Year Three

Jack and the Flumflum Tree

This week Mrs Perry, from the office, arrived at our door with a patchwork bag. Intrigued, we looked inside and found a random set of objects: Red and blue balloons, tent pegs, a porridge bowl, a tom-tom drum, 2 wooden spoons, a skipping rope and 3 spotted handkerchiefs.
We spent a long time thinking about why these things were in the bag and who it belonged to. We didn't even get close!

GOAL Week 2 27.09.2016

During GOAL week 2 the children were tasked with answering the question 'Why do the Egyptian Gods have animal heads?'
Children's independent learning included: mask making; creating a PowerPoint presentation; and a letter home in role as an archeologist digging in Egypt.
Here are some photographs:

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GOAL Week 1 20.09.2016

This week's GOAL question was 'Why and how did they build the pyramids?' The children worked hard in their groups to complete their planned activities which ranged from writing a poem about how the pyramids were built, to building a pyramid and writing facts about them on scrolls.
Here are some pictures of them in action:

GOAL Time Introduction 13.09.2016

This week we have introduced children to GOAL (Get On And Learn) Time. This is where we will be encouraging children’s group and independent learning skills. This time will provide the children with the opportunity to lead their own learning and take it in the direction that takes their interest.

The children have worked in groups with their teacher to plan their GOAL learning over the next 4 weeks. You will find this plan stuck into their home learning book. They have planned their GOAL at Home with activities that they felt would support their learning on the following Tuesday afternoon in GOAL time, so it is essential that the home learning is completed by then. The idea is that as they have had ownership of it and have a clear purpose for it, they will enjoy it and be motivated to do it.

Here is an example of one of the group’s GOAL Time planning:

GOAL Time 1

GOAL Time 2

Ancient Egyptian Day 05.09.2016

Year 3 started the year with a fantastic day led by the 'Time Travellers Team' from Exeter Museum. The children really enjoyed learning about Howard Carters great discovery and the process of mummification. They even got to mummify two members of the class.
Well done for the great effort with the costumes.
Below are some photographs of the day.

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Carnival Time in Year Three!

This term, the children have learnt about Brazilian Carnivals. Within this topic they have designed and then made carnival headdresses, created their own ganzas (samba shakers) and learnt some of the sounds and moves of samba music!
On Friday, the children had their last practice before the Summer Fair.
Here are some photos of them in action!

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Performance Poetry

Take a look at this fantastic piece of performance poetry from Thomas.


We are Readers Update

Year 3 have continued with enthusiasm towards the 'We are Readers' home learning. Below are some more pictures from our display. Can you answer the quiz?

Discovering Sikhism and making Langar.

This half term year 3 have been investigating Sikhism. We have been discovering the roots of Sikhism and how Sikhs' worship today.
This week we looked at the importance of the Gurdwara, the Sikh place of worship. Sikhs' not only use the Gurdwara for prayer but also to eat together. This is known as Langar. Food is cooked and shared by everyone at the Gurdwara. Sikhs' often take Langar and help feed those who are homeless and in need of a meal. Sikhs' believe that everyone is equal and should be able to eat together.
The children had a great time making Langar and an even better time eating it! Georgia, Leighton and Jasmine weren't sure they would like it but were very brave and tried some. They all loved it, Georgia said, "I loved it all especially the lime juice."Jack , Harry and Leighton finished the bowl of Langar even after all the wraps had gone!
Here are the ingredients you need for our Langar;
Large tomatoes, sliced
Cherry tomatoes, quartered
Cucumber, sliced
Red onions, diced
Feta cheese, cubed
Salad leaves
Olive oil, tablespoon
Lime, juice of
Olives, if required
Place all your ingredients in a bowl and mix.
We had our Langar in wraps......YUMMY!

Year 3 Home Learning - 06.05.2016

Next week we are going to be working on subtraction using the number line method. We have made a video to model this strategy. Please could the children watch this video to become confident in the method. Watching it more than once will help them prepare for the lesson and allow them to then secure their understanding and apply it in school.

They could then have a go at (in their home learning book) subtracting a smaller two-digit number from a larger two-digit number or if they are feeling more confident, a two-digit from a three-digit or a smaller three-digit from a larger three-digit. The numbers could be generated by rolling dice.


We are Readers - Home Learning Update

Year  3 children have been working really hard with their 'We are Readers' home learning. Below, you will see some great examples that they have been adding to our 'We are  Readers' board in the classroom.

