The Elf

dec 2

Feeling Fit and Healthy!



We were so lucky to have a man from ‘Roots Food’ to come and talk to the Reception children about healthy eating and how to keep our bodies healthy. We made some fruit smoothie which was great fun. In the smoothie was a mix of strawberries, peaches, pineapple, banana and melon. We  all smelt the smoothie and most of us tried it. The children who tasted it loved it- a well deserved snack after all the exercise we did! Mrs Miller and Mrs Lewis thought it was scrummy too!

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The Super Sidekick (see below)

We made some super sidekicks linked to a  potato charcter from the text 'Supertato'. In the book an evil pea made mischief and caused trouble in the supermarket. Supertato came to the rescue! We know that Traction Man has a super sidekick called 'Scrubbing Brush.' We talked about friends and what makes a great friend like the sidekicks we have learnt about. We shared the craft resources and had a wonderful time making our own spud sidekicks.


Matching objects to numbers


sept23 007sept23 006

We had to find the right amount of objects to match with the numbers we had. We had to double check our counting and work out easy ways to do this. We had to take some away or add some more if our objects didn't match the number.


Our First Week


sept9 011sept9 004sept9 002

We have enjoyed a busy and fun filled week at school. Everything is new and exciting and we are so proud of the children and how they are settling in at school.

When will the post come?!

The children were buzzing with excitement today as they had to walk to Exminster Post Office, pay for a stamp, stick it on the envelope they had adressed to  themselves and then post their letter to Doctor Foster to their homes. We bought second class stamps. They were 52p each! The last group to post their letters had a super surprise as they were allowed to look inside the post box. We are hoping that some children will have their letters on Friday morning or when they get home from school. We are so excited!photo1post2


Tweet Tweet!

On Friday we noticed that lots of very small birds have made nests in our outside classroom. We are going to watch them carefully next week. If anyone can identify them we would appreciate knowing what type of birds we have.



Did you know...

That we have been busy finding doubles with unifix, numicon, sticks and even cusinaire rods.

We now can double really quickly and have even carried out an investigation today to see how many doubles we could fit among the different rods. Next week, we are moving on to learning about odd and even numbers and investigating further.florencefred


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