DSSP Year 4 Handball Festival

On Thursday 9th February 2017, Year 4 went to a DSSP Handball Festival at South Dartmoor Community College in Ashburton.

The children were paired off and put into one of the 18 teams at the festival. They rotated around 6 activities over the course of the afternoon.

Every child showed the Exminster spirit and commitment to outstanding behaviour throughout. The only complaints were to be found from grumbling adults about the low temperature, which the children didn't seem to notice.

The event was a complete success and some children made friends with children from other schools, which highlights the value of the events attended by Exminster school.

Jessica: "It was amazing because we did loads of different activities like shooting, stuck in the mud and truck and trailer."

Matthew: "I really liked it when we had a little go at trying to do a match because it kept me motivated and it kept me warm!"