Year Three

Year 6 APP sharing with Year 3

Year 6 have been working hard on developing an APP for Year 3 children. They spent time gathering feedback from year 3s about the APP.

Open Afternoon Fun!

Quest story reading
Games of Top Trumps (Greek Myth version!)
Drama and Role Play
Clay Pottery Sharing

A huge thank you to all parents and carers who came along to our open afternoon. From sharing clay pottery and story writing to acting out what life was like in Ancient Greece, great fun was had by all!

Making Ancient Greek replica pottery

As we come to the end of our Ancient Greek topic, we are looking back on all of the fun we had learning about this Ancient Civilization. Take a look at our replica Stemless Kylix pots!

Year 3 Recount Writing

Year 3 have been working hard in English! Pop along to the Year 2/3 corridor to read our fantastic recounts of our Olympic Games.

What makes a balanced diet?

After our Year 3 Olympic Games, we've been learning about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet.

An afternoon of Godly play

This afternoon year 3 experienced a new style of RE learning called Godly play. Godly play stems from a Christian background  and is based on Montessori principles, responding to children's request to 'help me do it by myself.' We start with a story. We looked at Ganesh, the elephant God as we are exploring Hinduism this year. After the story we have time to reflect on the story and its meaning. Then time is allowed for children to respond individually through art and the resources provided. Finally we finish with a feast, some fruit  and a cup of water. All the children said they enjoyed the experience and would like you use this model again when we share religious stories.

Science Day in Year 3/4

Today the children have taken part in science experiments. This activity was making puff paint. The children made a batter mix and added paint to it before painting the school logo with it. Next they put it into the microwave, making it into a 3D picture. Here are some photos of the children in action.

Fossil Hunting in Year 3

Today, Year 3 have spent the day in Lyme Regis fossil hunting. It was a great day!

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March, the children in Year 3 experienced a very exciting World Book Day. In the morning they had to write a story set in the jungle in only 100 words. They then made puppets of their different characters and used these to retell their stories to children in reception. In the afternoon, Year 3 and Year 4 worked together in pairs to create an information text about an author of their choosing. It was great to see both year groups working together collaboratively, sharing ideas and motivating each other to achieve their potential.

3M Class Games Morning

On Thursday 2nd March, 3M had their class games morning. It was great to see the adults and children interacting together over the educational activities and reflecting on their rainbow values. Thank you to everybody who was able to come.

Problem Solving in Year 3

Today, Year 3 tackled an exciting maths problem solving task based on their current topic 'Natural Disasters'.
This it what they were asked to do:
We need your help. You are a seismologist working at the MET office in Exeter. We know that six countries in Europe are at severe risk of tectonic plate movement which could lead to a natural disaster. Can you use the fraction clues to figure out which countries are at risk and save hundreds of people's lives?
The children used their knowledge of equivalent fractions to help them. Below are some photographs of them hard at work.

Creativity on the Coast

On Tuesday 17th January, Year 3 had an exciting morning learning new creative skills through art and fisher heritage activities. The children learnt about Gyotaku, a traditional method of Japanese fish printing (using real fish) which has previously been used by fishermen to record their catches. The children also got to see how to fillet and prepare lemon sole and enjoyed tasting it after it was fried in breadcrumbs. Year 3 should now be more aware of different art techniques and sustainable fishing.

Earthquake strikes 3FM!

Year 3 had a shaky start to the Spring term! They were greeted with a disastrous sight in 3FM's classroom. An earthquake had struck over the holidays and left the classroom in a bit of a mess.

Coincidentally, the children's new topic this term is all about natural disasters. The children enjoyed the morning learning about earthquakes and how they could survive them.

Ancient Greek Museum

On Tuesday afternoon, the Year 3 classrooms were transformed into an Ancient Greek Museum. The children invited Year 2 and 4 into the museum to see the amazing artefacts they had made and written about across the half-term, including some fabulous home learning projects.

