Year One

Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS! There has been a mysterious break in over the weekend in Year 1's role play area. The Three Bears' cottage has been ransacked, their porridge was eaten and chairs upturned. Having considered the trail of evidence Year 1 have concluded that it must have been Goldilocks and have created posters describing her. So if you see Goldilocks make sure you tell a teacher immediately!

Model Homes!

To kick start our Spring Topic of Homes, we have been making different types of homes out of junk modelling. Thank you to all our adults who came in to see our models and comment on them in our Learning Journeys.


Key Stage One went to St Martin's Church today to perform the Nativity and share Christmas Wishes. The Christmas story was brought to life with some lovely enthusiastic singing of our Wriggly Nativity songs and acted out by some Year 1 volunteers. Thank you to Reverend John and the parents that came with us.

A Visit From the Dogs Trust

We were lucky enough to have a visit from The Dogs Trust. We learnt about how to look after dogs and also compared a dog's needs to a human. Did you know that there are over 300 types of dogs in the world? We talked about why some dogs have to be looked after at The Dogs Trust.

Cinnamon Snowflakes

Year 1 have been making Cinnamon Snowflakes this week. The children took on the roles of presenters and film recorders! The children learnt how to record a short film on the tablets and made an instructional film, giving clear step by step directions. Ozzy said "They taste like Christmas!"

Physical Theatre To Create A Forest Word Bank

In English we used our imaginations to create freeze frames in groups for parts of the forest like the trees, the bog of doom, the mud, the campfire and the banks. We then came up with interesting words which we used to make our class poem about the forest.

Rainbow Day - Stand Up To Bullying

Today is Rainbow Day, the children have come to school dressed in their Rainbow Day colours. The theme of the day is 'Stand Up To Bullying'. Years 1 and 2 are working together in mixed classes for the day. Children have the opportunity to make new friends and work with different people, celebrate our Rainbow values, discuss what it is to be a good friend and to be kind, discuss feelings and have lots of fun! This is some of the Year 1 and 2 children learning a dance with Mrs Miller. ☺

Football Skills

We have had a great time today stopping the ball and controlling it with our feet. We played a game where we had to dribble the ball and when Mrs Miller blew her whistle we had to stop it with different parts of our bodies. Can you see what body part we had to use?

Our French Breakfast

We enjoyed a super French breakfast this morning with our parents. This was linked to our harvest celebrations. We will talk about the French food tasting tomorrow in our harvest assembly.

We're Going On A Shape Hunt

We went out looking for shapes in the environment. We found so many shapes! Can you name them and describe their properties?

Making ways to 15

We have used a variety of resources to make 15. We recorded the addition sums.

What does hot and cold mixed together?

We answered a child's question about what hot and cold was mixed together. We used cold water and then mixed hot water ( which was steaming). We discovered that the answer was ' warm'. The children observed that it was like the temperature of their bath water at home.

Vegetable Printing

We have been using the texture from the vegetables to create patterns. We have picked an exotic animal to paint. Look out for them on a display board around school. I wonder if you can guess which vegetables made the snake print?

Exeter Exotics Visit

We were really excited about our surprise this morning as Exeter Exotics brought in some animals and reptiles to show the children. This linked with the immersion into our topic ' What is hot and what is cold?' We have learnt lots of facts and enjoyed touching the creatures.

Sports Day 2016

With a sigh of relief, the weather held and the sun came out for Foundation and Keystage One sports day. The children had a brilliant morning performing in a range of different activities in front of family and friends. The children also loved seeing their own mums and dads take part in mum and dad races. Well done to all the children, you were fantastic!

Cricket's future stars?

Last Friday, children from years 1, 2 and 3 took part in a cricket event at Forches Cross. The children went around to different stations where they practised a range of cricket skills. They had a fantastic afternoon and a credit to the Exminster badge they had in their t-shirts. Well done everyone!

Brazilian cheese bread - pão de queijo

On Thursday morning, we made some Brazilian cheese bread. We worked in groups to weigh out the ingredients, grate the parmesan and whisk it all together. We used tapioca flour which reacted very differently to your normal flour! The kitchen then cooked our dough and we were able to eat them after lunch. When the children came back into class after lunch, Amber said that the room smelt like smelly feet! And I have to agree it did a little. But they turned out really well and we all, well most of us, really enjoyed them!

If you want to make them at home, the website is attached:

Exminster's own Rio Carnival!

On Wednesday afternoon, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 put on their own Rio de Janeiro carnival. We were blessed South American weather as well!

Our Topic this term is linked to the Olympics and everything Brazilian. For the carnival the children made hats that they had designed based on images of the carnival and we made our own decorative shakers. Years 3, 4 and 5 came to watch the procession alongside family and friends of the children. Mrs Miller and Mrs Martin led the procession with the children dancing through the playground.

Donkey Sanctuary

On Friday afternoon Foundation and Keystage 1 had some very special visitors. The Donkey Sanctuary, from Sidmouth, came to Exminster. We had an assembly to tell us all about their mission and the work that they do with the donkeys and then we had the opportunity to meet two of them.

If you want to find out more about the Donkey Sanctuary you can visit their website at

Beach Clean

Last weekend, Max in Class 1S went to the beach to play football with his dad. Max saw that whilst playing that there was lots of litter lying around. He took it upon himself to do a beach clean there and then. Max found a sock, insole, a shoe, wool, lots of plastic bags, bottle tops and a massive juice bottle. He raised some money in the process and donated it to Nayamba School. Well done Max.

Off with your hair!

Florence in 1S has had her hair chopped off over the weekend to raise money for Nayamba School in Zambia. She has raised over 100 pounds to give to the school to help them continue to support the 200 children they have attending. The school in Zambia has already been able to provide a 3 classroom building, textbooks for core subjects, 1 qualified teacher and 2 assistant teachers. Well done Florence. We are supper proud of you and the money you've raised will go a long way to support them.

The Butterflies Set Free

Last week in Year 1 the butterflies hatched and we set them free! We have seen them grow from tiny little caterpillars through to them breaking free from their chrysalis and setting them free.

Summer visit to the allotment

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 1 went back to the allotment to see how it has changed. Mrs Pike talked about the new plants that have been planted and how some of the vegetables are very close to being harvested. We also had the opportunity to measure different plants using our rulers and helped out with the watering.