Year Five

Pencil Cases!

We have been using our knowledge of 3d shapes to come up with a new design for a pencil case to be sold at 'Smiggle'. Here we are using construction links to experiment with shapes and designs.

A visit from Becky Bettesworth

To celebrate Arts week Years 5/6 had a visit from Becky Bettesworth. She told us about her inspiration and was asked a lot of questions by the children. Year 6 created travel posters of places that inspired. Year 5 showed her their own creations based upon her artwork. All of the art from the week was displayed in the hall.

Goal Song Writing

In Year 5 we have been making song lyrics about the environment.We were writing the lyrics in groups of about 5. Each group worked together and worked brilliantly. Everyone helped to come up with the lyrics.At first we looked at 5 songs they were: Bob Marley, Passenger, The Black Eyed Peas, AC/DC and One Direction.Then we looked at a song by Michael Jackson called Earth Song.We had four backing tracks and each group chose one of them and performed their song to the class. We had a focus on riffs, tempo, melodies,  verses, different pitches, bridges and choruses. Written by the Digital Leaders.

GOAL Learning in Year 5

In Year 5 we have been learning about different materials such as metal,wood,fabric,plastic and glass. Here are some examples of our work.

AR Reading Competition

5HJ won the Autumn AR Reading Competition, and got the trophy. Our class had 6,600,831 words to the other class's 5,261,052. Roll on the battle in the Spring Term!
Above: the trophy and the amount of words we read.

Performance Poetry!

This week we have been learning Michael Rosens 'Don't' poem. We have been practising adding actions, gestures and working on the pace and expression. Please have a look at our final performances. 

Information Texts

In English we have been writing our innovate. We have been studying a non fiction text. We researched our own facts about an animal of our choice and then grouped the ideas into paragraphs. We have had a big focus on punctuation. Here are a couple of ours. 

Christmas decorations.

Christmas trees and little  bobble hats.

Christmas trees:

For the trees, we had to get a perfect triangle and stick strips of paper on them.

Bobble hats

We used wool and lots of effort to create these amazing decorations.

Spacelab Planetarium

This morning we had a visit from Mr Barber and the Spacelab Planetarium. It was fantastic! Have a look at our photos- none from inside unfortunately as it was so dark!

All about Dragonology

In Year 5 , we have been creating our own presentation on the book Dragonology.

We had 2 lessons to do it and some of us did a power point presentation,a poster or an interview.  We had a copy of the text and then we had to notice all its parts, we had to point out pieces of the text that engaged us.

Becoming a Dragonologist!

Our new English teaching sequence is based around the book ' Dragonology' by Dugald Steer. We have been immersing ourselves in the text this week, looking at text features and the language used. We will use what we have found out to write our own -ology texts over the next few weeks.

Indoor P.E.

Visit from the Fire Service

We were very lucky today to have a visit from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue. We took part in a workshop and discussed the different services that the Fire Brigade provide. We also found out about what happens if you make a hoax call, how to test your smoke alarm and how to 'Stop,Drop and Roll'. Have a look at our photos of the visit.

A fun end to the half term

Today in Year 5, we enjoyed playing and sharing a selection of Maths games. We had to use various skills and knowledge. Some of the games were more strategic and we became a little competitive but all in a good natured way!

We also enjoyed completing our French projects this afternoon. Over the last few weeks, we have created and researched a question of our choice about the Geography of France. They are super!

The children have worked hard this term and settled into Year 5 brilliantly.

Have a lovely half term.

The Big Build

We have been busy this week using our architect's drawings to construct our Mayan pyramids and palaces. We made our models using card and used the joining, cutting and finishing skills that we have been learning. Our classroom was a bit messy but it was great fun! Then, we were able to paint our models. They are red as the Mayan pyramids and temples were red like blood as they believed the buildings were living things.

Mayan Temples

In Year 5 we have been making Mayan temples using cardboard, glue, tape and clay. It was very fun and we are looking forward to doing a similar project. First we made the bases of the temples using cardboard then we taped them together using masking tape. Finally we painted the temples red using paint but the Mayans would have used blood, then they were left from dry. Joe and James

Cross Country Challenge

Well done to all those children from 5NS who took part in a cross country event at Stover School on Tuesday 26th September. Congratulations Harry, Finn, Molly, Alfie and Georgia and Matthew.

Hot Chocolate- yum!

The Mayans were very fond of hot chocolate. We are comparing foods that the Mayans might have tried with our diet now. Mayan people added spices,  honey, vanilla and chilli to their hot chocolate to enhance the flavour. Toy we tasted hot chocolate with orange, strawberry, salted caramel and mint. We then reviewed each one for taste, smell and appearance. Then we are going to design our own super hot chocolate drinks.

Marvellous Mayan Masks

We have started year 5 by getting very creative! We have been designing and making Mayan masks to introduce our Mayan topic. Once they are finished we will put them onto the Year 5 display board which is just opposite the staff room. Look out for our magnificent masks soon.

Bug and Bee Hotels

Year 5 have been getting ready for the summer fair this week. We have started to construct and build our bug and bee hotels. Thanks for all the extra resources that have been provided.

Big Maths

Today we have been doing some BIG maths. Focusing on creating mathematical statements, we've been getting creative looking at the relationships between measure and number.

The Water Cycle

This week for GOAL, we are doing Geography. Today, we have been looking at The Water Cycle.
Here is some of our work.
Kiera wrote this poem...
Water evaporation to the clouds
Always going round
Time for condensation
Every time it has precipitation
Runs off surface
Collection time
You know the water cycle
Can you say, 'The Water Cycle'?
Let's do it

GOAL sharing

A huge thank you to Year 1 for coming to see our dinosaur DT projects this afternoon. We have been busy creating Mesozoic landscapes or designing a new breed of dinosaur in the form of a 3D model.
Here are some pictures of our fun afternoon:

Our games morning

A huge thank you to all the adults who attended our games morning. We really enjoyed sharing some of our favourite maths and spelling games with you. We hope you can try some of these at home.