Year Six

A visit from Pakistan today

Today Year 6 used Skype to talk to Hassan who has gone back to Pakistan. The children were jealous to find out that he is able to leave school on Friday's at 12pm! The weather there is a mild 45 degrees. It was fun to talk and I'm sure we will do it again.

Journalistic Writing

On Thursday we covered Journalistic Writing.

The children had to choose some objects that could go on "Strike" for our news article.

This came about because the class were focusing on a book called "The Day the Crayons Quit".

We (Eva and Ella) chose PE because there are lots of objects to use as examples. 

Like the footballs that keep getting stuck in the trees and also the skipping ropes which twirl around and evetually get dizzy.


Here is a poster of our ideas.


Journalistic Writing

The time has come and gone....

Year 6 have been working extremely hard and have put in 100% effort to achieve maximum potential. This week we have completed a reading paper, a Spag test and 3 Maths papers.

" SATs was really quite easy and now I am looking forward to residential " said Thomas.
" Some questions were harder than others but I tried my best " commented Ella.
" I found SATs fun but challenging and I found different ways of completing the questions" remarked Kiya.
" I persevered to complete the paper and I am now glad it is over " echoed Mollie.

Awesome Reading

For our project we have tried to persuade other children to read. We had some really inventive ideas which you can see below.

Our Big Question - What will my legacy be when I leave Exminster CPS?

In Topic, Year 6 have been focusing on our Big Question.  We discussed the meaning of the word legacy and what type we would be leaving behind. There were lots of suggestions, from helping to raise money for the outside classroom and timber trail to helping enthuse the younger children with reading.
We also looked at all we have gained from our time at school. There are so many different aspects we were quite amazed, such as friendships maturity, knowledge, confidence and thoughtfulness.

Take a look at our tree to read more of our thoughts.

End of term Home Learning Projects

Year 6 celebrated their Home Learning Projects on Tuesday. As usual there was great variety and all were completed to a high standard. The children really enjoyed sharing their work and explaining their learning. 

How animals have adapted...

Today we thought about how animals have adapted over time to suit their habitats. We designed our creature and added what we thought would help it thrive in its environment. Here are our results.

French Day with Year 6

French Day - Mardi le 10 Novembre

Bonjour – On Tuesday Year 6 were invited to dress up in blue, white and red (the colours of the French). We took part in a variety of activities, including a French pop song and yummy food tasting. A group of girls decided to make scale model of the Eiffel Tower. Betty (who helped make it) said, “It took all day, but it was worth it to see the end result”. We tried a variety of food including:

Goat’s cheese (fromage au chevre), baguette, hot chocolate (chocolat chaud), croissants, pain au chocolat. They were delicious!!

We all had a great time and learnt lots of new vocab and facts.

By Imogin and Taryn.


JamieErica & Ella bookArabella

Conquering our fear...... Algebra!

This week in Year 6, we have been looking at Algebra. At the start lots of us found the formula very, very difficult because we didn’t understand what the letters stood for. Eventually after lots of reasoning we realised that we could use the inverse to help us. For example if it was 4X + 5 = 21, we would work out that 4X = 16, so x = 4. We are now more confident and we are getting over our fear of Algebra!

Betty and Ben 



Solar System Maths


This week we were challenged to use a compass and toilet paper to make a scaled down version of our solar system. We had a table on the board showing the planets, the distance between the planets and the sun and the size of the planets. We went in table groups to decide our scales and some of us started using the compass to create the planets. My groups scale for the distance between the planets and the sun was 1 toilet roll square:100 million km and the scale for the planet size was 1cm:20,000km. At times I felt that I was at the bottom of the learning pit but at the end I was helping people out.


Reading Roundabout fun!

Today Year 6 had a visit from Mrs Cowling who brought with her a treasure chest of brand new and exciting books. The books were sorted into Wild about Animals, Stories from the Past, Thrills and Chills, Fascinating Facts, Imaginary Worlds and Lucky Dip. We each chose two books from each section. We are looking forward to reading them over the term so please ask us for our recommendations!

IMG 1563

IMG 1566

The Day the Crayons Quit!

We have been using the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt as the inspiration for some journalistic writing. In the book, the crayons go on strike because they don't like the way they are being looked after by their owner. In year 6, we imagined that all the stationery in our classrooms decided to go on strike too- just before our SATs- and we wrote newspaper articles about this dramatic event. We came up with some excellent headlines. 'Pencil Pot Panic' and 'Stationery Shutdown' are two of our favourites. We also tried to meet our literacy targets using adventurous vocabulary and embedded clauses in our writing. Come and have a look at what we have been up to!

