Today we discussed the ideas that children classes had talked about during their Class Learning Forums.

Class Learning Forums happen on a weekly basis.  They are a time when children talk about class/whole school issues.  They use a 2:6:2 format.  2 minutes to introduce the issue, 6 minutes to decide on strategies and 2 minutes to choose and reflect on the expected impact of implementing the strategies.

Years 1-6 are going to trial 2 strategies:

1. Team Try-it: this will be one book that is shared by the table.  Anyone who wants to practise a spelling will try it 3 or 4 different ways to see which one looks right.  They are going to circle the one they try.

2. Spelling nudge: if someone is not sure which one, they will gently nudge the person next to them, who will have a look at the spellings and decide which one they think is right.  They may try this with another person and an adult if they need further support.

Our School Learning Team representatives will share the strategies with everyone in their class and trial them.  They will report back at the next meeting.

Next meeting: Tuesday 28 November 1pm