Eco Alert!

The Eco Alert group have been nominated for this year 2017-2018.  We meet approximately every other week with Mrs Whalley.

So far, we have had 4 meetings:

Meeting 1: name decided and talked about the role of the Eco Alert group

Meeting 2: litter audit - we did an audit of in school and in the school grounds.  We decided on a grading for litter in our school.  

A - Litter free

B - Mainly litter free except for some small items

C - widespread litter 

D - heavy litter

We graded the classrooms as B.

We graded the outdoor environment as B.

We graded our shared indoor areas as B-

We graded the dinner hall after lunch time as D.

Meeting 3: we decided on an action plan based on the litter gradings.

Meeting 4: Y4, 5 and 6 Eco Alert met to plan an assembly to talk to children about our litter audit findings and some action that we want to take.