Year Two

Engineering in Year 2

As part of Careers Week in Year 2, we have been learning about the job of a structural engineer today. The children were set a challenge, with only masking tape and newspaper, to build the tallest tower.

Multi Sports Festival

This morning the children travelled to South Dartmoor Community College to take part in different sporting activities. The children enjoyed playing Dartmoor 3 Ball, handball and throwing the javelin alongside other activities.

Samba Band

Year 2 have been busy in music learning to play Samba. The end goal is a performance at the Summer Fair.
Here are some photos of them practising.

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Alien Invasion

The children arrived to a crime scene at school this morning before a local resident, Mr Carson, came to be interviewed by the children about what he saw happening last night. They will be writing newspaper reports about what they found out later this week. We will publish some of the articles on the blog.

Reading Roundabout in Year 2

Year 2 have had a great morning exploring books with Miss Cowling from the library service. The children looked through lots of books and chose their favourites to add to our school library.

QR Codes in Year 2

The Year 2 children have been using QR codes to research different animal groups. The children went around the classroom with their Chromebooks finding QR codes to scan and then read and recorded the information they had found.
Later in the lesson they used this knowledge to classify animals in the local environment.

Allotment Day

Year 2 and 3 had a great day on Monday on their Allotment Day. The children took part in four exciting activities throughout the day: planting at the allotment, writing vegetable riddles, composing music to represent the seasons and researching food miles.

Meghan and Harry's Wedding Outfits

Today the children have been learning about the properties of different materials. Through this they completed an experiment to see whether the different materials were waterproof or not. They then used this knowledge to design an outfit for Harry and Meghan's wedding just in case it rains. We are in England after all!

Whole Class Brass in Year 2

This term the children have been learning to play baritones and cornets as part of their music lessons. The can all play a simple fanfare that we practised for our castles day.

Powderham Castle

Yesterday, Year 2 had an exciting visit to Powderham Castle to learn about life as Victorian servants. The children really enjoyed working hard doing the chores and I'm sure they will be asking to do them at home now too!

Emails from China

We have been emailing the Beijing New Oriental International School in China. We have created an exciting link to help us learn more about China and the Chinese culture.

We have sent and received many emails already and have even started exchanging some photographs and videos. 

Here are some videos that they have shared with us.

Message from Zander McComb

Mr Moore's rockstar cousin, Zander McComb, skyped Year 2 today from his apartment in New York. He is the current champion of Times Tables Rockstars and has set them a challenge. Can they beat the mighty Zander McComb?


Christmas Tree Festival

Year 2 went down to the church to look at their decorations at the Christmas Tree Festival. They really enjoyed seeing all the different trees and singing some of the Nativity songs.

Building Pudding Lane

This week Year 2 have been making their very own Pudding Lane ready to have a Great Fire of London after Christmas.


Christmas Decorations

Today, the children made Christmas decorations to put on the Christmas tree for the Christmas Tree Festival. This activity was linked to our English learning about instruction writing.

Rainbow Day

Today was Rainbow Day, the children celebrated our school Rainbow values through different activities linked to Anti Bullying Week. The children made superhero masks, bookmarks, friendship recipes and took part in role play with puppets.

Year 2 Fire Safety

Today the Year 2 children took part in a fire safety session, they learnt about keeping themselves safe when dealing with fire. All the children were excited and asked lots of questions. Thank you to the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service for coming into Exminster School.

The Great Fire of London

Year 2 kicked off their new topic 'The Great Fire of London' with a fantastic day of art and history. The children made Great Fire of London silhouettes and mobiles, whilst learning about the timeline of events and creating group posters showing this. Below are some pictures of their final pieces.

Shoebox Aquariums

Year Two have been busy making their Shoebox Aquariums. They will be having a grand opening of the Year 2 aquarium on Wednesday 18th October at 3:00pm. Below are some pictures of the children in action.

Year 2 at Plymouth Aquarium

Year 2 have had a fantastic day at Plymouth Aquarium. They spent the morning on a guided tour learning lots of new facts and the afternoon exploring their favourite tanks. They even had time for some sketching.
Here are a few pictures from the day.

Dear Dillon...

Last week, Year Two were sent a letter from Dillon, a deep sea diver, asking them to investigate the things inside a treasure chest he had found. Year Two spent the rest of the week exploring the chest when it was there turn in our under the sea role play area.
This week they wrote back to Dillon about what they had found. Below is the letter Dillon sent, the objects found and the children working hard writing back to him.

Call pest control quick!

Oh no! Year 2 is infested with Bog Babies! They're everywhere! We even found one hiding in Luke's tray!

Oh we do love to be beside the seaside!

Year 2 have had a fantastic, if a little soggy, day in Exmouth. We travelled on the coach to Topsham and then caught the train like the Victorians to Exmouth. We walked to Manor Gardens for our surprise- a fantastic Punch and Judy show put on by Gary. After we were able to ask questions, here are a few:

Joshua- How do they keep coming back to life?
Gary- Because they're puppets. They just bounce back up.

Ollie- Can you show us the baby to check he's alright?
Gary- He's the world’s first stunt baby.

Josh E- What does the swazzle look like?
Gary- I can't show you, I'd be kicked out of the Punch andJudy group.

Charlotte- How do you hold both of them?
Gary- One in each hand.

Mae and Verity-  How does the neck pop out?
Gary- It's a special trick the Victorians use. It's a long stick, you push the stick up then pop the flowers out.

Louis- how old is the baby?
Gary- I'm not sure, not from the beginning, maybe from the time of the pantomimes.

James- Do you make them?
Gary- Yes I taught myself to make them I even taught myself to use the sewing machine to make the costume.

After, we had lunch in the park. Then we walked to the beach and made sand sculptures and had an ice cream. We compared pictures of Victorian Exmouth to Exmouth today.

Joe said it was the best school trip ever.

Louis said I was having so much fun I forgot it was a school day.