There are so many similiarites between Nayamba and Exminster Primary School.

The children really believe in all the same Rainbow Values as us.  The children of Nayamba show a high level of engagement in their learning.  They did not want to go out to play at their break time.  Precious said to me "No Madam, we want to stay and learn in here."  At playtime, Webster, a 17 year old grade 7 boy, asked if he could read the book I was holding 'The Lion Hunt'.  At every opportunity, the children wanted to practise their reading.

One of the aspects we focused on when we were teaching to was be active in their learning.  The children were not used to being so involved.  They were up out of their seats, learning stories, having actions to go with them, learning songs, poems and chants to help their understanding of the stories.  At the beginnig of the week, we performed stories for them to listen to.  At the end of the week, there was a community event where many parents came to watch the children perform the stories they had learnt.