Year Four

Careers Week

This week we have been very lucky with all of the generous volunteers coming into school and talking to the children about their careers. On Monday we had visits from the army, the police and the navy where the children learnt about survival skills, riot control and clearance diving. On Tuesday we had two scientists visit us from the MET Office and a professor from the University of Exeter. They discussed their professional journies and aspects of science and maths that are important for their jobs. On Thursday we had a medical afternoon where we were visited by nurses, a physiotherapist and a pharmacist. The children loved all of the different medical equipment and clothing.

Thank you to all of the volunteers we have had. The children have had a fantastic week and really loved hearing about everyone's jobs and experiences.

Sports Relief Mile

Well done to the children in 4M who took part in physical activity for Sports Relief. They tried to complete 12 laps of the field. Everybody showed great effort and determination.

Warburton's Food Workshop

On Thursday, the Year 4 children were very excited to welcome Warburtons into their classroom. They learnt about the eatwell plate, healthy food choices and reducing food and product waste. The children also got to make there own healthy sandwiches and learnt about food safety and hygiene.

Year 4 Reading Cafe

Thank you to everybody who was able to attend the reading cafe on Tuesday afternoon. The children had a really enjoyable time sharing books and discussing the types of texts they like to read.

Year 4 Visit to Kents Cavern

On Thursday, the Year 4 children enjoyed their visit to Kents Cavern. They found out about the history of the caves and what prehistoric life would have been like. Thank you to our volunteers who came along to help out with the trip.

Year 4 Arts Project

Year 4 made some fantastic prints for Arts Week. They were extremely grateful to work with Simon Ripley who is an experienced print artist.

Keeping Our Teeth Healthy

This week the children have set up an experiment to see which drink is the best and worst for our teeth. Most children have predicted that coke will cause the most damage to the egg shells because they think it has the highest sugar level. They also said water would cause the least damage to the egg shells as it doesn't have any sugar. We will be keeping a close eye on the investigation and will write up our findings next week.

Stone Age Cave Paintings

In Year 4 we have been looking at cave paintings and what they tell us about prehistoric life. The children created their own paintings by using different textures and sketching incharcoal.

Year 4 GOAL

This week in Year 4 we are looking at inspirational figures and values that are important to us. We wrote a letter in the shoes of Zaccheus and explained how Jesus had helped transform his life.

Australian Artwork

This week in Year 4 the children have been working hard on their Aboringinal artwork. They created a first draft design and gave each other some feedback about how they could improve them. They are now beginning to wash their final designs with water colours. Next week, the children will be using fine amounts of poster paint to dot on the detail of their designs.

DSSP Year 4 Handball Festival

On Thursday 9th February 2017, Year 4 went to a DSSP Handball Festival at South Dartmoor Community College in Ashburton.

The children were paired off and put into one of the 18 teams at the festival. They rotated around 6 activities over the course of the afternoon.

Every child showed the Exminster spirit and commitment to outstanding behaviour throughout. The only complaints were to be found from grumbling adults about the low temperature, which the children didn't seem to notice.

The event was a complete success and some children made friends with children from other schools, which highlights the value of the events attended by Exminster school.

Jessica: "It was amazing because we did loads of different activities like shooting, stuck in the mud and truck and trailer."

Matthew: "I really liked it when we had a little go at trying to do a match because it kept me motivated and it kept me warm!"

Exeter Chiefs Tag Rugby Festival

On Thursday, 20 children from Year 4 took part in a Tag Rugby Festival organised by Exeter Chiefs through their Tackling Numbers project they run in schools.

The children had an amazing day and were a credit to themselves with their behaviour and sportsmanship. Their results were not bad either. In the 8 games they played, they won 6, lost 1 and drew 1.

Congratulations to two of the children as they were picked out by the referees and Chiefs organisers as the two players who stood out out of all the children participating.

Amazing effort Year 4!

Exeter Chiefs - Tackling Numbers

Over the last 5 weeks Exeter Chiefs' Community team have been into deliver their Tackling Numbers programme. They have been teaching both the classes all about Tag Rugby but also putting maths into context. The children have looked at league tables, designed their own stadium and used the players' playing statistics and personal data. They have had an amazing couple of weeks and look forward to taking part in a Tag Rugby tournament next week.

