Oh we do love to be beside the seaside!

Year 2 have had a fantastic, if a little soggy, day in Exmouth. We travelled on the coach to Topsham and then caught the train like the Victorians to Exmouth. We walked to Manor Gardens for our surprise- a fantastic Punch and Judy show put on by Gary. After we were able to ask questions, here are a few:

Joshua- How do they keep coming back to life?
Gary- Because they're puppets. They just bounce back up.

Ollie- Can you show us the baby to check he's alright?
Gary- He's the world’s first stunt baby.

Josh E- What does the swazzle look like?
Gary- I can't show you, I'd be kicked out of the Punch andJudy group.

Charlotte- How do you hold both of them?
Gary- One in each hand.

Mae and Verity-  How does the neck pop out?
Gary- It's a special trick the Victorians use. It's a long stick, you push the stick up then pop the flowers out.

Louis- how old is the baby?
Gary- I'm not sure, not from the beginning, maybe from the time of the pantomimes.

James- Do you make them?
Gary- Yes I taught myself to make them I even taught myself to use the sewing machine to make the costume.

After, we had lunch in the park. Then we walked to the beach and made sand sculptures and had an ice cream. We compared pictures of Victorian Exmouth to Exmouth today.

Joe said it was the best school trip ever.

Louis said I was having so much fun I forgot it was a school day.