Have a look at the pictures below.


IMG 20161213 134148

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Coming Home


Coming Home

For the next few weeks, guided reading in Year 3 will based on the Micheal Morpurgo book 'Coming Home'. This book was written based on the Waitrose Christmas Advert 'Coming Home For Christmas'. Below is the advert to watch and enjoy. What are the similarities between the book and the advert? What are the differences? Do you like it?




Ancient Greek Pottery

Over the last two weeks, Year 3 have been researching, designing and then making Ancient Greek plates.
First the children looked at a range of plates from that period, before creating their own designs based on them. They focused on the repeating pattern around the edge of the plate and then the picture that tells a story in the middle.
Last week they made the plate itself and scratched the pattern on the edge into it. They are now at Dawlish Community College being fired, before they come back to us next week to paint.

Who is the best Greek God or Goddess?

Year 3 are working hard to answer the question 'Who is the best Greek God or Goddess?'
In English, they are working towards writing a letter to Exeter Museum to persuade them which one of the Greek Gods is the best.
Today in GOAL Time they researched their chosen God and presented the information in any way they wanted to.
Which God will win - Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite or Athena?

Archaeological Dig

This week Year 3 started their learning about the Ancient Greeks by becoming archaeologists. They carefully excavated a site and tried to piece together what they found to see what they could learn about life in Ancient Greek times.
They then spent some time doing some observational drawings of the artefacts.

Ancient Egyptian Harvest

This week, Year 3 celebrated harvest with a focus on Ancient Egypt. They learnt about the crops grown by the Ancient Egyptians along the river Nile.
The most important crop was grain which they grew after inundation (flooding season). They used the grain to make bread and beer so we had a tasting session, just bread of course!
The children tried many breads, from different parts of the world, and attempted to guess where they originated.
They then shared what they had been doing in the harvest assembly.

GOAL Week 3 04.10.2016

This week the children have been working on the question 'Why did they take the brain out when they died?' We have seen some excellent work and dramatic performances this week including: performing the 'Mummy Wrap'; creating videos on how to mummify a pharaoh; and writing a set of instructions.

Here is a video of one of the groups showing you how to mummify a pharaoh while singing a wrap!

Jack and the Flumflum Tree

This week Mrs Perry, from the office, arrived at our door with a patchwork bag. Intrigued, we looked inside and found a random set of objects: Red and blue balloons, tent pegs, a porridge bowl, a tom-tom drum, 2 wooden spoons, a skipping rope and 3 spotted handkerchiefs.
We spent a long time thinking about why these things were in the bag and who it belonged to. We didn't even get close!

GOAL Week 2 27.09.2016

During GOAL week 2 the children were tasked with answering the question 'Why do the Egyptian Gods have animal heads?'
Children's independent learning included: mask making; creating a PowerPoint presentation; and a letter home in role as an archeologist digging in Egypt.
Here are some photographs:

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GOAL Week 1 20.09.2016

This week's GOAL question was 'Why and how did they build the pyramids?' The children worked hard in their groups to complete their planned activities which ranged from writing a poem about how the pyramids were built, to building a pyramid and writing facts about them on scrolls.
Here are some pictures of them in action:

GOAL Time Introduction 13.09.2016

This week we have introduced children to GOAL (Get On And Learn) Time. This is where we will be encouraging children’s group and independent learning skills. This time will provide the children with the opportunity to lead their own learning and take it in the direction that takes their interest.

The children have worked in groups with their teacher to plan their GOAL learning over the next 4 weeks. You will find this plan stuck into their home learning book. They have planned their GOAL at Home with activities that they felt would support their learning on the following Tuesday afternoon in GOAL time, so it is essential that the home learning is completed by then. The idea is that as they have had ownership of it and have a clear purpose for it, they will enjoy it and be motivated to do it.

Here is an example of one of the group’s GOAL Time planning:

GOAL Time 1

GOAL Time 2