Our First Week


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We have enjoyed a busy and fun filled week at school. Everything is new and exciting and we are so proud of the children and how they are settling in at school.

When will the post come?!

The children were buzzing with excitement today as they had to walk to Exminster Post Office, pay for a stamp, stick it on the envelope they had adressed to  themselves and then post their letter to Doctor Foster to their homes. We bought second class stamps. They were 52p each! The last group to post their letters had a super surprise as they were allowed to look inside the post box. We are hoping that some children will have their letters on Friday morning or when they get home from school. We are so excited!photo1post2


Tweet Tweet!

On Friday we noticed that lots of very small birds have made nests in our outside classroom. We are going to watch them carefully next week. If anyone can identify them we would appreciate knowing what type of birds we have.



Did you know...

That we have been busy finding doubles with unifix, numicon, sticks and even cusinaire rods.

We now can double really quickly and have even carried out an investigation today to see how many doubles we could fit among the different rods. Next week, we are moving on to learning about odd and even numbers and investigating further.florencefred


maria 2

Party on!

party on


The children made a bandstand using the crates and sang songs to us in our outdoor provision!


Dear Mother Goose

We have had loads of fun learning parts of the text 'Dear Mother Goose' this week. We have been learning about letters and have started to look at the different letters we recieve in the post. We read some  postcards letters and cards which the children brought in from home.  Next week we will be looking at addresses and more items of post as well as having a go at making up some funny replies for some chacters in the book.



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International Week

This week we were very lucky to have a visit from Leila's Mummy who told us all about Italy. We learnt some Italian words that were in a song. We tried some yummy Italian pizza and learnt the colours of the Italian flag. Grazi! (Italian for thank you.)



The Maths Challenge

Question- How many ways can you match a yelow using whites and reds?

Record all of the ways using + and =.




Science Day

science day 3science day 1

science day 2

Today we have had a really exciting science based day. We have been coin cleaning with tomato sauce, vinegar, salt and coke. We have been making telephones and looking at how we  can make a balloon stick to our hair using static energy. We enjoyed being excited about it going darker with the eclipse and noticed the changes as well as watching footage later on in the day. Science day has been super fun!

Independent learning is fun!

These are just a few things that we get up to during independent learning.

The boys were taking the babies on a seaside holiday. The girls were making 3D models with Magnetico and we had messy foam and finger gym in the messy play.

It's such a lovely day!

5.3 017



5.3 020


It was so lovely painting all the 'tricky words'  with the water today.

The only problem we had was that the sun kept drying up our writing so we had to write more and more and more!

Problem Solving Week

maths 037This week the children have been problem solving. They have been sorting out problems based on fairy tale characters. They have been sorting bricks into wheelbarrows from the three little pigs and have been helping out The Fairy Godmother. In guided maths, the children used their understanding of positional language and followed instructions to place charcters in a certain order. The children created fairy tale characters on the computers too!

maths 044


maths 045

Shape Hunting

We went on a 3D shape hunt this week and looked for shapes in the school grounds. We found cylinders, cones, cuboids, cubes and much more. Today we made models using bricks to look like various buildings in exeter. We matched the 3D shapes to the photographs and then built models with our talk partners. 'The House That Moved' was one of the most popular choices of models to reconstruct.


RGM were so amazing in their class assembly this week. They showed that they could all speak clearly and worked well as a class to showcase all of their learning. Well done RGM!


Have a wonderful half term!

Story Telling Week

We really have enjoyed story telling week. We have heard so many different stories from fairy tales, books and made up stories.

The children made puppets and made up a puppet show. They also wrote lists of names for children and adults to come to their show. We enjoyed dressing up today and loved our tea party! Stories are just fantastic!feb4th 024


jan party 2




jan party



January 29th

We have been using Cuisenaire rods this week. Inky sent the class a letter asking the children to make different carriages for a train using the different colours. We compared the lengths and talked about what we were doing. We then moved on to finding equivalent amounts and today we wrote the sum for the same lengths.

E.g. 1 F (Flame) = 1 T (Tan) +1 W (White).

We are working more on this next week.

The children have been busy in their continuous provision. The boys set up the dolls’ house and put the fireman in their beds. They role played an ‘ice storm’ and made sure that after the firefighters had been to work that they slept in the beds. The children have also been making watches with the recycled materials. One child started making one on Wednesday and then all the children wanted to do it! I have seen numbers, pictures being attached, buttons drawn on and careful measuring to ensure the watches looked perfect!


jan29 003 maths


jan29 024


jan29 007 watch