Year Six

Mapping Exminster

This week in Year 6 we have been using 'Digimap' and 'Google Maps' to create our own history of Exminster. We had the opportunity to choose what we were interested in. Some of Year 6 compared old maps to current ones, others thought about why Exminster has developed the way it has. A few of the maps that we researched can be found below. We look forward to learning more about our village in future GOAL lessons. 




Exploring Exminster

We spent a lovely sunny afternoon exploring the village collecting sketches and photographs for our Evolution Exminster topic. We are looking at how the geography of the village has changed and developed over time. Next week we will be creating a display board of our work which will be on show in the main school building so look out for it!

Our Solar System

In Maths today we had to solve problems based upon the solar system. We had to calculate a sensible scale. For example we chose 1 piece of toilet tissue to represent 100,000,000 kms from the sun. Neptune is an amazing 4500,000,000 kms from the sun! We had to be accurate and used our knowledge of place value and fractions.

French Day in Year 6

Year 6 very much  enjoyed another French day today. They visited the French cafe with Mrs Gibson and ordered croissants, crepes au chocolat and fromage. They also took charge of their learning and researched an aspect of French life. Erica learnt about the origins of French bulldogs. "I enjoyed the crepes, they were delicieux!!" said Jack.

The Egg has hatched

Late last night, after lots of chirping from the egg, intervention took place in order to give the chick the best chance of survival. Picking away carefully at the shell the Indian runner chick slowly appeared, looking a bit damp but very chirpy. All is well and our new arrival to Year 6 will be joining us tomorrow.

Fly rocket fly

Year 6 had a challenge to send a rocket the furthest distance by only using a balloon, string, sellotape and paper. We had a variety of possible solutions but Josh, Keiron and Freya managed to get their balloon to travel over 10 metres. Well done!

Too much to blog and share....

We have taken many photos and videos which we will share with you next week. Dinner calls...

The Ultimate Assault

Today the sun was shining again and Year 6 have had a brilliant time pushing ourselves to the limit. We were suited and booted in wetsuits and helmets. Initially, we went around the Ultimate Assault course to familiarise ourselves with the different challenges. These included cargo nets, monkey bars, a waterslide, bouncing balls and many walls to climb over. The children loved it! "The best bits were the big red balls - just like Total Wipeout- and the ninga steps," reported Josh.

Laser Combat

Laser Tag was great fun and a real challenge. This has been Mrs Collins' favourite event so far "This was fantastic, the children really enjoyed putting on the camouflage paint, I had to be really careful where I hid so that I wasn't shot"

Mountain Boarding- make sure you keep your balance...

We had lots of fun mountain boarding. It was a real challenge to keep our balance. Once we got more confident we were able do squats as we went down the mountain (well more of a gentle bank!). At the end we had a tobogganing race and the girls won!

Day Two at the Ultimate Adventure Centre

Another super day. A gorgeous walk along the coastal path took us to Westward Ho! Lots of stamina determination got us up many steep slopes. "I can't believe I have walked this far and I've got to see so many plants and animals," said Maddy. After lunch we pulled on our wetsuits and with the guidance of our very able instructors we caught some waves, some say they were 10 feet high! Off to a quiz now. More tomorrow.

Exceptional Standards of Living - Daily Room Inspections

Every day we've been having morning and evening room inspections. The children have been keen to tidy their rooms in order to be the first group in the line for breakfast or dinner. There have been monetary and food bribes offered (thanks for the sweets parents!) and one group even incorporated our Rainbow Values into their towel display by colour coordinating them! So far each inspection has seen a new group win, and hopefully the competition will keep the children keen and we'll see success for each group by the end of the week.

Surf's Up at Westward Ho!!

Year 6 had an amazing time bobbing around in the ocean and learning how to catch an awesome ride on the 10ft waves at Westward Ho! today. They learnt how to carry their surfboards safely to the sea, how to mount the boards without face diving into the water and how to kneel ride the waves. Once confident with kneel riding on the board, they progressed to standing up and surfing the waves into the shallows. All the children were exceptionally well behaved and safe in the water.
"I loved it when I rode the wave for ages but salt water in the eyes was a bit irritating after a while! I would give it an 8 out of 10!" Ben.
"I loved getting splashed by the instructor so I could then splash them back!" Tegan.
"I really enjoyed trying to stand up whilst doing it and the instructor gave me lots of tips for help." Mollie.

