Our classes are described by the year group + the initial of their teacher/s as follows:

Reception Unit
RGM = Miss Greenslade/Mrs Macdonald

RLR = Mrs Lewis/Mrs Roberts

Year 4 Unit
4M = Mr Slingsby

4W = Mr Wilsher

Year 1 Unit
1MS = Mrs Miller/Mrs Stapleton

1M = Mrs Martin

Year 5 Unit
5V   = Miss Vass

5n = Mrs Norris

Year 2 Unit
2B   = Miss Bevan

2BC = Mrs Coville/Mrs Badcott

Year 6 Unit
6HJ = Mr Herring/Mrs Jones
6JS = Mrs Sydenham/Mrs Jones

Year 3 Unit
3M = Mr Mammola

3MN = Mrs Nowell/Mr Moore


Throughout the school, the teachers are supported by a wonderful team of learning support assistants, either in a general or one-to-one capacity: The children's lunchtime routine is supervised by our fantastic mealtime assistants:

Mrs D Fuller Miss C Madge Mrs J Corkery Mrs A Snell
Miss N Zoutenbier Mr J Phillips Mrs S Hughes Mrs R Pike
Mrs W Dudley-Clarke Mrs S Burham Mrs W Dickson Miss M Sills
Mrs L. Edwards Mrs H Parker Mrs J Clarke Mrs E Bird
Mrs T Fairman Mrs L Storer Mrs G Emery Mrs N Gibson
Mrs S Collins Mrs C Ryan Mrs L Schulman Miss Z Langdon
Miss C Troy Mrs D Anderson Mrs L. Houchard Mrs T Collins
Mrs L. Langdon Mrs C Godbeer Mrs J Pugsley  
Mrs S Johns Mrs R Witcombe Mrs M Lakin  

We are lucky to have a superb team of catering staff, who provide a balanced and delicious range of healthy meals for staff and pupils:

Catering Manager: Mrs. S. Goode
Catering Assistants: Miss. S Bond and Mrs. L Bond

The school office is managed by Mrs A Munslow, Mrs L Welch, Mrs L Perry and Miss Hobbs who work extremely hard to keep the school running smoothly. They are available Monday to Friday 8:45 - 3:45.

Pupils are guided safely across Exminster's main road by our Crossing Patrol (our Lollipop Lady!): Mrs. C. Troy

Our school is looked after by our hardworking caretaking and cleaning team.