A Day on Dartmoor

On Wednesady, Year 6 spent the day on Dartmoor. It was a beautiful day- but very cold so we wrapped up warm. Our guides were Tom, Chris and Christine who took us on a trail to see some of the moorland features at Hay Tor. We explored the quarry and the granite railway (The Templar Way) and then had a picnic lunch near to the remains of the Bronze Age village at Smallacombe Rocks. After lunch, we walked to the top of the hill to see Hay Tor and admire the amazing views. We had a great day- interesting, informative and great fun!


classquarry 2bronze age hut

Can you learn it off by heart?

In Year 6 we have been exploring formal and impersonal texts as part of our literacy sequence. We have been using an amazing book called 'Animalium'. We were challenged by Miss Vass and Mrs Sydenham to try and learn a piece of text about the Arctic Tundra using drawings and actions to map it out. We found that moving around and adding very specific actions really helped us to remember all of the specialist vocabulary and complex sentence structures. We hope that this will help us when we come to write our own texts this week!

literacy                literacy 2

Spelling Hero!

A huge well done to our fantastic spelling hero.  Spellings don't always come easily to everyone but with determination, a positive attitude and a helping hand at home, Sam has proven how this can be overcome.  A huge well done on your 'can do' attitude and hard work. Mrs Browing commented to me that Sam's achievements and hard work gave her 'a warm fuzzy feeling'.

IMG 0226

Let's Step Into Christmas!

Things are really busy in Year 6 as we gear up for this year's KS2 Christmas Production.

'Let's Step Into Christmas' will tell the story of some children and their grandparents as they find out about Christmas traditions old and new. The acting and singing auditions have been held, scripts have been given out and we are all busy working on our parts to bring the show together. The children in years 4,5 and 6 have made a start on their contributions to the production and we are really looking forward to showing you the results on the 16th and 17th December!

World War 1 Experience Day

On Monday 17th November, Year 6 took part in a World War 1 Experience Day. Everyone came dressed in costume from the early 1900s and the classrooms were set up in a different way. During the morning we made Steamed Chocolate Duff with rationed foods and did a drama activity about a boy who saw a German Zeppelin crash outside his house in 1916. In the afternoon we made toys and cleaning products, and measured ourselves to see if we were tall enough to join the Army's 'Bantam Battalions'. We also tested our hearing to see if we were skilled enough to become a Sapper in the forces. We all had a fantastic Day!

World War 1 Poetry

We are very proud of the poetry that we have been writing as part of our World War 1 topic. We have studied some of the poets who wrote about the Great War like Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon. We have used the poems to inspire us to create our own poetry, trying to use some of the poetic features that we have been learning about like simile and metaphor, rhyme scheme and onomatopoeia. Each class now has an anthology of poetry which everyone has contributed to. Come and have a look at our super work!

National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 2nd October, we brought in some of our favourite poems to share with each other. From that selection, we chose one poem per group to create a performance piece for. We thought about how to use our voices and how to split the poem so it was most effective for our audience. 


During the afternoon, 6BS shared their performances with 3KN whilst 6V went to 4HJ to perform. We both had lovely audiences who thought our performances were great, and sometimes funny! One of our performances was shared in Together time today because it was so funny.

European Day of Languages

In Year 6, we like to take every opportunity we can to have a party. On Friday 25th September, it was European Day of Languages. We had a tea party where we all contributed foods from different countries around Europe (plus some tortilla chips from Mexico because some people got a bit confused!). We had lots of food and got to try all sorts of different things; some we liked (brioche and croissants) and some we were not so keen on (olives). While we were enjoying our food, we watched a film in Dutch but thankfully, we had English subtitles on it too so we could understand. A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all and we learnt a lot about the food from around Europe. 

Science and Technology Fair

Uni 1

On Wednesday this week, twenty four children from Years 5 and 6 were able to go to a Science and Technology fair at Plymouth University. When we arrived, we got blue caps to show which group we were in. We did lots of exciting things like going on a Segway. Our favourite things were: the oculus rift; making identity cards; playing beta video games; the dino walk; and standing inside a bubble. There were also lots of fascinating things to see including a man engine submarine and some optical illusions. We all had a great time and we wish we could do it again. Thank you Mrs Williams and Mrs Corkery for taking us! Click 'read more' for more photos.

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