Day One at the Ultimate Adventure Centre

Arrived safely and unpacked. Enjoyed a fun afternoon of team games and mountain boarding. Supper was delicious, pasta and chocolate brownies. Off to toast marshmallows and sing songs. More news tomorrow.

A visit from Pakistan today

Today Year 6 used Skype to talk to Hassan who has gone back to Pakistan. The children were jealous to find out that he is able to leave school on Friday's at 12pm! The weather there is a mild 45 degrees. It was fun to talk and I'm sure we will do it again.

Journalistic Writing

On Thursday we covered Journalistic Writing.

The children had to choose some objects that could go on "Strike" for our news article.

This came about because the class were focusing on a book called "The Day the Crayons Quit".

We (Eva and Ella) chose PE because there are lots of objects to use as examples. 

Like the footballs that keep getting stuck in the trees and also the skipping ropes which twirl around and evetually get dizzy.


Here is a poster of our ideas.


Journalistic Writing

The time has come and gone....

Year 6 have been working extremely hard and have put in 100% effort to achieve maximum potential. This week we have completed a reading paper, a Spag test and 3 Maths papers.

" SATs was really quite easy and now I am looking forward to residential " said Thomas.
" Some questions were harder than others but I tried my best " commented Ella.
" I found SATs fun but challenging and I found different ways of completing the questions" remarked Kiya.
" I persevered to complete the paper and I am now glad it is over " echoed Mollie.

Awesome Reading

For our project we have tried to persuade other children to read. We had some really inventive ideas which you can see below.

Our Big Question - What will my legacy be when I leave Exminster CPS?

In Topic, Year 6 have been focusing on our Big Question.  We discussed the meaning of the word legacy and what type we would be leaving behind. There were lots of suggestions, from helping to raise money for the outside classroom and timber trail to helping enthuse the younger children with reading.
We also looked at all we have gained from our time at school. There are so many different aspects we were quite amazed, such as friendships maturity, knowledge, confidence and thoughtfulness.

Take a look at our tree to read more of our thoughts.

End of term Home Learning Projects

Year 6 celebrated their Home Learning Projects on Tuesday. As usual there was great variety and all were completed to a high standard. The children really enjoyed sharing their work and explaining their learning. 

How animals have adapted...

Today we thought about how animals have adapted over time to suit their habitats. We designed our creature and added what we thought would help it thrive in its environment. Here are our results.

French Day with Year 6

French Day - Mardi le 10 Novembre

Bonjour – On Tuesday Year 6 were invited to dress up in blue, white and red (the colours of the French). We took part in a variety of activities, including a French pop song and yummy food tasting. A group of girls decided to make scale model of the Eiffel Tower. Betty (who helped make it) said, “It took all day, but it was worth it to see the end result”. We tried a variety of food including:

Goat’s cheese (fromage au chevre), baguette, hot chocolate (chocolat chaud), croissants, pain au chocolat. They were delicious!!

We all had a great time and learnt lots of new vocab and facts.

By Imogin and Taryn.


JamieErica & Ella bookArabella

Conquering our fear...... Algebra!

This week in Year 6, we have been looking at Algebra. At the start lots of us found the formula very, very difficult because we didn’t understand what the letters stood for. Eventually after lots of reasoning we realised that we could use the inverse to help us. For example if it was 4X + 5 = 21, we would work out that 4X = 16, so x = 4. We are now more confident and we are getting over our fear of Algebra!

Betty and Ben 



Solar System Maths


This week we were challenged to use a compass and toilet paper to make a scaled down version of our solar system. We had a table on the board showing the planets, the distance between the planets and the sun and the size of the planets. We went in table groups to decide our scales and some of us started using the compass to create the planets. My groups scale for the distance between the planets and the sun was 1 toilet roll square:100 million km and the scale for the planet size was 1cm:20,000km. At times I felt that I was at the bottom of the learning pit but at the end I was helping people out.