobs using the power of our imaginations! We finished off the morning with a song, take a look at the photos below.

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Science Day!

We have had a fantastic Science day! This afternoon we made slime, it was truly sticky and gross.

Year 2 Home Learning Exhibition

This afternoon, Year 3 came to view our exhibition of home learning projects about natural disasters. We loved sharing our projects with our audience and we even had some explosions! Don't worry, they were planned. Thank you to all the Year 2 children (and their adults') for your hard work!!!

World Book Day

We have really enjoyed World Book Day in Year 2. We created posters about authors with Year 1, shared stories with Year 5 and made our own book character puppets. Millie, Alfie L, Olivia P and Ben shared their learning in our afternoon assembly.

An exciting letter...

Today Year 2 received an exciting letter. We felt the envelope and whatever was inside felt thicker than just a letter. We opened it and found that Tony Mitton, the poet we have been learning about who wrote These Old Shoes, had sent us a book of his poems. He had even written a message to all of us inside the front cover.

Miss Bevan had emailed him over the holidays to explain our writing project and Tony said he was really excited to receive our poems when we have finished writing them.

2BC Games Morning Report

Please see the blog articles below that 2BC have written about our games morning.

2B's Games Morning

Below are three blog posts about our first ever games morning in 2B, written by Lexie, Alfie L and Charlotte.

Thank you again to all the adults who joined us!

Carols at the church

Year 2 enjoyed their visit to St Martin's Church this morning. We sang songs from the Wriggly Nativity and Year 1 acted the Nativity as Mrs Martin told the story. Some children from Year 2 shared their wishes for a positive Christmas for others.

Methodist Church Visit

Yesterday morning, Year 2 went to visit the Methodist Church in Exminster to see the Christmas tree festival. We saw the decorations we had worked hard to make and found lots of other favourites.

Counting in 5s

We have moved on to counting in 5s to solve problems. We met some zargles and had to work out how many fingers they had.

Counting in 2s to solve problems

We have been working hard in Year 2 to use our counting strategies to solve problems. When we first came across these word problems and used our counting in 2s, a lot of us found it tricky. We had some more practice later in the week and now we are experts and have created our own posters to help others learn how to count in 2s to solve problems.

GOAL Time 7.11.16

This afternoon in GOAL we investigated Emily, Charlotte, CC, George and Jack's question: What are the buildings like in Ethiopia compared to buildings in Exeter? We learned about human and physical features and explored these in Exeter and Ethiopia. We asked the children how they wanted to present their learning and they decided to either build Lego models of Ethiopian buildings or sketch the buildings and label with facts they had learned. We were really impressed with the quality of work they produced.

Before I was Born Project Celebrating

Year 2 had a fantastic afternoon celebrating their home learning projects. Thank you for all the hard work that the children (and parents!) put into making these projects. We were amazed by the amount of support shown.

Year 2 Fire Safety Visit

This afternoon we had an exciting visit from the Devon fire service. Alfred and Charlotte modeled the fire fighter's uniform and Ethan showed us how to stop, drop and roll if we are on fire.

Green Fingers

Our science topic this term is all to do with plants and growing. Yesterday we planted begonia bulbs and sunflower seeds and we are excited to see what happens next.

Hooray for Arrays!

We have been busy making arrays in Maths to show repeated addition sentences and multiplication sentences. Tomorrow we will be able to use these to help with division. Can you make arrays at home using toys or objects to show multiplication number  sentences?

Welcome to the jungle

Year 2 have been working hard today to draw and paint rainforest creatures to decorate our classroom as part of our topic on Brazil. We hope you can come and visit our rainforest soon!

Castles and Dragons Sewing Day

We have worked hard in Year 2 using our sewing skills to produce our own fabric square. We drew our design onto paper, then used this as a template to cut our fabric. It was quite tricky to sew the fabric onto the binca but we persevered and helped each other and as a class we think we've reached our potential, what do you think?

Addition and Subtraction

We have been working hard in Year 2 on solving addition and subtraction number sentences. We have used the dienes to support our learning and we have practised drawing pictures of the dienes so that we can solve these problems without needing to do it practically.

Firefighter visit in Year 2

Year 2 had a visit from two firefighters on Monday morning and took part in activities to learn more about staying safe. Some of the children even got to dress up in the firefighter's gear!

Top fact: did you know that you need to test your smoke alarm once a week?

Cheeky Train

In year one we are innovating the story Naughty Bus. This time we have a Cheeky Train and it has been causing mischief around school. It's been hiding in the camouflage, disturbing Mr Herring, playing the piano with Claudia and lots more! 

Marbling for Arts Week

Year 2 have had a fantastic day using marbling inks to create patterned backgrounds in the style of Jan Pienkowski. We created warm backgrounds using red, yellow, pink and orange and cold backgrounds using blue, purple, silver and grey. Take a look at our fantastic work so far!