Year Five

Harry Potter Drama

What a morning! We had the absolute pleasure of welcoming some PGCE drama students into Year 5 for the morning this Friday. We were using drama to explore Harry Potter (our writing sequence at the moment.)
We explored The Dursley characters and looked at how to physicalise their characters to display emotion and atmosphere.
Next, we linked this to our writing. We can't wait to see all the creative ideas that come from this in the upcoming week.

Science Day Dinosaurs

What an incredible Science Day! After a jam-packed morning creating a play about the life of Mary Anning and investigating if Dinosaurs were warm or cold-blooded, we went on to create a dinosaur which could survive extinction. Some of us researched extinction theories and presented our findings to the rest of year whilst others worked in groups to make the toughest Dinosaur.

Ology Texts

Today we shared our writing with Year 6. We have been writing ology texts about mythical creatures. We've looked at Dinosaurology and were so inspired, we have been busy writing our own diaries about our voyages to far away lands hunting for unicorns, Hippogriffs, dragons, goblins and much more.
We also merged our English learning with our GOAL presentation skills so we could present our diaries authentically.
Matthew: 'I loved describing what happened in my journey. I chose to write about the land of virtual myths and I focussed on two myths to help me shape my diary'

Exeter Exotics

On Friday, we had Exeter Exotics visit us to help us with our Dinosaur research. We were answering Sophie's question: what animals are descendants of Dinosaurs?
We're looking forward to writing a review of their visit later this week.
They brought with them, Cornflake, the cornsnake, Razor, the bearded dragon and BiBi the skunk amongst others.
We were allowed to meet the animals up close and ask lots of interesting questions.

Dinosaur Excavation

We received a letter from paleontologist William Buckland explaining that an Allosaurus had rampaged through Exminster Fossil site on Tuesday night, leaving an unhatched egg and destroying Buckland's finds.
We set to work hunting for the Allosaurus egg and Buckland's excavation packs.
We then completed Buckland's research and classified the Dino remains into groups.

A trade's a trade!

This week we have been learning about Viking trade. The Vikings travelled to far away seas in order to collect valuable goods.
We re-created a trade between the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. The Anglo-Saxons had the advantage - they were settled on mainland england.
The Vikings lost traders and resources on the way, giving them a disadvantage. This was tricky to handle and we had to use all our rainbow values to keep going and secure some successful trade deals!

The Thing

This week, in our Vicious Viking topic, we created 'The Thing'. This is the Viking version of parliament.
We role-played being a Viking family.
We had to make a very important decision about whether to leave our lands and re-settle in another land. Our chieftain promised us we would have more fertile soil and be wealthier.
After much debate, we decided to leave and travel over seas to new lands.

Amazing School Librarians

Our school librarians in Year 5 really care about our library and making sure children in Year 5, and throughout the school, enjoy using it.
So much so, that Scarlett in 5N has spent her lunchtime today creating eye-catching displays to help children find books they might enjoy.
Well done Scarlett, we love your inspirational quotes!