We have had a really busy term on the School Council.

During February and March we were asked to be part of the interview process for our new year 1 teacher Mr McGlynn and for our new headteacher Mrs Whalley.

We were very excited to have the opportunity to ask them a variety of questions from;

Why did you want to be a teacher? to, How would you deal with an injury involving blood?

We are looking forward to the summer term very much as we have planned a non-uniform day to raise money for our charity 'The Little Valley Animal Shelter'. We will be asking the children to come to school dressed as an animal, bring a toy animal to school and finishing with an animal themed cake stall.

We are very proud to be School Council members as it is a very responsible job to have in school. Our weekly meetings involve us all getting together to share our classes views on issues within the school. In return Mrs Roberts tries her best to solve the issuses, if not she always knows someone who can!!!!! 

We look forward to writing more blogs in the future when we have more fun things to share!!!

School Council and Mrs Roberts