From Monday to Thursday Year 6 have had the pleasure of doing SATS. On Monday we had the first  paper. It was SPaG; we prepared for questions about subjunctive form, past progressive tense, present progressive tense and past  perfect tense.
On Tuesday we had a reading paper. The reading paper had 3 different texts with lots of questions. The texts and the questions became harder towards the end of the paper.
On Wednesday we had two papers. It was two maths papers. The first paper was arithmetic. We have worked really hard practising this. We also had the reasoning paper 1.
On Thursday we had our last paper . It was reasoning 2. Before the paper we had a sats breakfast which consisted of croissants, brioches, pancakes, crumpets, hot chocolate and fruit. It was almost worth doing it for the breakfast!
Jess, Evie and Sophie