Year Five

The Thing

This week, in our Vicious Viking topic, we created 'The Thing'. This is the Viking version of parliament.
We role-played being a Viking family.
We had to make a very important decision about whether to leave our lands and re-settle in another land. Our chieftain promised us we would have more fertile soil and be wealthier.
After much debate, we decided to leave and travel over seas to new lands.

Amazing School Librarians

Our school librarians in Year 5 really care about our library and making sure children in Year 5, and throughout the school, enjoy using it.
So much so, that Scarlett in 5N has spent her lunchtime today creating eye-catching displays to help children find books they might enjoy.
Well done Scarlett, we love your inspirational quotes!

Saxon Showcase

Thank you to all the adults who celebrated our learning with us on Friday afternoon!
We loved sharing our home learning projects and GOAL projects with you.
We are looking forward to reflecting on your comments this week.

Saxon Showcase Preparations

We are looking forward to sharing our learning with our adults this Friday (9th - 2.30pm) at our Saxon Showcase. Preparations are well underway. We have been designing Saxon items to share: shields, brooches, buckles and jewellery. We have had to work to a design brief, designing for either Martha - a wife of Saxon land owner - or Peter - a Saxon farmer.
This has been part of our GOAL learning so we have had to plan our projects and the resources we have used.
We can't wait to share them with you.

The Promise

Last Friday, we invited Year 6 to come and listen to our writing based on the book 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies.
It was a great experience to share our creativity with Year 6 and get their advice on how we could improve our work.

Some of the comments from Year 6 included:

'Wow! This is incredible. Your description makes me want to read more. How is this not published yet?'
' You have widened your vocabulary, for example 'devouring', and you have made a story that makes you want to read more.'
'I liked the fact that it was different and you have used cohesion and description'

Thank you Year 6 for all your advice!

We have now moved on to learn about performance poetry, in particular Benjamin Zephaniah's Talking Turkeys!

The Smashing Saxons

This half term, our topic is The Smashing Saxons!
We started the topic with a Saxon drama afternoon.
Splitting our classes into two halves - the Britons vs the Saxons - we dramatised the tough decision about whether to live in peace with the Anglo-Saxons or fight them.
Mrs Norris and Miss Vass only told us parts of the story so we had to listen to others in our group to make up our minds.
Once we learnt that a Briton had been injured by a Saxon army, we were ready to defend our land.
Our appointed Chieftains led our council meetings, successfully keeping the peace.
More news to follow about our Saxon feast...!

Remembrance Day in Year 5

We started the day by transforming 5N into an air raid shelter. Inside the shelter, we imagined what it would be like to listen to Churchill's finest hour speech and lose our loved ones to war. We each drew a visualisation of how we were feeling.
Next, we made memory boxes, just like the ones children would have made whilst they were in an air raid shelter.
In the afternoon, we were evacuees! We each received a destination card and had to work in groups to research the new location we were being sent to and what life was like for evacuees in World War 2.
There were some fantastic costumes,
so well done Year 5 for getting into the spirit of it!

Space Lab Experience

On Monday, Year 5 welcomed Mr Murray in to share his Space Lab with us. The planetarium show was fascinating and we really enjoyed crawling through the tunnel to get inside. Once inside, we learnt all about the planets in our solar system. If you were born on Mercury, you would have a birthday every three months!!
We also looked at stars and learnt how to use the north star to find which way to travel. It was amazing to see how the night sky changes each season.

We also tried some space food. The texture was strange in our mouths. We liked the freeze dried ice cream the best.

'It was amazing how real the stars were' - Gregory
'I learnt that two stars point to the north star' - Emily
'I learnt there are dwarf planets. One is called Pluto' - Lucy

White Chocolate Strawberry Eyeballs

This week we have started a new sequence in English called 'Incredible Edibles'. We are learning about instruction texts and how to create a successful set of instructions. We are planning to create a class cookbook of revolting recipes to take home and try out on our adults at home!

Today, we tried out a recipe from the book 'Incredible Edibles' by Stefan Gates. We made White Chocolate Strawberry Eyeballs!

They look revolting but taste delicious.

Mayan murals

To finish off our Mayan art project, we have been looking at the difference between Mayan childhood and modern day childhood. The Maya learnt everyday skills from the elders in their families and community, such as weaving and hunting. They depicted these skills in murals so we decided to create a class mural. Using cardboard and paint, we painted our murals showing either Mayan scenes of everyday life or modern day life.
'We used our art books to sketch out a Mayan design, then we painted it into our boxes.' Callum Craske
' I found it fun painting the boxes to make into a tower. We used community to help us complete it as we had to share one box between four of us' Lucy Walsh.
Next week, we are going to learn how to weave a Mayan placemat!

The Maya

For the launch of our topic this term, we became, for an afternoon, chocolate conossieurs. Tasting and testing a variety of hot chocolates was a welcome treat. We reviewed them based on sweetness, flavour and colour. We discovered that The Maya first discovered chocolate and used it for a whole range of purposes, including medicinal!
We have also started to create a Mayan hieroglyph representing the values of our classes. We are using jungle animals in our hieroglyphs to represent creativity, strength and team work, to name a few!
We had to tea-stain paper to create a tree bark effect. We are going to put our final design onto our tree bark later this week.
Klara said, "I'm drawing a leopard's eye because they are always focussed."

