Year One

Science - materials

This week in science we have been talking about different properties of materials. We explored the school grounds with our clipboards and talked about why different materials were used for certain jobs. We also learnt that glass is transparent and that is why we use it in windows.

Naughty Bus

Year 1 have been role playing with the Naughty Bus!

Shared story writing

This story has been written, sentence by sentence by 1LV.  Miss Vanstone was blown away by the amazing language the children used.  What a fantastic story!


The boy in the cave, by Class 1LV
The darkness swirls around the dirty cave. The kind, brave boy takes one step forward into the wet, spooky cave. Water drips down on him, he hears a rumbling noise. Cautiously he steps back but rocks fall down and cover the entrance. They boy sees a red bottle of potion. He drinks some, it tastes like pears.
Suddenly he starts getting bigger and bigger and bigger! The boy had grown into a giant man. The giant felt a brown paw on his shoulder. A bear looked at him in nasty way. The giant froze and carefully turned around to see... a mean, snotty, brown and dribbling bear!
Quickly, the giant takes a ruby red apple out of his pocket and throws it at the wild bear. The wild bear picks it up and eats in in one gulp! All of a sudden the bear began to shrink. He shrank to the size of an ant.
The giant laughed for one whole minute, but then a giant, man-eating spider came and picked him up! The big, hairy, man-eating spider wrapped the giant up in his sticky spider's web.
When the spider wasn't looking, the giant sees a bone in the web and uses it to break free. He spots a secret passage way. Attached to the bone he used to break free is a tiny, golden key. 'I wonder if this unlocks that door?' thought the giant.
The giant grabs the key and suddenly begins to shrink back to his original size. He scrambles towards the secret door but he couldn't reach the lock! The spider was close behind him. The boy turned around and jumped onto the spider and managed to reach the lock with the key.
The door flings open and the boy stumbles over a treasure chest full of gold, diamonds and rubies.