Year 3 Home Learning - 29/04/2016

Next week we are going to be working on addition using the number line method. We have made a video to model this strategy (see below). Please could the children watch this video to become confident in the method. Watching it more than once will help them prepare for the lesson and allow them to then secure their understanding and apply it in school.

They could then have a go (in their home learning book) at adding together 2 two-digit numbers or if they are feeling more confident, a three-digit to a two-digit or
a three-digit to a three-digit. The numbers could be generated by rolling dice.


Stage 3b - Addition

Stage 3c - Addition

Alongside this method, you hope the children begin to see numbers that they can adjust to make the calculation easier. We call these ‘nearly numbers’.


You can find all the stages of addition under the tab 'Parents' - 'Maths Zone'- 'Journey through Addition'.

We are Readers

“The more you read, the more things you’ll know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go,” Dr Seuss.


As reading is so important for children’s development, the children in Year Three will be having a focus on reading during this half term.


Each week they will complete an activity from the selection shown below. The children will bring these into school the following week and we will share them as a class and display them on our 'We are Readers' board in the classroom. As part of this sharing we will post, regularly, on this blog to show the fantastic reading the children have been doing.


Click 'Read More' to see the exciting activities.

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Ancient Egyptian Sharing

The Year 3 children have been working incredibly hard this term, both at home and in school, to create a presentation on Ancient Egypt to present to Year 4. On Monday, all their hard work paid off when the Year 4 children listened and learnt from the knowledgeable Year 3 historians.

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Tag Rugby Excitement

Year 3 have enjoyed Sports Relief Day competing in a tag rugby tournament. The children played in six different games, in the group stages, before the top team in each class played each other in the grand final. After a tight game 3BM came out on top! Well done to everyone for playing with such great team spirit.

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The Naughty Bus

Year 3 have had a great session listening to Year 1 share the stories they had written based on 'The Naughty Bus'. It was fantastic to see the excitement of both the proud Year 1 children and the appreciative Year 3 children.

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The Ancient Egyptians

What a start to our Ancient Egyptian Day in Year 3. This morning they all became archeologists!
They worked hard looking through a range of evidence to see what they could find out. They spent time sketching artefacts and deciding whether they were real or replicas.
Below are some photographs of the day so far, notice the great effort they have put into their costumes!

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Brilliant Bread Baking

This week, in DT, Year 3 have been designing and then baking their own bread recipes. The week began with a bread tasting session focusing on flavours already put into breads from around the world. They then designed their own list of ingredients and drew what it would look like. On Wednesday they all enjoyed an afternoon of baking before creating an advert for their loaf of bread. There were some interesting combinations!

This culminated in a tasting session for parents in order to gain feedback on their designs. Below are some pictures from our week.



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Year 3 Diversity

This term Year 3 were asked to create a presentation on Diversity to share with the rest of the class. The presentations were brilliant and there was such a range on show, from food tasting to dance videos. It was a great afternoon!

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Edible Garden

Thanks to the Tesco school uniform fund the school were given an edible garden. As part of the Year 3 Science learning on plants, they have been busy planting. Below are some photographs of them in action.

Topic Celebration in Year 3

On Friday Year 3 showcased their fantastic home learning from the term to each other and parents. The project's based on the human body were amazing. From working models of the digestive system to quizzes and games on how to lead a healthy life, the projects impressed us all.

Well done Year 3! Have a look at photographs of some of the projects below.

Blog1  Blog2

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Sock Puppets!

This week the children have been undertaking a DT project where they have created their own characters.

They have developed skills in design and joining materials. They particularly enjoyed learning to sew.


Look below at some some of their fantastic puppets!



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We love reading!

This week we have enjoyed a fantastic visit to Exeter Central Library. 3R went on Monday and 3BM went on Thursday.

First of all we boarded a Stagecoach public bus to Exeter. People on the bus said they couldn't believe how sensible and well-mannered we were. Once off the bus we walked to the Library.

In the Library we were met by Librarians who took us through to the children's Library.

It was amazing to see so many books, for some of us it was our first time. We then had the chance to explore and find a book to bring back to the comfy benches where we learnt how to order them by the author's surname, in alphabetical order.

Later we were given a challenge to use the Libraries number system to find a non-fiction book about a given topic.

Finally we got to go into the Fab Lab where we were shown a 3D printer in action and had a look at a huge laser cutter.

We found out that Library cards were free and you can borrow up to seven books at a time. We can't wait to go back!