Oh Hailstone!

This week, Year 5 have got off to an inspirational start in their maths learning. Following Jo Boaler's youcubed creative maths ideas, we have been investigating what it means to be creative in maths, to think deeply and celebrate mistakes. We've been learning that our brains make new pathways when we make a mistake which means our brains actually grow!
Today, we have been investigating a world-wide unsolved maths problem - The Hailstone sequence.
We had to look for patterns and relationships between the numbers in our sequences to form a conjecture - this is like a prediction based on the data we know and see.
We've had to use motivation and engagement to try to solve the problem.

Thank you Year 5!

Thank you so much to the children in Year 5 for our lovely end of year gifts and cards. It was very thoughtful of you. Have a wonderful summer and have lots of fun!
From Mrs Syd, Mrs Norman and Miss Vass

Six Superheroes

We had a great transition day yesterday thinking about how we are going to reach our full potential in Year 6.  We designed our own superhero costumes and thought about our super powers- all the qualities that make us good learners. The superhero display board is up in each Year 6 classroom ready for September. Take a peek here!

Year 6 teach us maths!

We were very lucky to have some 'teachers' from year 6 working with us for maths today. The year 6 children planned and resourced a lesson which they came to teach us in small groups. We really enjoyed the activities that they had prepared for us. Thank you year 6!

Green Fingers in Year 5!

This morning we visited the allotment to check on Oliver's vegetable and flower patch. We did a a bit of watering while we were there and nibbled on lettuce, peas and strawberries. Yum!

Order in the Court!

Year 5 were very lucky to have a visit from some real magistrates last week. They talked through what it is like to be in a magistrates court and we did some role play of a court case. Thank you to Roger and Liz for taking the time to visit us.

Science Day at Isca

We had a great day at Isca today trying out different challenges, investigations and experiments. Have a look at what we got up to!

Year 5 Olympic Parade

It was lovely to welcome so many parents and carers to Year 5 today to see our topic homework. The children have been really busy working on their projects this half term, and today we got to see the results of their hard work! Thank you to everyone that came for your positive comments and feedback to the children. And well done Year 5 for your magnificent efforts.

Allan Ahlberg poetry

We have been looking at poetry by Allan Ahlberg this week. He is a poet and author who used to be a primary school teacher. His poems are all about children and things that happen at school and they really make us chuckle.

We have been reading his poems and discussing what we like about them. One of our favourites is 'Please Mrs Butler'. It begins like this:


'Please Mrs Butler

This boy Derek Drew

Keeps copying my work, Miss

What shall I do?'


Next week we will be writing our own versions of this poem, beginning, 'Please Mrs Whalley!' 

Watch this space for some funny Year 5 poetry coming soon...

Handball for Sport Relief

What a fantastic afternoon we had at the Deepway tennis court on Tuesday 15th March. Mrs Mason has been coaching us on our Handball skills this term and we got to put them into practice with a Year 5 Handball Tournament. We were split into mixed teams of 4 and we played 5 minute matches against all the other teams. If we were not playing we refereed matches to help out. It was a closely fought battle and the two winning teams at the end of the day were Team 4 and Team 11. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to do this activity as a whole year group and Miss Vass and Mrs Sydenham were very proud of the improvements we have made with our game playing skills and strategies. 

My Box of Delights Homework

We were very proud of all the children in Year 5 this week. For the whole of this half term, the children have been putting together a project called 'My Box of Delights'. This involved designing a box, inspired by one of our focus artists, and then filling the box with items that were special to each child. There were also opportunites to draw and paint in the style of the artist, and to find out more information about the artist's life and work.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 10th February, everyone shared their work and we got a chance to see what everybody had been up to. There were some really creative boxes on show and some fantastic items tucked away inside them- from baby photgraphs to first shoes; football medals and gymnastic badges; tooth fairy boxes and locks of hair!

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and it certainly taught us a lot about our clever and creative year group. Well done Year 5!

DLP Tag Rugby Festival

With the 2015 Rugby World Cup still in full swing, six schools from across the Dawlish Learning Partnership joined together for a Tag Rugby Festival. Tag Rugby is a safe, fun and exciting form of non-contact rugby as there are no scrums, line-outs or tackling allowed.


On a chilly Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 children from Exminster, Kenton, Cockwood, Starcross & Westcliff Primary Schools along with Gatehouse ACE Academy met at the Sandy Lane Astro pitches in Dawlish to play a number of matches. The games were kindly refereed by sports leaders from Dawlish Community College.


As it was a fun festival event, there was no overall winning team but medals were awarded to players who showed great spirit, enthusiasm and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon and everyone went away with a certificate for taking part and representing their school. Exminster did extremely well winning 3 of their games and drawing the other 2. Thanks to all the staff and parents who made this event possible. A great time was had by all.