Year Six

Year 6 Monarch Portraits

In Year six, our Goal topic is British Kings and Queens. We have been looking at portraits of Queen Elizabeth ll and discussing the styles used by the painters. We will be looking at portraits of other famous royals this half term as well as the lives they led.

Information Texts

In year 6 we are at the end of our English sequence and this week we have been writing our information text hot tasks. Have a look at our work- we have been thinking really carefully about vocabulary- so see if you can spot some of our fantastic word choices.

Times Tables Rockstar Fast Maths

In Year 6 we do fast maths which is division and multiplication questions up to 12x12, we only get three minutes to complete sixty questions. At the end of the week we find out the mean/average of our times. Last weeks average was 54 seconds and this week our average was 46 second, next week we will try to beat this!

Fun with our Rainbow Friends

Some of our Rainbow Friends visited 6NS today to make festive Christmas angels for St Martin's Church. Have a look at us working together!

Rainbow Friends Bunting

Year 6 and their Rainbow friends have had a lovely day working together. In each classroom there have been a range of activities ranging from electrical circuits to Lego and zoo animals! We made bunting by painting our hands. Can you spot the difference between the size of the Year 6 and the Reception child?

Armed Forces Interview

Year 6 had two special visitors from the armed forces. Both were grilled on a variety of questions such as 'what is the hardest part of the army?'  to  'have you ever been in any life threatening situations?' Scarlett commented that it was really interesting and she had learnt a lot about what life is like in the forces. James said that he found it inspiring. Year 6 would like to thank Mr Drake and Mr Barr for their time.

Timestable rockstar day

On the 5th of November we had a timetable Rockstar day we had a assembly were  some teachers went against each other in a rapid fire question arena match.All day we were trying to improve our baseline speed which at the end of the day people that had a speed less than 1.05 seconds.

Timetables Day

On the 5th of November, we had Times Tables Rockstar Day.

We had a very colourful and exciting assembly when some of the teachers played against each other in a match of quick fire arena to see who is the best at 2 to 12 times tables. Other children and teachers have been practising for the tournament at the end of the day.

Our new English sequence

Our new English sequence will use this book as our core text:
Atlas of Oddities by Clive Gifford.
It was a big hit when we started looking at it today-maybe something to think about for the Christmas list!

Thank you Dawlish Rotary Club

Year 6 would like to say a very big thank you to Dawlish Rotary Club for the fantastic dictionaries that they received today. Mr and Mrs Peacock visited to present us with these very useful gifts which are now sitting tidily at our tables ready to be used! As vocabulary is a key focus for us at the moment they could not have come at a better time!

Mapwork in GOAL

We have been exploring maps of Exminster and looking for changes in our village which have happened over time.
We have compared a map from 1890 and 1950 with a map of the village today. We have created map overlays using acetate and tracing paper so that we can see what has happened.
This has made us think about what other development might take place in the future and how much more our village is likely to change...

Like the back of my hand....

To start our GOAL learning we have created this display. You will find it just inside the main entrance. We found the map drawing tricky and had to really use our thinking skills!

An interview with Mr Elliott

Year 6 really enjoyed learning about the role of an armed police response officer today. We got to look at the protective gear, sit in a traffic car and even put the sirens on!
We were astounded that Devon and Cornwall Police receive up to 1600 calls a day!
A huge thanks to Mr Elliott for giving up his time to share with us his journey as a police officer so far.

From Jazz to Pests

What a varied day it has been in Year 6!
We started the morning enjoying the music of professional session musician Ozzie Parker. We were really impressed with his passion and commitment to become a great pianist.
This afternoon, we have welcomed Mr Gibson of Exe Estaury Pest Control into our classroom along with his creepy crawlies and bee hives. It was fascinating to hear about how pests can be managed, the skills needed for the job and we even got to try and dodge a fox deterrent (water spray).
It's been an interactive day which has left us feeling inspired and intrigued for what is to come this week...

Ducks growth

After just a week, while we were at residential, Marcus and Spencer (our ducklings) have grown so much.  They are only 3 weeks old! Every lunch break 4 children from 6HJ look after them for 20 minutes at a time.
The ducks are leaving on Friday. We have all really enjoyed having them around they have shown us responsibility and care.

The last night - off to the Big Sheep

To celebrate our last evening here,  we headed over to the Big Sheep and had sole use of their play barn. Lots of fun was head sliding down the death slide, playing in the ball pit and being squeezed through the squasher. Everyone joined in and had a great time. We are ready for bed now and looking forward to our final activity tomorrow morning. See you all soon.


Orienteering was a challenge today but the children showed excellent teamwork and encouragement when things got tough. They navigated through 9 separate points on a map which took them out of UAC and into the surrounding countryside.
Everyone had a go at map reading and they all had a chance to lead the group.

Raft Building

Group A have been raft building this morning with mixed results! The group split into two teams and had to build their own raft, float across the lake, capture the flag of the opposing team, float back and take the raft out the lake. That was the plan anyway! One teams raft broke apart before it got to the water, the other looked like it should not have been floating but it miraculously made it into the lake. After the raft building the children all had a brilliant time jumping off the jetties into the lake. Very refreshing!

Climbing high

A great morning testing our fear of heights. We all took on the challenges and are really proud. # to infinity and beyond

Morning room inspection

Wow - once again we have been delighted to see the immaculately tidy rooms. Parents you would be proud. It was tricky to choose a winner but room one edged ahead. Well done. We have been treated to songs, dances and raps upon entry along with freshly folded PJs. Looking forward to another fun day.

A super day⚽

Another fab day. We have completed lots of challenges and surprised ourselves with just what we are capable of. Lovely food and ready for more fun tomorrow. Busy at the moment watching the footy - come on England ⚽⚽⚽⚽

Wednesday's news

Fantastic morning raft building and completing the ultimate assault course. Lunch was demolished and we have just spent the first part of the afternoon paddle boarding and kayaking. More later...