Travel Agencies Open for Business

Yesterday, Year 4 transformed their classrooms into Travel Agencies to sell their holiday packages they had been planning to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games. For our topic, we have been have planning a journey abroad. We have had to problem solve and work out how to keep the flights, hotels and activities within a £15,000 budget. We only had the prices for each activity per person but we had to plan the holiday for a family of 4! We each had a role: Admin Assistant, Budget Planner and Sales Representative. The budget planner had to make sure we were being sensible with our money!

The Marvellous Travel Agents, Explosive and Blast A Home Holidays won gold, silver and bronze taking the sweep of the bookings.

"It was fun because we got to spend time with the other class and we got to pretend we were travel agents" Nicola Kriel - 4W.

"We had fun selling our holidays that we had planned and booked in groups. We learnt that the Amazon Rainforest spreads across South America and it is not just in Brazil." - Laura Tyler - 4W