Exminster Primary School Council is made up of 24 pupils, 2 from each class throughout the school. We meet on a fortnightly basis with Mrs Roberts and Mr Foale in Mrs Roberts' room. Our meetings start with us trying Mr Foale's famous 'beetle juice', don't worry its only squash with jelly really!!!
We are very proud to be school council members and you can spot us around the school wearing our badges with pride.
We are the 'voice' for our class. We share our classes views and outcomes from our special 'circle time' at our regular meetings and are always there to listen to our classes opinions.
We take these opinions to council meetings where we as a council talk about solutions to problems and ways to move forward.
Our charities for the year 2012/13 are the Dogs Trust and our Zambia link school. We are supporting these charities in different ways. The dogs trust we are organising a 'PJ day in March and the money will go direct to helping them to continue their special work. Kirsty the education officer from the dogs trust came into school recently at took a whole school assembly to let us know how vital their work is.
For our link school in Zambia we are organising a 'toy sale' in January to raise money to by a reading scheme for the children as currently they have a very limited book supply.