Reception and their Rainbow friends joined together to share their Yoga routines. The Reception children taught the Year 6 children how to perform different Yoga postures. Year 6 look forward to seeing even more next term. 


In Art, we have made clay sculptures in the style of Michelle Bianco. We aimed to make the surface of the clay as smooth as possible before using a variety of tools to etch patterns onto our sculptures. We also tried to smooth cracks over using clay slip.

Five Year 6 pupils showed their skills at the Technical Challenge at Dawlish Community College. They were challenged to make a crane from only spaghetti, straws and glue. They had great fun and came first for appearance. Their crane held an amazing 1.2 kilograms. Well done!

Our Art theme for this half term is sculpture. We are using the work of an artist called Michele Bianco as our inspiration. Today we explored different techniques with air- dry clay. We made a small bowl or pot using our fingers and then an engraved piece using a variety of tools.

Today we tried to put some sticky knowledge to the test and try to prove that light travels in straight lines. Today's horrible weather did us a favour as it meant that the classroom was very dark and we could use our torches effectively. Have a look at what we did.

We have been listening to a piece of classical music today. 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor ' was composed by Johan Sebastian Bach. The piece is ten minutes long and is divided into two parts. We listened and watched the orchestra play and then tried to describe what we thought of the piece using words and images.

From visiting the skate park to designing a skate ramp, building and observing a bottle biome and reflecting on our learning- it's been a busy old week in Year 6! And it's only Wednesday!

Yesterday, the Y6 pupils each received their own personal copy of The Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary. This is a very generous gift from Dawlish Water Rotary Club. The children were very excited to receive such a lovely gift and thoroughly enjoyed looking through them. We know from previous years that the will be well used and cherished.

On Wednesday the 16th, Year 6 had a debate about 'Were the Vikings always vicious and victorious?' Firstly, we split into two groups; one agreed and the other disagreed. Edith was our speaker (the person who chose who would talk and told you if your statement linked with the latest statement). Once everyone had a go speaking, the conclusion started. The conclusion was where everyone on one team had a chance to sum up their view. In the end we had a closed vote. The nos ended up with fifteen votes and the ayes (yes's) ended up with five votes. So the no's won the debate!!

After a lot of preparation we finally got to try screen printing today- with varying degrees of success! Those of us who were gentle with the screen got some super prints, however those who were a bit more heavy - handed found that the screens did not last quite so well. Have a look at us in action.

Year 6 took part in a fantastically interactive anti-bullying workshop today. They listened to the story of Tim Vic (victim) and how he became Lubly (bully). The story was told via flashbacks along with time to reflect on relevant issues.
Tim retold the story of when he started secondary school, how his honesty made his life tough and how he became a bully. Lots of discussion followed. The children were able to offer strategies to help both Lubly and Tim. They thoroughly enjoyed it and engaged in this entertaining and thoughtful production.

As we come to the end of our GOAL History topic on the Vikings we have been thinking about how much 'sticky knowledge' we now have. We spent this afternoon creating quizzes and power points to show what we know. We had to use our retrieval skills rather than researching things all over again. We worked so hard were awarded a whole class Rainbow Value for Engagement. Well done 6HS!

On Friday 4th October, Y6 took part in a dance and gym festival at South Dartmoor Community College along with several other schools. The children were coached by GCSE pupils from the college and learnt a short dance in groups. They then performed this as a whole group. The gym session included lots of opportunities to use a variety of equipment including a beam, horse and trampet. Fun was had by all and the children made us all very proud with their engagement and motivation throughout.

Today we planned and carried out a GOAL Science investigation to explore the link between our pulse rate and exercise. We predicted what we thought might happen and discussed variables for the test. Here we are in action!

We have been finding out about our circulatory system in science. Today we researched the heart and then created a scientific diagram to show the main chambers of the heart and label them. There was a super focus in the classroom with this Science GOAL learning. Take a look at the fantastic work which was created. Keep it up Year 6!

Year 6 were very fortunate to have two visitors who came in to talk about their careers.

Doctor Deirdre Hughes OBE came in to talk about the research that she conducts around the world and also she showed us pictures of her meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

We also had a visit from Robert Hughes who discussed his engineering background. The children really enjoyed playing with the moving robot.

We would like to thank them both for inspiring the children.

Today we mastered the hill during paddle boarding and Sophie and Ollie hit the bullseye in archery.

Eleanor and Daneal had a lovely birthday and enjoyed eating their cake around the camp fire whilst toasting marshmallows.

We have really enjoyed the assault course today and we are now taking part in Fun 4. Also, the sun has come back out!

More fun....

Now we have stopped for a breather, here is another attempt at an update of the fun we have been having.

After experiencing a number of technical issues we have persevered in our motivation to update people at home in true Exminster Rainbow Value fashion by eventually getting the blog to post!

We have had a lovely day. Surfing was perfect and the weather has been super. Better get some sleep before paddle boarding, canoeing, high ropes and raft building tomorrow!