Exminster Hospital Project

We had a very interesting afternoon working with two visiting artists Nicci and Tat. They have been sharing stories and information about Exminster Hospital with us. We listened to the story of 'Laura' and 'Sophie May'. Both were patients at the hospital, one in the 1940s and the other in the 1960s. Nicci and Tat showed us a role play of 'Laura' and her doctor. It was interesting to discuss Laura's illness and how she was feeling. We then wrote letters in role as if we were 'Sophie'. She was a patient suffering from ' extreme melancholia'  who had been told off for picking flowers from the hospital grounds. Eva said ' This made me feel really sad because her brother has to hope that she is OK and rely on the hospital to take good care of her.' Hayden said, ' Sophie's story made me feel very sad for her. I wanted to know what happened to her.' We are all looking forward to our next workshop. Thank you Nicci and Tat.