The School Learning Team have been nominated for this year.  Each class (from Years 1-6) nominate one girl and one boy to represent their class.  Children need to put themselves forward for this role, describe why they would be great for the role, then the class have a secret vote to decide who will do the role for the next year.

So far, the team have met 4 times this year, approximately once every other week.

Meeting 1: Miss Greenslade came to survey opinion of the School Learning Team about lunchtimes in the dinner hall, what they like about it and what they would like to change.  Miss Greenslade has also spoken to all our Meal Time Assistants with the same questions.

Meeting 2: The team fed back ideas from their classes.  These ideas were then collected by Miss Greenslade who put an action plan together to progress with people's ideas.

Meeting 3: we talked about spellings and asked all School Learning Teams to hold a Class Learning Froum on this topic about spelling strategies that helped them

Meeting 4: the team fed back their ideas.  These will now be collated and we will ghold an asselmbly about everyone's sugestions.