Year Three

Amazing Home Learning

What a great start to the new term Year Three have had! The first weeks home learning has really impressed us all. If we could put them all up on here we would. Here are just a few examples. Keep up the good work everyone!

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Year 3 Egyptian Day!

Today was a bit different to most days! We had an Egyptian Day, which involved an Archaeologist actor visiting school and teaching us all about the Ancient Egyptians including mummification, artefacts and Pharaohs and Gods.



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Musical Chairs in Literacy!

In Literacy today we played Musical Chairs! Everyone started with a piece of paper and a pencil at their tables. When then started to write a story, adding as much writing as we could in the time we were given, which was 2/3 minutes. When the music played we had to walk around the classroom and when the music stopped we had to find a place, sit down and continue the story. We kept doing this until we had a full story. It was great fun and lovely to watch the children get so excited about writing. What a fun Literacy lesson!


IMG 0111


IMG 0113


IMG 0117

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

As part of our Literacy work we designed settings for a story based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We had to decide what the setting would look like, using WOW adjectives to write a descripton and then we made them! It was great fun and we are very pleased with the outcome. These will provide excellent stimulus for story writing!


IMG 0033

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Roald Dahl Day

On Monday, to celebrate Roald Dahl Day we carried out a variety of activities. These activities were mostly focused around the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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