Day 3 and it has stopped raining! We have had a yummy breakfast and this morning we have played cricket and done some fencing! Take a look at our latest photos...

We have had another fantastic day on residential. Today all of the children participated in archery, high ropes, science fun, rocket building and a silent cinema!

Day two on the Year 6 Residential and it's a glorious day...well actually it's raining but that is not stopping us from having lots of fun. Everyone slept well and was up and raring to go for breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, hash browns, toast - deelish! Everyone ate well and we then headed off for archery and aerial adventures.  Some of us faced our fears and did the 'Leap of Faith' which was very high up. We also tried the climbing wall and assault course. Archery was very competitive and the team names were very interesting- the children will let you know when they get back! After a yummy lunch of hot dogs or fish fingers and chips plus a pudding we are now undercover building rockets and trying some very tricky science challenges. Have a look at some photos of the day so far and check back later for an update. Stop press- room inspections later!

Year Six have had a great first day on residential. They have been to the fun fair, watched a welcome show and competed in a treasure hunt. They are all tucked up in bed and ready for another exciting day tomorrow!

After a lovely journey this morning we have arrived safely at Minehead. We've had a picnic lunch and some field games. Mr Moore was ace on the football field and Mrs Bird and Mrs Storer played tennis like they were in the final at Wimbledon! Everyone is fine and happy. We've had a great time at the fairground and now we are off to our rooms to unpack and settle in. Check in later for an update!

Congratulations to our Civic Award recipients. They received their certificates in an Awards Ceremony held at Torquay Boys Grammar School on 6th July. Schools from all over Torbay and Devon took part and it was wonderful to see Esmee, Faye, Evie, Rianna, Jennifer, Gina, Lizzie and Sophie being rewarded for their hard work! Well done we are very proud of you.

KS2 has wowed different aged audiences with a brilliant production. Lily from 6JS drew the front cover of the programme for everyone to look at. Gina Walledge said " The production was brilliant and think it is definitely something to be proud of. " The play definitely had a great response from the audience as they laughed at every joke. Thank you to Mrs Burnham for all the amazing props and to the Year 6 children for their enthusiasm and hard work. 

Rehearsals for the KS2 production are in full swing despite the sweltering weather! Here's a sneaky peek...

We are so proud of Faye, Lizzie, Jennifer, Evie, Esmee, Gina, Rianna and Sophie who have this week completed their Torbay Civic Award. Congratulations girls you have done an amazing job!

Yesterday all of Year Six went to the Matford Centre to practise Life Skills, we learnt about keeping ourselves safe online and in the real world. One activity was with the police where we tried on drunk goggles and were taught about being responsible. We also found out how to do CPR and how to throw a rope at someone who is drowning. The end of the afternoon was enjoyed by everyone where we watched the fire brigade put water on a boiling chip frier- it went up in flames and taught us not to ever do that in a kitchen.

In Year 6 we have been patiently waiting for the eggs in the incubator to hatch. Last Friday, an egg showed signs of hatching and hatched at 15 minutes to 1. Another egg hatched after school when Mrs Jones took it home. We now have 2 ducks: a runner duck and a duck that we don't yet know it's breed. We voted for a name and decided on Quack and Sonic. Joe and Tyler created name labels for both ducks and they are currently displayed on the hutch. We have 3 eggs that have showed no sign of hatching at all.

We have been making Frames to border our wordle that we created on Tagul.  We started by looking at lots of examples of frames and creating our own individual mood boards - thinking about colour, texture, pattern and styles of joins. We then had a go at making some different joins.
After making a prototype we began to make our final one. Lots of us came across difficulties, however after lots of discussion we overcame them. We think our final pieces look great - we hope you agree.

SATS Week:
On the week commencing the 8th of May, Year 6 took their SATS tests. This included: a reading paper, a SPaG paper, two Maths reasoning papers and an arithmetic paper. Some of the Year 6 children chose to come into school at 8:15 to enjoy some sweet delicacies ( this included some French and English pastry, crumpets, some fruit and a drink of either orange or apple juice and hot chocolate.)

Maths Board Game Session:
This morning, we have been playing with different Maths games. Mr Moore set a challenge to complete all 160 puzzles in a game called Smart Driver. Hayden said," I can multiply fractions and work out expanded noun phrases but I can't move a piece of plastic of a board!"

We are using Cracking Contraptions by Wallace and Gromit to help us with our work on explanations. Today we had a go at text mapping and creating actions to help us learn a section of the text. We had to think really carefully when trying to remember tricky technical words like 'hydraulics' and 'mechanism'. Have a look at us showing our work to each other.

On the 20th of April Year 6 made profile silhouettes. Firstly they had a picture taken from the  side of their face. Then they traced around their pictures on to a plain piece of paper.  Year 6 then designed  their profile picture by using drawings, words and phrases. Adding colour to finish. Please look at all the creative portraits at the main entrance. Here are some creative drawing to wet your appetite!

We are having a fab day! Have a look at what we have been up to so far...

Well done to all the amazing children who took part in the Dance event attached Coombeshead yesterday. Your dance was brilliant and you made us very proud.
Thank you to Mr Philips for helping us to choreograph the dance and to all the parents and carers who came to support us.

On Monday the 27th March (in four days) we will be attending a Dance workshop followed by two Dance performances in front of 7,000 people. We have practising for many weeks and it is finally beginning to pull together.  Working hard every lesson we have learnt the dance off by heart. Here are some photos of us practising.

In GOAL time we have been exploring painting and paint techniques. We looked at the Impressionists, Pop Art and pointillism (using lots of dots.)
We then applied the techniques we liked to our own painting, working with a photograph of ourselves or drawing our own self portraits. The results are amazing- take a look!

Last week we tried an experiment to find out which 4 liquids (water, salt water, orange juice and vinegar) evaporated the quickest over a period of time. We started with 100ml in each jug and then decided to reduce the amount of liquid to 50ml. We decided this as the liquids took longer then expected to evaporate over a week. Measuring every morning and afternoon, 9pm and 3pm, we recorded our results in a table. Please see photos below. Unfortunately Storm Doris blew our first experiment down.  We started again but changed where we put the measuring jugs. We put them inside the classroom. We will conclude our experiment next week.

Some of our Year 6's are taking part in the Civic Award scheme. As part of this, they are giving up their own time to run clubs for our younger children. We currently have Choir taking place on a Tuesday lunchtime for KS1, and a 'drop in' colouring club for KS1 on a Wednesday lunchtime. Well done to all those who are volunteering to help out and make a really positive contribution to our school. We are very proud of you.

Today's maths problem was called 'Mystery Numbers' and some of us tried 'Earthly Gifts' (which was really tricky!) We discussed the skills we would need to use in order to solve the challenge- trial and error, working systematically and being resilient. Have a look at us in action!