Jake's surprise

Jake had a surprise in Together time last week when he discovered that his RE work had been marked by his hero, Jack Nowell. Jake chose Jack as his inspirational figure because "he has reached his potential in rugby as he plays for Exeter Chiefs and England." Jack was particularly impressed with Jake's drawing of him with his famous ponytail. Well done Jake.

4S Wildside Experience

Wow! What a fantastic couple of days 4S we had with Richard, Alison, James and Pippa, the amazing leaders and hosts at the Wildside Experience. The children shared some fantastic experiences which I'm sure they won't forget any time soon. They were also praised for their perseverance, bravery and support of each other. Base Camp

Wildside Walk

Listening to nature


Rope Walk

Ice Cream Time


Bath Time

Dinner Time

Getting ready for the night walk

Wakey Wakey

Morning Walk

Breakfast Time


Lunch Time

Camping cannot be complete without marshmallows!

It took a lot out of us! Tired zzzzzzz

Campsite pets

The 'Wildside' of 4W

4W have spent the last two days having a great time at the Wildside Experience in Hemyock. The nights camping was thoroughly enjoyed by the class and they were commended on how polite, attentive, supportive and creative they were.
Below are some photographs of the fun:

Read more: The 'Wildside' of 4W

Travel Agencies Open for Business

Yesterday, Year 4 transformed their classrooms into Travel Agencies to sell their holiday packages they had been planning to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games. For our topic, we have been have planning a journey abroad. We have had to problem solve and work out how to keep the flights, hotels and activities within a £15,000 budget. We only had the prices for each activity per person but we had to plan the holiday for a family of 4! We each had a role: Admin Assistant, Budget Planner and Sales Representative. The budget planner had to make sure we were being sensible with our money!

The Marvellous Travel Agents, Explosive and Blast A Home Holidays won gold, silver and bronze taking the sweep of the bookings.

"It was fun because we got to spend time with the other class and we got to pretend we were travel agents" Nicola Kriel - 4W.

"We had fun selling our holidays that we had planned and booked in groups. We learnt that the Amazon Rainforest spreads across South America and it is not just in Brazil." - Laura Tyler - 4W

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

This week the children in Year 4 have been creating their own two-step addition and subtraction word problems for each other to solve. Here is a fantastic example of one by Harry Baker.

Letter Writing

This week the children in Year 4 had a special visit from Mrs Pullen. Mrs Pullen works for the Exeter-Ethiopia Link and has established a link between Exminster and schools in Ethiopia. Mrs Pullen talked about the lives of children in Ethiopia and how they are similar and different to the children's lives in Exminster. The children had received letters from their pen pals and were inspired to write a response to their new friends.

Year 4 Handball Festival

On Monday 14th March, all Year 4 children participated in a handball festival as part of Sports Relief Week. It was great to see the children including each other in their teams and having to think about their decisions. The children displayed fantastic sportsmanship and had lots of fun!

Samuel said: "I found refereeing fun because you get to see how people improve and play fairly."

Ella: "I liked that everybody in my team weren't fussing over the scores and showed great sportsmanship."

Rio: "I thought I did really well in goal because I saved lots of shots."

Maddie: "I really enjoyed it because the referees were fair and I thought I improved my defending skills."

Dancing Like Animals

This week in year 4 the children have been developing their own dances. They have used their science topic - living things and their habitats - to help inspire their ideas. 4M decided to base their dance on a the movement of a monkey and 4W decided to base their movements on a frog.

Fantastic Home Learning

The standard of homework continues to amaze in Year 4. Soon we will need an extension build on the back of the classroom to accommodate them all! Please have a look at some of our trenches and Stonehenge.




Performance Poetry

This week we have been looking at a number of different poems. We have thought about how we can present them and experimented with using different voices and actions. Please have a look at our video.

The Stone Age

 This week we have been drawing pictures of artefacts and buildings used in the Stone age. We have been paying particular attention to detail.