Year Six

Like the back of my hand....

To start our GOAL learning we have created this display. You will find it just inside the main entrance. We found the map drawing tricky and had to really use our thinking skills!

An interview with Mr Elliott

Year 6 really enjoyed learning about the role of an armed police response officer today. We got to look at the protective gear, sit in a traffic car and even put the sirens on!
We were astounded that Devon and Cornwall Police receive up to 1600 calls a day!
A huge thanks to Mr Elliott for giving up his time to share with us his journey as a police officer so far.

From Jazz to Pests

What a varied day it has been in Year 6!
We started the morning enjoying the music of professional session musician Ozzie Parker. We were really impressed with his passion and commitment to become a great pianist.
This afternoon, we have welcomed Mr Gibson of Exe Estaury Pest Control into our classroom along with his creepy crawlies and bee hives. It was fascinating to hear about how pests can be managed, the skills needed for the job and we even got to try and dodge a fox deterrent (water spray).
It's been an interactive day which has left us feeling inspired and intrigued for what is to come this week...

Ducks growth

After just a week, while we were at residential, Marcus and Spencer (our ducklings) have grown so much.  They are only 3 weeks old! Every lunch break 4 children from 6HJ look after them for 20 minutes at a time.
The ducks are leaving on Friday. We have all really enjoyed having them around they have shown us responsibility and care.

The last night - off to the Big Sheep

To celebrate our last evening here,  we headed over to the Big Sheep and had sole use of their play barn. Lots of fun was head sliding down the death slide, playing in the ball pit and being squeezed through the squasher. Everyone joined in and had a great time. We are ready for bed now and looking forward to our final activity tomorrow morning. See you all soon.


Orienteering was a challenge today but the children showed excellent teamwork and encouragement when things got tough. They navigated through 9 separate points on a map which took them out of UAC and into the surrounding countryside.
Everyone had a go at map reading and they all had a chance to lead the group.

Raft Building

Group A have been raft building this morning with mixed results! The group split into two teams and had to build their own raft, float across the lake, capture the flag of the opposing team, float back and take the raft out the lake. That was the plan anyway! One teams raft broke apart before it got to the water, the other looked like it should not have been floating but it miraculously made it into the lake. After the raft building the children all had a brilliant time jumping off the jetties into the lake. Very refreshing!

Climbing high

A great morning testing our fear of heights. We all took on the challenges and are really proud. # to infinity and beyond

Morning room inspection

Wow - once again we have been delighted to see the immaculately tidy rooms. Parents you would be proud. It was tricky to choose a winner but room one edged ahead. Well done. We have been treated to songs, dances and raps upon entry along with freshly folded PJs. Looking forward to another fun day.

A super day⚽

Another fab day. We have completed lots of challenges and surprised ourselves with just what we are capable of. Lovely food and ready for more fun tomorrow. Busy at the moment watching the footy - come on England ⚽⚽⚽⚽

Wednesday's news

Fantastic morning raft building and completing the ultimate assault course. Lunch was demolished and we have just spent the first part of the afternoon paddle boarding and kayaking. More later...

year 6 residential

Our diamonds of the day today are:
Alfie - I loved surfing. I managed to stand up and face the waves.
Will T - My diamond was the tug of war. It involved everyone.
Finn -  I loved learning how to surf.
William N - I enjoyed trying to stand up on the surf board.
Ella - Mineis surfing because it challenged me to try something new.

Surfing Group B

Fantastic afternoon had by Group B.
First time surfers took confidently to the waves!

At the races

Ready, Steady, Go... Congratulations to North Korea!

We are off...

A mixture of archery, laser tag and rifle shooting to kick start an action-packed week.

We have arrived!

It was with great excitement, once we eventually arrived at the Ultimate Adventure Centre. After a quick tour of the site we had lunch and were shown our accommodation. We had little time to sort out their rooms before taking off for an afternoon of laser tag, archery and rifle shooting. Following the evening meal, we are getting ready for the evening events - mini olympics and the fire pit. We will upload as many photos as possible so stay tuned...

Civic Award Presentation Evening

This evening, 11 of our 12 Civic Award achievers travelled to Cuthbert Mayne School for the annual Civic presentation evening. The children were very excited and all looked very smart. When Karen Thomson, founder of the Civic Award, introduced each school, we definitely gave the loudest cheer!

The children enjoyed collecting their awards on stage and were joined by many other schools from Torbay and South Devon. They even got to have refreshments afterwards!

It was a special and well deserved ending to months of hard work, organisation and determination.

This is our 3rd year completing the Civic Award at Exminster and our numbers increase year on year. Thanks to Alex, Harry and William we now have boys onboard too.
A more official photo of us all with our awards to follow...

Two ducks in our classroom!

Today in the morning as you know our first duck was born, then we had a surprise waiting for us very patiently indeed after lunch. We now have two adorable, unamed ducklings (one not so ready for standing up yet) but we are expecting more chicks on the way, we still have four more eggs to go.

The ducks have hatched!

On Monday 2nd July, the first of our six ducks hatched as we arrived in the classroom this morning. The room stank and the duck kept on chirping throughout the morning.We hope that all of our six ducks survive and successfully hatch.We had to be quiet as we don't want to scare the ducks.

Life Skills Event

Today Year 6 went to the Livestock Centre to listen and participate in a number of activities. There were talks from the Police, Fire Service, Dogs Trust, Western Power, BT, Lifeguards and Exeter City Council. We stayed at each activity for 15 minutes. At the end we watched a chip pan fire demonstration. We learnt a lot about how to keep us safe and what services there are that we can call on to help us.

Year 6 SATS

This week, year six have been doing their SATS.We had 5 papers to do, Arithmetic, Maths Reasoning, Maths Reasoning 2, Reading and SPAG. We arrived at school 8:15 to have a special SATS breakfast that included pancakes, waffles, hot chocolate and toast.  By the time SATS arrived, it was just another paper; we were able to celebrate our learning. We really enjoyed practising mindfulness before we started each one.