Year One

Money, money, money!

This week in maths Year 1 have been using real money to make totals in different ways. Pupils enjoyed finding different combinations of coins that were equal to each other. Pupils have become confident in 2s, 5s, 10s using 2ps, 5ps and 10ps. Many pupils have also made coin rubbings for their home learning over the last two weeks. We hope pupils will be able to use their new knowledge to role play in the Year 1 shop next week!

Once upon a time...

Pupils used 'Paint' apps to create their fairytale/traditional tale characters. Which characters can you spot?


Read all about it! Read all about it!

Year 1 have been learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Pupils worked on freeze frames for the following newspaper headlines based on the story:




Can you match the photographs with the headlines? 


Smells Like Christmas!

How To Make Cinnamon Snowflakes

You will need:

  • a wrap
  • spray oil
  • cinnamon
  • sugar


1. First fold the wrap in quarters and cut out triangles.


2. Next spray it with oil.


3. Then sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

4. Now cook it in the oven (for a few minutes) and enjoy!

Pupils enjoyed making Cinnamon Snowflakes last week. They gave instructions about how to make them and filmed each other using the tablets. This week pupils have written their own set of instructions. The instructions above were written by Lilly and by Ava. 

How to Brush Your Teeth


The children have been busy following instructions and writing instructions. Using 'First', 'Then', 'Next' and 'Finally' and including bossy verbs in their instruction writing.


When you brush your teeth you should use a dry brush, brush in small circles and you should not rinse your mouth.

Capital Letter Hunting

In G.O.A.L children used ultra violet lights to search for the capital letters that were written in invisible ink. They then practised forming the capital letters. Well done letter hunters!



Our new English sequence is instruction writing we started by writing instructions for how to set up a hamster cage.

Me and My Shadow

As part of Topic in Year 1, we have been looking at shadows and how they are created. We had the perfect opportunity on Thursday to get out and explore the shadows we could find in the school playground. We also made shadow puppets with our hands and drew around the shadows of different items to see how they changed later in the day.  We are going to use our understanding of how shadows are made and use this to discover the science behind night and day.

Some of the children’s comments:

“When it is sunny, your shadow copies you.”

“When you walk around, your shadow will follow you.”

“When the sun is behind you, you block the sun and that creates the shadow on the floor.”

Exeter Forest School

Year 1 had a great time at Exeter Forest School. We were able to do lots of fun and very messy activities that related to our ‘What is Hot and What is Cold?’ topic, linking it to Fireworks Night. The children were able to make firework pictures using only natural resources they could find and they made their own fires to cook marshmallows on.  The children also got to make their own dens and discover the different areas on the site such as Mud Mount, the Bog of Doom and the mud kitchen. 

Exeter Exotics

On Wednesday we surprised the children with a visit from Exeter Exotics as part of our Hot and Cold topic. The children met a corn snake, a blue tongued skink, a baby sugar glider, a black and white Argentine tegu, a tarantula and two skunks! They learnt where they come from, how each animal is adapted to the country they live in and what they eat. We all had a fantastic time. Thank you to Exeter Exotics.

New beginnings and some new faces!

It was lovely to welcome Year 1 to school today and we had some new faces too. Neil and Jenny the tortoises! The tortoises' visit was very exciting and the children found out that they are herbivores, that tortoises hibernate and what makes them living creatures. Children felt and described their shells and drew pictures of them. We look forward to having the tortoises with us for the rest of the week.

Mrs Whalley visits Year 1

Year 1 really enjoyed finding out about Mrs Whalley's most recent visit to Nayamba in Zambia. Pupils had thought of lots of questions to ask and they listened with interest as Mrs Whalley told them about the Nayamba school day and the children's lives. Year 1 were fascinated to learn the children didn't have any toys and that they made their own. We loved seeing the photos and looking at how happy children were using and playing with resources that had been brought over.
We will have to incorporate toy making into our GOAL time!

Our visit to the allotment

We have enjoyed going to the allotment today. We looked at all the fruit and vegetable plants and then shared our own growing stories. Finally we planted some Swiss Chard seeds. We think they may be sprouting when we visit the allotment again. Mrs Pike picked us some strawberries which were ready and after washing them we tried them back at school. The strawberries were delicious!

Grow, grow, grow

Look at our amazing planters! Year 1 pupils were busy in the Easter holidays creating these wonderful recycled and up recycled planters. We have enjoyed having them in our classrooms and now they will be displayed in our door area. Thank you for your efforts Year 1.

Toby's Reclamation

Toby's Reclamation kindly lent Year 1 some of their treasures! The children were able to organise the artefacts into old, new and from a long time ago. Pupils enjoyed studying the items carefully and creating an observational drawing. Maisie's and Jessica's artwork can be seen in the photographs. Pupils were also able to compare how things have changed with the invention of electricity, batteries and the use of plastic. Pupils looked at old and new irons, door bells, sewing machines and weighing scales and considered how they have changed and developed. Many thanks to Toby's Reclamation.

Year 1 Dance Festival

Year one had an exciting morning at Blackpool School sharing some dance moves, sharing dances and learning a superhero dance. We very tired in the afternoon from all the exercise!

Excellent Home Learning!

Well done to Matthew who completed his maths challenge which was to fit 30 objects in a tiny matchbox!

World Book Day

Thank you so much to parents/guardians and children for the amazing effort that was put into the children's World Book Day costumes. The pupils looked fantastic and it made the day feel really special! After showing off our costumes and explaining a little bit about our favourite book characters  Year 1 and Year 2 teamed up to research different authors and make posters. We spent some time sharing books with class 4W/5C which the children really loved and we finished the day with a sharing assembly.
Everyone went home with a World Book Day voucher - don't forget to use yours before 26th March!

Our Visit to the Model Village

We had a wonderful time at the model village today. We loved looking at the tiny houses, buildings and people. The children couldn't quite believe their eyes and were so excited and enthusiastic about the village.  We picked three places for our innovate section of our sequence linked to ' Naughty Bus' . The pond, the dragon figure and the zoo!

It's Problem Solving Week

We have been solving number problems involving 100 ants. We have sorted them into a variety of arrays.

A Tall Tale

This week in GOAL time children have been writing their own stories. Kade worked very hard on his extremely long story! In this photo his friends are helping him to hold it, they had to be photographed on the playground it was so long. Christabel and Georgiana showed brilliant engagement and motivation writing stories that stretched across the whole classroom!

We're going on a chimney hunt!

As part of our homes topic Year 1 went on a hunt to see what different types of chimneys we could find. We also answered Marcus's topic question: ' Why do some houses have chimneys and some don't?'
These are some photos of the chimneys that we found. Photos taken by the Year 1 pupils.

Our Story Settings

We have thought about the settings of our new story which we are writing in the ' invent' stage. We painted some interesting story settings. We are going to send our stories to Nick Sharrat as we have used You Choose for inspiration in the ' innovate' section of our writing sequence.