Before half term, Year 6 were extremely fortunate to have a visit from Reiki teacher and author Samantha Goddard and illustrator Owen Williams. Sam and Owen have worked together on a book, "Finding Ray's Key" which they shared with the children. "Finding Ray's Key" tells the story of a young boy who is looking for the key to happiness, and as the story develops he realises that the happiness he is looking for is actually within him.
Sam shared mindfulness breathing techniques with the children and we spent a very relaxing session focusing on our breathing and listening to sounds around and within us.
Owen then led a mindfulness art workshop where we mindmapped and drew things that made us happy or contented.
We are grateful to Sam and Owen for coming to share the book and their mindfulness techniques with us.

Year 6 transformed into a polling station this afternoon. We very much enjoyed watching the political parties present their campaigns. Education, the environment, the NHS and homelessness were a few of the many issues addressed. We are very proud of all of the hard work that the children have put in.

Today Year 6 had a visit from local author Sarah Bartrum. Sarah talked through some top tips for improving our writing. She also discussed the journey the author goes through before their work is published. We looked at the importance of editing and how the majority of time should be spent redrafting. We would like to thank Sarah for her time as the children found it very informative and useful.

In GOAL we have been exploring the role of a government and what happens in the Houses of Parliament. We have found out about the voting system and what happens in an election. We are now creating our own political parties and getting ready to deliver our campaign speeches. We  are designing a party logo, writing speeches and soundbytes, filming party political broadcasts and getting ready to deliver our party vision on Monday when the election will take place. Who would you vote for?
HTH (Help the Health)
Freedom Fighters
Protection Party
The Next Generation
The Environmental Party
POP (Protect our Planet)
PON  (Party of Nature)
DCP (Devon County Party)
The People Party

A big  thank you to all those parents and carers who came to support our vocabulary workshop this morning. We really enjoyed sharing some of our games and activities with you.

In Year 6 we have been constructing an emotive piece of writing in the perspective of a grandmother when all of her family left her to go to America. We tried to use as much description as we could and we had to write in 1st person. Please have a read of a couple of them.

We are busy this afternoon using a grid to imitate famous Royal artworks. It is really tricky but we are using a growth mindset to learn new techniques. Have a look...

Next time you come in to school, take a look at our fantastic portrait display inspired by the work of Andy Warhol.

In Year Six, we have been looking at the book The Matchstick Diary and focusing on our amazing vocabulary! We have written letters in reply to a letter from within the book and we are very proud of our work. The letters were constructed by us and we used the original letter to help us when we were writing. It was quite difficult but we really wanted  to make the letters heart-warming as well as full of great vocabulary! If you would like to have a look at our fabulous work please visit the hub.

Matthew has been very busy this week creating and painting a BMW! The class has been looking at Andy Warhol so Matthew made a miniature version for one of his art projects (the painted BMW.) It looks fantastic.

In Year six, our Goal topic is British Kings and Queens. We have been looking at portraits of Queen Elizabeth ll and discussing the styles used by the painters. We will be looking at portraits of other famous royals this half term as well as the lives they led.

In year 6 we are at the end of our English sequence and this week we have been writing our information text hot tasks. Have a look at our work- we have been thinking really carefully about vocabulary- so see if you can spot some of our fantastic word choices.

In Year 6 we do fast maths which is division and multiplication questions up to 12x12, we only get three minutes to complete sixty questions. At the end of the week we find out the mean/average of our times. Last weeks average was 54 seconds and this week our average was 46 second, next week we will try to beat this!

Some of our Rainbow Friends visited 6NS today to make festive Christmas angels for St Martin's Church. Have a look at us working together!

Year 6 and their Rainbow friends have had a lovely day working together. In each classroom there have been a range of activities ranging from electrical circuits to Lego and zoo animals! We made bunting by painting our hands. Can you spot the difference between the size of the Year 6 and the Reception child?

Year 6 had two special visitors from the armed forces. Both were grilled on a variety of questions such as 'what is the hardest part of the army?'  to  'have you ever been in any life threatening situations?' Scarlett commented that it was really interesting and she had learnt a lot about what life is like in the forces. James said that he found it inspiring. Year 6 would like to thank Mr Drake and Mr Barr for their time.

On the 5th of November we had a timetable Rockstar day we had a assembly were  some teachers went against each other in a rapid fire question arena match.All day we were trying to improve our baseline speed which at the end of the day people that had a speed less than 1.05 seconds.

On the 5th of November, we had Times Tables Rockstar Day.

We had a very colourful and exciting assembly when some of the teachers played against each other in a match of quick fire arena to see who is the best at 2 to 12 times tables. Other children and teachers have been practising for the tournament at the end of the day.

Our new English sequence will use this book as our core text:
Atlas of Oddities by Clive Gifford.
It was a big hit when we started looking at it today-maybe something to think about for the Christmas list!

Year 6 would like to say a very big thank you to Dawlish Rotary Club for the fantastic dictionaries that they received today. Mr and Mrs Peacock visited to present us with these very useful gifts which are now sitting tidily at our tables ready to be used! As vocabulary is a key focus for us at the moment they could not have come at a better time!

We have been exploring maps of Exminster and looking for changes in our village which have happened over time.
We have compared a map from 1890 and 1950 with a map of the village today. We have created map overlays using acetate and tracing paper so that we can see what has happened.
This has made us think about what other development might take place in the future and how much more our village is likely to change...

We were whizzes on the rugby pitch this afternoon! Look at those skills in action!

To start our GOAL learning we have created this display. You will find it just inside the main entrance. We found the map drawing tricky and had to really use our thinking skills!

Year 6 really enjoyed learning about the role of an armed police response officer today. We got to look at the protective gear, sit in a traffic car and even put the sirens on!
We were astounded that Devon and Cornwall Police receive up to 1600 calls a day!
A huge thanks to Mr Elliott for giving up his time to share with us his journey as a police officer so far.