Year Five

Our completed screen printing.

Over the weekend, our screen printing (that we started on Friday) dried completely. We are really pleased with the result and are looking forward to seeing it hanging up.

Screen Printing

In Year 5  we have been doing art. Teachers from Dawlish came in to teach us skills involved in screen printing. First we had to draw a picture with a seaside theme. Then we cut it out around the outline of the shape. After that we carefully cut out the details with a craft knife and added tissue paper. Finally we had to put a screen with paint over the top of the bunting. Please have a look at the finished product!

We The Curious

Our trip to Bristol was fantastic! We loved the Forensics Workshop and had a great time looking at all the interactive exhibits.


We have been trying to prove what conditions cress seeds need in order to grow. We have prepared our seeds and given them different conditions to grow in to see if they will germinate. Today was the last day of our experiment and we took photographs to show what has happened to our cress. As you can see different growing conditions have really had an impact on what happens to the seeds.

GOAL Home Learning

We shared some of our super GOAL home learning today. We have been very creative!

The Daily Sportsman

Well done to Thomas who became a reporter for the day at St James' Park when Exeter City played Colchester on 5th May. Thomas watched the match really carefully from the reporters box and then wrote an article with the headline 'Lincoln here we come!' for the Daily Sportsman newspaper. Thomas remembered all the top tips he had been taught when working on Journalistic writing in Year 5 and put his skills to great use. Well done Thomas!

Getting to know each other better!

In GOAL today we mixed up right across our year group so that we could work with our peers from the other class. Joe said: ' I love that we could sit with people you don't usually sit with and work with people you don't usually work with.'
Olivia commented: ' It has helped my presentation because some of the other children are really neat!'
Eleanor said: ' Not only to you get to see different people, you also get to be in a different classroom and use different resources.'
Well done year 5 for being so inclusive this afternoon.'

GOAL Homework

This term we are exploring 'Curious Scientists' for homework. We have a list of people to choose from and we need to try and find out what they were best known for. Steven Hawking, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton and Christian Barnard are people that we have investigated this week. Take a look!


This week in Year 5 we have been looking at a variety of different poems. One of our favourites was the Limerick.
A Limerick is a poem with 5 lines and all the lines have to link together.
The lines one, two and five have to rhyme and also lines 3 and 4.
Here is one we have been working on.

There once was a boy called Joe
who always seemed to say no
his bird flew away
because he said no way
but his sadness did not show.

By Daneal and Greg

Exploring Artefacts

We have had a busy afternoon exploring a whole range of different artefacts. They made us very curious as we tried to decide what they might have been used for. We drew the items, looked closely at them, picked them up and examined them carefully. Mrs Sydenham is very grateful to Olly at Toby's Reclamation for letting us borrow these precious items! (And we didn't break any!)

Celebration of Work

We celebrated another busy term in Year 5 by sharing our Dance project and Natural Disasters homework with each other and our Parents/Carers on the last day of term. Thank you to everyone who came to share in our learning!

Reading Cafe 5NS

5NS had a lovely time at their Reading Cafe today. Thank you to everyone who came to share stories with us!

Reading Cafe

In Year 5 today we had a selection of fiction and non fiction books. We talked about the different skills that the children would need to be good readers. We had lots of fun sharing the books with our grown ups.

Pencil Cases!

We have been using our knowledge of 3d shapes to come up with a new design for a pencil case to be sold at 'Smiggle'. Here we are using construction links to experiment with shapes and designs.

A visit from Becky Bettesworth

To celebrate Arts week Years 5/6 had a visit from Becky Bettesworth. She told us about her inspiration and was asked a lot of questions by the children. Year 6 created travel posters of places that inspired. Year 5 showed her their own creations based upon her artwork. All of the art from the week was displayed in the hall.

Goal Song Writing

In Year 5 we have been making song lyrics about the environment.We were writing the lyrics in groups of about 5. Each group worked together and worked brilliantly. Everyone helped to come up with the lyrics.At first we looked at 5 songs they were: Bob Marley, Passenger, The Black Eyed Peas, AC/DC and One Direction.Then we looked at a song by Michael Jackson called Earth Song.We had four backing tracks and each group chose one of them and performed their song to the class. We had a focus on riffs, tempo, melodies,  verses, different pitches, bridges and choruses. Written by the Digital Leaders.

GOAL Learning in Year 5

In Year 5 we have been learning about different materials such as metal,wood,fabric,plastic and glass. Here are some examples of our work.

AR Reading Competition

5HJ won the Autumn AR Reading Competition, and got the trophy. Our class had 6,600,831 words to the other class's 5,261,052. Roll on the battle in the Spring Term!
Above: the trophy and the amount of words we read.

Performance Poetry!

This week we have been learning Michael Rosens 'Don't' poem. We have been practising adding actions, gestures and working on the pace and expression. Please have a look at our final performances. 

Information Texts

In English we have been writing our innovate. We have been studying a non fiction text. We researched our own facts about an animal of our choice and then grouped the ideas into paragraphs. We have had a big focus on punctuation. Here are a couple of ours. 

Christmas decorations.

Christmas trees and little  bobble hats.

Christmas trees:

For the trees, we had to get a perfect triangle and stick strips of paper on them.

Bobble hats

We used wool and lots of effort to create these amazing decorations.

Spacelab Planetarium

This morning we had a visit from Mr Barber and the Spacelab Planetarium. It was fantastic! Have a look at our photos- none from inside unfortunately as it was so dark!

All about Dragonology

In Year 5 , we have been creating our own presentation on the book Dragonology.

We had 2 lessons to do it and some of us did a power point presentation,a poster or an interview.  We had a copy of the text and then we had to notice all its parts, we had to point out pieces of the text that engaged us.

Becoming a Dragonologist!

Our new English teaching sequence is based around the book ' Dragonology' by Dugald Steer. We have been immersing ourselves in the text this week, looking at text features and the language used. We will use what we have found out to write our own -ology texts over the next few weeks.