Community. This was the ‘goosebump’ moment I had as we drove into Nayamba school in the back of a truck for the first time. Driving into the school felt like arriving at a very familiar place, seeing the building with the Nayamba butterfly representing new beginnings, hearing the children singing then turning to see this new construction of 6 classrooms nearly complete. The ‘goosebump’ moment was the realisation of what one community has done for another. One community has provided and is sustaining an improving school for 290 children, providing a free education, providing a daily food programme and funding the enthusiastic and engaging teachers. This was an overwhelming feeling of where compassion and kindness takes over all the chaos that is currently happening in the world and we see the generosity of humanity, a basic need and the provision of this. The similarities between Exminster Community Primary School and Nayamba school are huge – children are children and learning is learning wherever we are in the world. The motivation and engagement of children in both settings is clear, the ambitions and potential and the inclusion of all the children is evident. It is the community that speaks loud and clear – the community within the schools and what one community has provided for another. It’s huge and it is overwhelming. I was expecting this to be an amazing experience. It was, but it was more than that, it’s not something that you walk away from, it’s something that gets under your skin.