On Friday 9th March Year 6 travelled to Powderham Castle to listen to some live music. The wind quintet from London,  played a variety of pieces; our favourite was Three Shanties by William Arnold. The whole experience was amazing and we were fortunate to listen to music in the music room, which was built by the third Duke for his 21st birthday.

Every afternoon, we do Mindfulness. We use Go Noodle for our videos.
Jake said, "It is amazing."
Alfie said, "It calms me down when I'm upset."
Sophie said, "It helps us get through the afternoon knowing that we're are not stressed."
Maddie said," It helps you get through the afternoon."
Heidi said, "It is stress relieving and calm."
Overall we love it. We aim to do this everyday.
Check out www.gonoodle.com

On Tuesday some Year 6 children attended the Rotary Club Technical Challenge Day at Dawlish Community College. We had to build a tower and ours was able to hold 3.8kg and it stayed intact.  Mrs Frazer accompanied the team and said and she would like to give them a Rainbow Value for motivation and enjoyment. She also said that the children were a credit to the school. Well done!

Friendship and fun club is a lunchtime club on Monday for Year one children.It is run by Emily, Maddie and Isla from Year 6. Each week we choose a different,  fun, mind activating activities(e.g. drawing, reading, puzzles...).
This week we read traditional tales to fit in with their English.

In Year 6 we have been researching the human heart. We found out that there are 4 chambers: the right atrium, the left atrium, the right ventricle and the left ventricle. When you breathe in oxygen, it travels to your lungs, then blue blood ( blood without oxygen) collects all the oxygen and turns to red blood ( blood with oxygen). This blood then travels toevery part of your body from the top of your hy and to the tip of your toes. Next it collects all the carbon dioxide and travels back up to your lungs  and then you exhale. All this happens in a matter of seconds (every time your heart beats).

In Year 6 we have started our own Advent Calendar, but not with chocolate, but with random acts of kindness. Each day we take one down and see if we can carry it out during the day. Today was Day One - we had to try to make someone laugh. Now we have made our own random acts of kindness and hopefully achieve as many as possible.

In English Year 6 have been looking at a book called the Atlas of Oddities.  We have created an atlas of another country that we had visited. Emily has been to Russia so she did it on Russia.Our targets have been to use subordinate and relative clauses, noun phrases, impersonal and formal tone and brackets, commas and dashes for clarification.
We really enjoyed this sequence and presented our final in the GOAL style.

In English, we have been looking at the Atlas of Oddities. It is a fun book with unusual facts about the world. We are writing our own informative texts about London. We have found out some very interesting facts such as the traffic today moves at the same speed as the horse-drawn carriages a century ago. We are all excited to share our invent, that will be about our own topic, with the Year 5's.

Year 6 have been busy working on artwork to show how they think their heaven looks like. We looked at City of Gold  which included words from John Plass and CS Lewis. The poems were illustrated with abstract art. From these examples we created our own pieces. These are some particularly nice poems and paintings. They were very motivated and engaged in all of our work.

On the 6th of October, we went up to the field with our rainbow friends and their teddy bears. We ate sandwiches, biscuits and vegetables.Then read some stories, that our rainbow friends enjoyed. We found it very fun.

On the 3rd of October we started to make a scrapbook​ for an educational game that will be available on the Google Play store for a limited time.We began to take pictures of the educational games from the  Google Play store and uploaded them to our presentations, explaining why we liked them.We are making an educational APP for a Year 3 child and are going to add to our scrapbooks over the next few weeks. We will keep you updated with our progress.

In Science, we created a circuit to power a light bulb. We used two crocodile clips, battery pack and a light bulb. This is called a simple circuit. We were set a challenge to make a light that fully switched off, using a switch, and to create a dimming light. Then we drew all the symbols and our circuit. Emily pointed out what the symbol was for a double battery.

Today we converted different measurements and used the equality signs. This is our first blog as digital leaders and we aim to blog every week so please keep checking this page.

This morning we visited the fair for the final time. The rooms are packed and we have had a wonderful time. At 12pm we will have a final picnic on the grass before we head back this afternoon. The children have been an absolute delight and we have loved taking them away. See you back at school...

Disco ready. Don't we look mighty fine.  Apologies to the 4 children who were still getting ready and missed the photo!

Lots of new skills learnt today. Some impressive juggling, balancing and dancing!

During our dance workshop we learnt the moves to Gangnam Style; it was lots of fun.
You never know a live performance may be heading your way soon!

Another beautiful day here. We started the day with lots of sport, followed by a trip to the fun fair. Mr Herring braved the Waltzers! After lunch we took part in circus skills and a drum workshop. We are off to swim later in the amazing pool. See you all tomorrow.


To make the most of the glorious weather we took to the beach to play a variety of games. A lot of fun was had by all

Lots of fun was had today at the magic show. We made pom poms appear  through cups and pennies travel through lids into bottles

Tonight we had lots of fun jumping, sliding and swimming around the pool. We were in for 1 and a half hours and it felt like 10 minutes. If the technology allows us then hopefully there will be some videos to come... Here are some photos for now.